Seeks similar non-scene gay friends (25-45) for friendship/possible relationship. Photo appreciate. Box No 107/5.

ITall, darlt, crunchy man (24). seeks fun loving female who also wants to bring the sparkle back to life. Could this be you? Sincere letters with photo will be answered. Box No 107/6.

I Attractive woman (35) with wit, intelligence. warmth; enjoys sleazy romantic nights. bright brisk days; would like to share some with mature. easy going. sensual, intelligent man. preferably dark, dashing and delicious. Box No 107/7 .

I Intelligent, thoughtful woman (24), seeks female friends for films, eating out. fun etc. Box No 107/9.

RECENTLY EMIGRATED FROM EDINBURGH Tall, dark professional gent (33) seeks lady friends (25—35) to reveal the secrets of the City of Culture with a preference for good food, claret, theatre. art. music (ancient and modern), jogging and having fun. Photos appreciated. Box No 107/14.

I Edinburgh male (40). Quietish, easy going. reliable. non-smoker. Enjoys theatre, Filmhouse, classical music. jazz. long walks, galleries, museums or anywhere interesting. Seeks sincere, dependable. female for honest, lasting relationship. Box No 107/10.

I Male (21) just moved to Glasgow to study. seeks male/female friends for pubs and gigs. Must be intoindie music and have a good sense of humour. Box 107/11.

I ‘Unwaged' musician/artist (30) quietly ‘milling through the grinder‘. wishes to meet unscathed compatible female (around 23—33). Things: ‘left field' as opposed to ‘left wing'. quotations as opposed to

Average. straight-acting. clean-cut. conventional (21—25). No camps. out-going, honest. loyal and uncomplicated for close friendship/more? Glasgow/Ayrshire. Never replied before? All the better.

Box No 107/ 16. flotations. Box No 107/21. I Ouiet male (21) Interests. WOMAN (37) music. cinema, swimming,

running. seeks likewise female, Glasgow/Edinburgh. Photo if possible please. Box No 107/22. I Crazy but friendly female (22) Seeks tall‘. funny man to laugh with. Sincere letters with photos will be answered. You don‘t know what you’re lettin‘ yourselfin for. Ha! Ha! Box No 107/23.

I DEEP WOMAN WANTED by 30 year old Southerner: likes philosophy, cinema, love, sex; somewhat asocial and Kafka-ish for occasional long talks, evening out, possibly more. Glasgow. Box No 107/24.

I Tall, unconventional graduate, new to Edinburgh. seeks intelligent female (twenties) into music. Italian food, films, good pubs and art, for laughs, love and lunch. Photo appreciated. Box No 107/25.

I Glasgow male (26) seeks Jon Bon J ovi lookalike with lots of money, G-reg Jag and holiday home in Spain. Fit the description? Well, write anyway. Photo ensures reply. Box No 107/26.

I Looking tor a real and lasting friendship or relationship? Tall. handsome Glasgow guy (22) seeks another unconfused guy (21—35). Previous experience not required! Commitment and sincerity essential. Box No

Professional. unconventional. attractive. wants to meet lively. down-to-earth. successful. generous man for lasting relationship. Interests: psychology. ecology. alternative healing. music. travelling. going out. hillwalking.

Photo appreciated.

Box Ho107/8.

I Glasgow male (21) Attractive. friendly, looking for someone with experience of gay scene in Glasgow to share evenings out. Interests: theatre. music. cinema. Photo please. Box No 107/17.

I Attractive Edinburgh lady (25) sports-mad with a dry sense of humour. would like to hear from tall. energetic males to share music, theatre and the great outdoors. Photo appreciated. Box No 107/18.

I Female (32) Recently moved to Scotland. who laughs at anything. seeks genuine. caring male for frienship. lots of theatre, cinema. dining out, walking and drinks. Box No 107/19.

IThree young males (early 20s). spoilt by the pleasure of a wide circle of friends in Edinburgh, find themselves isolated in a cultural wilderness on the West

coast. Helpll Box No 107/20. “’7/27-

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1:1

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars, promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material, to: Classified Ads Dept at The List.


I Glasgow lesbian (32) seeks caring friends 28—45 years, for evenings out/in. All letters answered. Box No 107/ 12. I Divorcee? Intelligent curious open-minded woman (27—45). non-smoker, to share theatre, music, dancing, cooking, talking, romance wth storm-tossed Libra male. Glasgow. Can travel. Photo please. ALA. Box No 107/13. I Gay male student (22). New to Edinburgh, lonely and in need of a good night out seeks stimulating, thoughtful. sincere new friends. Male/female. Interests: cinema, music, literature, long walks. Box N o 107/15. I Lonely boy (24) Attractive. wide range of interests seeks Mr


THIS ISA DISCOUNTS DISPLAY - - - ADVERT'SEMW lgrneage/Semi Display I co t' ' ' It has a border all the way for tgsccgggggscmons W round and we can include Please note Linca’gc and your company 1080' Semi Display adverts are Hates start at £5 per single inclusive of VAT. column centimetre (excl. VAT) for - Group 1 and £4 per single column D 'splay centimetre (excl. VAT) lor 4 consecutive insertions 5% i Group 2. Minimum Size ACIDS. 8 consecutive insertions 10% l2consecutiveinsertions 15% CODSCCULIVC insertions It has a line above and below‘ and the lineage is centred. The minimum is 20 words and . costs from £6 for Group land FOR DISPLAY ADVEnnsmG

£4 for Group 2. Personal adverts in this style. including Box Numbers, cost from £6.

please telephone: Edinburgh (031) 5581191 1 Glasgow (041) 332 9929

I This is a lineage advert A maximum of 30 words will cost only £4 for Group 1 and £2.50 for Group 2. Personal Adverts r in this style. including Box Numbers, are £4 for 30 words.

1 WE WELCOME CALLEHS at 14 High Street (opp. John Knox's House), Edinburgh, during business hours.


TRAVEL Lineage: £4 per 3(lwords PROPERTY Semi Display: £3 per l()words BUSINESS SERVICES (minimum 20 words) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Display: £5 per single column HEALTH centimetre (minimum 4 DATING AGENCIES Excl. VAT

It a Box Number is required there

will be an additional charge 0121.

ACCOMMODATION Lineage: £2.50 per 30 words ANNOUNCEMENTS Semi Display: £2 per lllwords TUITION (minimum lewords)

VANS & DRIVERS Display: £4 per single column VOLUNTARY WORK centimetre (minimum 4 col.cnt) EMPLOYMENT Excl. VAT

BUY& SELL IIaBox Humberisrequiredlhere GROUPS & MEETINGS will be an additional charge of £1.


including Box Number Lineage: £4 per 30 words Semi Display: £3 per ll) words (minimum 2(lwords)

1. All ads must be prepaid. Cheques/Postal Orders should

3. Replies to Box Nos will be forwarded once per fortnight.

be made payable to The List Ltd 4. No liability can be accepted and enclosed with form. for mistakes or for forwarding replies.

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E] Tlclt It Box No required: (obligatory in Personal) CLASSIFIED DEADLINE for Issue 107 is THURS 19 Oct.

The List 27 October 9 November 1989 83