the style of the one recently pulled down unceremoniously at the Cameo Cinema. Inside. the decor has also remained untouched with a Seventies‘ till and regulation nylon overcoats being the only concessions to modern design.

It is not easy to meet Mr Casey. who was handed down the business. secret recipes and all. from his father. He makes all the confectionary himself and so is always engaged in a ‘boiling‘ or some such consuming activity. All the manufacturing is done on the premises in the kitchens below. from which rises a warm. alluring aroma whenever the forty year-old machinery is in operation.

Helen. who has worked there for twenty years. says nothing has changed since she arrived. and as she quietly weighs me a quarter ofthe mixed boiled selection. 1 find it easy to transport myselfback to childhood. Rhubarb Rock. Parma Violets. Perfume Bon Bons and a host of others dance before my eyes and under dusty glass are rows of chocolates and boxes of house


specialities like Choelate Marzipan Slice and Flake Sundae. Money clutched in hand. I flounder with the choice. and in the end ask for one of each in the 80p range and end tip with a paper bag full ofsweet centred chocolates. lam told the place is particularly impressive at Easter. when the rows ofjars are dismantled to make way for Easter eggs of every shape and size all made by Mr Casey of course.

(Jo Roe) See Edinburgh listings.


Flashing lights and goulisb faces unwittingly lure passing pedestrians into Angus and 1.iffy"s novelty shop. ifnot to squander millions at least to enjoy a highly entertaining browse. ()n surveying the loaded shelves. 1 am reminded of the perverse kick the practical joker gets out ofoften demeaning pursuits; we all remember the masochistic delight of smashing a stink-bomb on the school stairs. or of firmly grasping an unsuspecting hand with a shocker device. the equivalent of which in Angus' shop carries a rather dubious suggested gag: ‘great for a pat on boob or butt.‘ These days the level of revulsion is more absurd than ever. Now you can buy instant. synthetically-scented excrement from a spray can. fake puke. or a diamond studded dog-turd necklace for the ‘girl who has everything.‘ Perhaps most cruel is the Talking Fridge. a taped device which when attached to the fridge door exclaims ‘Uh-oh you‘re eating again. no wonder you’re getting fat .' every time you attempt to feed yourself. Nevertheless. the urge to buy up childhood favourites like the caterpillar-filled peanut can. is still tugging at the purse strings.

Part-owner. Angus. surveys the scene from the back of the shop, constantly on the look out for increasingly confident pick-pockets. Laconic in tone. Angus chats about his fifteen year relationship with the public. remarking that Edinburgh people are noticeably poe-faced. ‘lf you can sell here you can sell anywhere.' he says. though one can't help feeling that Angus himself would be one of the last people to indulge in a practical joke. Despite the reserved nature of the nonchalant browser. young lads earnestly inspect and nudge each other and delighted children chuckle with glee at the thought of their potential victims.

Score Commotions have an impressive stock of fireworks most of which come from (iermany. Restrictions on fireworks are tightening every year. though the penalty for selling them to children under sixteen still remains equal to that charged for frightening a bat under the Countryside Act of 1980— a scarey £2000. It would be a sad day ifwe ended up like (iermany. where you are only allowed to set off fireworks on New Year’s Eve. (Jo Roe) See Edinburgh listings.

TRICK | Glasgow '

I Theatrical Hires 152/154 Park Road. 334 4900. 339 5533. Mon—Sat

lllamwbpm: Sun l—6pm.(‘ostume and wig hire. jokes. novelties. theatrical make-up and fireworks.

I Charlie Chuckles ll 3 James Morrisson Street. 552 5760. as: 7292. ' Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun 10am—4pm. lfsual range 1 of jokes and novelties. masks and hats. and an additional service of Kissing and Singing Telegrams for those odious friends determined to embarrass someone dear to them.

I The Party Shop Ltd 281 Sauchiehall Street. 332 4479. Mon—St 9am—6pm: Sun noon—Smeacked full of disguises and surprises.

I Outrageous Tempting tricks at 28 Miniard Road. Shawlands. 649 6962. Mon—Sat 10am 8pm; Sun l—6an

I Tam Shepherd's Trick Shop 33 Queen Street. 221 2310. Monv-Sat 10am-5.30pm. The oldest joke shop in town. established 105 years ago and still in the family. crammed with such delights as l lot-Tot's Jelly Sweets. dummy biscuits. fake bloody fingers and Foaming Sugar.


I Score Commotions 1 \Vest Bow. 225 2034.

Mon Sat 10am- 5.30pm; Thurs 10am -6pm: ()pen Sun before halloween (29 ()ct ).

I Monkey Business Morrison Street. llaymarket. 228 6636. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm: Thurs 10am 7pm: Sun 12am 4pm; Sun before llallowe'en and (iuy Fawkes 10am—6pm. Packed full of tricksand treats. including everything you need to look like a witch as well as behave like one.

I Partytime 63 Raeburn Place. 332 2261. Mon -Sat 10am 5.30pm 257 Morningsidc Road. 452 8000. Mon Sat 9am-5pm. You can hire cake tinsof all sorts of shapes and sizes along with the usual

selection of balloons. '

poppe rs and halloween paraphenalia. Also sellsa neat line in false noses.



Byres Road. Mon—Sat 9.30am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm. Speciality chocolate. such as the famous Kendal Mint Cake

I The Fondue Chocolate l i i


(which was carried to the topof Mount Everest in 1953).

I The University Cale Byres Road. This traditional Italian cafeice cream parlour has an unrivalled stock of confectionery.

I The Good Shop Lollipop Savoy Centre. Sauchiehall Street. 332 9794. Mon—Wed 9am-5 . 30pm; Thurs—Sat 9am—6pm. Sticky delights and Colourful selection.


I Box of Delights Waverley Market. 556 9397. Mon—Sat 9am—6pm: Thurs 9am—7pm : Sat 11am—5pm. You'll find American-made Jelly Bellies here. possibly the finest and most unusual range ofjelly beans. which include Pina Colada. Peanut Butter and Toasted Marshmallow flavour (£1 .25 qtr). A good Pick ‘n' Mix selection at 55p qtr though their chocolates are not so impressive and cost £1 .79 qtr.

I Casey’s 52 St Mary's Street. 556 6082. Mon 9am-5.30pm; Tue—Sat 9am—6pm. Also at 28 East Norton Place. off Easter Road. Mon—Sat 9am—6pm. See panel.

I Chocolat et Lolipops Raeburn Place. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Nestling amongst fancy packetsof chocolates and Jelly Bellies are fabulous marzipan sculptures of all sorts of animal and vegetable shapes which start at around 30p. Also on sale are glace fruits and delicious Belgian chocolates at £2.25 qtr.

I Super Sweet NiL‘ttlsttil Street. Mon—Sat 8am-6pm: Stm 10am-4pm. Bargain Pick ‘n‘ Mix selection at 40p qtr ofa good variety including Soor Plooms and Coconut Mushrooms. Also available is a ‘Fun Size' Pick ‘n' Mix selection


: l l

which includes 'l'wix. Marathon.Toffee (hp and Wispas at 49p qtr. IThorntons I 16 Print-es Street. 225 1792 St.lames Centre. 556 9612. Mon 10am 5.30pm; Tue. Wed. Fri. Sat 9am- 5.30pm; Thurs 9am 6.30pm (7pm Princes Street ). Some of the best creme fraiche chocolates available. made in Derbyshire at the affordable price of £1 .25 qti Their toffee is good too. lncidcntly Marks and Spencer‘s sell 'l‘horntons under their I Pickwicks Shandwick Place. 2264663 Raeburn Place. 332 5078 Morningside Road. 452 8-193. Mon Sat 8.30am- 6pm; Thurs 8.30am 7pm;Sun l lam 5pm.('1'imeslor Shandwick Place only) A good Pick ‘n‘ Mis selection which includes yogurt covered raisins at 49p qtr and sweet novelties such as mini cakes with messages. chocolate telephones. computers and binoculars. Also reasonaby priced. scrumptious Belgian chocolates at i l .99 qtr and the full range of Jellv Belly. I Woolwonhs All over (ilasgow and lidinburgli. An impressive Pick ‘n' Mix selection which includes old favorites such as Rhubarb and Custards and Parkinson's Fruit Thins at a very reasonable price of42p qtr. ()ther favorites to consider are bootlace licorice. Slime Slurps and Nerds. I Sweet Ideas (l Bakers Street. Stockbitlge. 225 8718. Mon Sat 10am-5.30pm. ()neol the very few places that makes their ow n hand-dipped chocolates. very reasonably priced at £1.50 qtr (and they taste good too). Alsoonsale are colourful candy sticks and sugar mice and confectionary can be made to order.