The Cook. The Thiei. His Wiie And Her Lover (18) 1.40pm (not Sun). 4. 15pm.8.50pm. Sex. Lies And Videotape ( 18) 6.40pm.

E.T. (U) 1.45pm (Sun only).

See also Edinburgh Lates.

I CANNON Lothian Road. 229 3030. Bar: Ham—2.30pm. 5~ 10pm (Mon—Fri). 11am—10pm (Sat). 6.30—10pm (Sun). [D] cinemas 2 & 3. prior notification advisable. £3.50. £2.80 (cinema l)£2.80 (cinemas 2. 3). Child£1 .60(Pul|man). £1.40. OAP£1.40(before 6pm). Famin discount scheme operates.

1. Shirley Valentine ( 15) 2. 10pm. 5. 10pm. 8.10pm.

2. Chorus Oi Disapproval (PG) 2.20pm. 5.20pm. 8.20pm.

3. Young Einstein (PG) 2.30pm. 5.30pm. Lethal Weapon 2 (15)8.05pm.

I DOMINION Newbattie Terrace. 447 2660. Rest 10am—3pm. 5—1 1pm (Mon). 10am—10.30pm (Tue-Fri). 10am—noon. 2—1 1pm (Sat). Bar noon—3pm. 6—10pm (Mon—Fri): (»1()pm (Sat): 6.30—8.30pm (Sun). Partial wheelchair access. Tickets £1 .70 for late matinee performances commencing 5—6pm; all other times £2.60 (Child/Student/UB40£1.70: OAP £1.50 all perfs except evening perfs in cinema 3). 1. The Bear(PG) 1.45pm.6.2()pm.

Dead Poets Society (PG) 3.45pm. 8. 15pm. 2. Lethal Weapon 2 ( 15) 2.20pm. 5.2opm. 8.20pm.

3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm.

I ODEON Clerk Street. 667 7331668 2101. Bar 5.30—9pm. Partial wheelchair access. Tickets £2.50 (Child/Student/OAP’U B40 £1 .75) for perfs up to 6pm;£2.80 (Child/Student/OAP/UB40 £2 not Fri.Sat) for perfs commencing after 6pm. 1. Road House ( 18) 1.30pm (Sat. Sun only). 3.50pm (Sat. Sun only). 6. 10pm. 8.40pm. 2.TheBear(PG)1.15pm.3.15pm. HenryV(PG)5.1()pm.8.()5pm.. 3.TheAbyss(12) 1.45pm.5. 15pm. 8.10pm.


Lothian Road. 228 2688. Bar (Mon—Sat. noon—11pm. Sun 6.30—1 1pm) Rest (Mon—Sat. noon—9pm). [E]. Matinees £1.50(concs £1); early evenings £2 (cones £1.50); main evenings and double bills £2.80. bookable in advance. No concessions on Sats.


1. Lite And Nothing But (PG) 2.30pm. 5.45pm. 8.15pm.

2. Running On Empty ( 15) 3pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.


1. Spidennan (U) 2pm.

Lite And Nothing But (PG) 5.45pm. 8. 15pm. 2. Running on Empty ( 15) 3pm. 6pm. 8.30pm. SUNDAY 12 1. Women On The Verge oi A Nervous Breakdown (15) 8.30pm. 2. Wild Ravens In The Trees ( 15) & A Woman And Her Four Men ( 15) followed by discussion 6.30pm. MONDAY 13 1. Once Upon A Time In The West (_ 15 ) 2.30pm. Women On The Verge oi A Nervous Breakdown ( 15) 6. 15pm. 8.30pm. 2. Paisa (PG) 6pm.8.15pm. TUESDAY 14 1. Once Upon Him In The West(15) 2.30pm.

Women On The Verge oi A Nervous Breakdown(15)6.15pm.8.30pm.

2. Love Me Or Leave Me ( 18) 6pm. 8. 15pm. WEDNESDAYIS

1. Patti Rocks ( 18) 2.30pm. 8.30pm. Women On The Verge oi A Nervous Breakdown ( 15) 6. 15pm.

2. Love Me Or Leave Me (18)3pm.6pm. 8.15pm.


1. Salaam Bombay ( 15) 2.30pm.

Patti Rocks ( 18) 6. 15pm. 8.30pm.

2. Peking Opera Blues ( 15) 3pm.6pm. 8.15pm.

I DROUGHTON FILMSOC Broughton High School. Carrington Road. 332 7805. Contact Mr Robin Armstrong. Annual membership of £12 covers twelve fortnightly Friday evening screenings of popular releases. plus a handful ofspecial events.

Frantic(15)(Fri li)on|y)7.30pm.

I EDINBURGH FILM GUILD Contact Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. The annual membership fee of£l7.50 allows free admission to all main season films and concessions on Filmhouse tickets and Guild events. including study courses and social events.

1. Pathlinder(15)& Woman DiThe Snows (short)(Sun l2only) 5.30pm.

3. Tirez Sur La Pianiste(15) (Sun 120nly) 5.30pm.

I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY FILM SOCIETY Contact: EUFS. 60The Pleasancc. 557 0436667 1011 ext 451-1. Annual membership fee of£17 (£12) gives free admission to the year's programme ofover 130 films plus concessionary entry to special events and premieres. Guest tickets are available weekdays from Student Union shops and must be purchased in advance.

Fri 10, George Square Theatre:

The Shining ( 18) 7pm.

The Company 01 Wolves ( 18) 9. 10pm.

Cat People ( 18) 10.50pm.

The Thing(18) 1am.

Sat 11, George Square Theatre (in association with French Institute):

Mortelle Randonee (15) & La Petite Voleuse (15) plus personal appearance by Claude Milicr7pm.

Sun 12. George Square Theatre: Koyaanisqatsi (U) 6.45pm.

The Night Is Young ( 15) 8.35pm.

Tue 14, Pleasance:

Dr Strangelove (PG) 6.45pm.

The Wages Di Fear(PG)8.35pm.

Wed 15. George Square Theatre:

Donna D’Dmbra (15) plus personal appearance by Luigi Faccini 7.30pm. Thurs 16. George Square Theatre:

The Big Parade (15) 6.45pm.

King OI The Children ( 15) 8.40pm.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Screenings organised every Tuesday by the Institut Francais d‘Ecossc.Members£1.Non-members £1.75. MeIo(PG)(Tue14only)6pm.8.30pm.


I CAMEO Home Street

Fri 10:

StarWars (U) 8; Return 01 The Jedi ( PG) 11.15pm.


Roxanne (15) 8: Dead Men Don't WearPIaid (15)11.15pm.


I ALLANPARK Allanpark Road. Stirling. 0786 74137. £2 (Child/OAP/Student/L'B40£1.NB: Student/[1840 concessions not available Fri—Sun). No unaccompanied children after 6pm.

1.The Bear (PG) Fri. Mon—Thurs6.05pm. 8.25pm; Sat 2pm. 4pm. 6.05pm. 8.25pm; Sun 7.25pm.

2. Road House ( 18) Fri. Mon—Thurs 5.25pm. 8.05pm; Sat 2.30pm. 5.25pm. 8.05pm; Sun 7.05pm.

I CALEDONIAN Almondvale Centre.

Livingston. 0506 33163. £2.20 (Child/CAP £1.20). Closed Mon and Tue until further notice.

1. Dead Poets Society (PO) 2pm (Sat only). 5.15pm.7.45pm.

2. The Abyss(12)7.3()pm.

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk.0324 23805. £1.

1. Road House (l8)2. 15pm (notSun). 5.15pm.8.15pm.

2. Shirley Valentine (15) 2.25pm (not Sun). 5.35pm. 8.05pm.

3. Major League ( 15) 2.25pm (not Sun). 5.25pm. 8.10pm.

I MACRODERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University. 078661081. £2.20(£1 .60). ET (U)(Sat 1 1 only) 2.30pm.

The Modems ( 15)(Sun 12 only) 7.30pm. Little Vera ( 15)(Mon 13 only) 7.30pm.

I REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. 0506 634 152. First evening perf: All tickets£1.20. Main evening perf: £2 (Child; ()AP/Student/UB40 £1 .20).

I The Abyss ( 12) 2.30pm (Sat only). 5.30pm.



I ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 041 887 1010. £1 .50 (£1 concessions). Ironweed(15)(Thurs16only)8pm.

' iI CANNON Titchfield Street. Kilmarnock.

0563 37288. £1.

1. Road House (18) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.35pm. 5.50pm. 8.30pm; Sun 5.30pm.

8 m.

2. Shirley Valentine ( 15) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.35pm. 5.50pm. 8.35pm; Sun 5.30pm. 8pm.

3. The Bear (PG) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.50pm. 6pm. 8.40pm; Sun5.35pm. 8.15pm.

I KELBURNE Glasgow Road. Paisley. 889 3612. £2.20 (Child/OAP/Student/U B40 £1.20).

1. Road House(18).

2. Sex, Lies And Videotape ( 18).

I LA SCALA Hamilton Street. Saltcoats. ()294 62051 [D] by prior arrangement.

£1 .80(Chiid/Studcnt/UB40 90p; OAP 50p).

1. Dead Poets Society (PG) 1.30pm (Fri. Sat. Mon only. 7.30pm.

2. The Bear (PG) 1.35pm (Fri. Sat. Mon only). 6.30pm. 8.20pm.

I ODEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. 0292 264 049. Bar opens 5.30pm every day. [D] (cinemas 2 & 3 only). £2.75 (Child under lS/OAP/Student/UB40£1.50— no concessions for final mid-evening performance). Luxury seats available in Cinema 1. price £3.25. Sat morning shows all seats 99p.

1. Road House(18) 1.15pm.3.45pm. 6.10pm. 8.40pm.

Twins (PG)(Sat only) 10.30am.

2. K-9 (12)(not Mon 13) 1.10pm.3.30pm. 6.30pm. 8.50pm.

Fletch (PG)(Sat only) 10.30am.

Rain Man (15)(Mon 13 only) 1.05pm. 4.25pm. 7.45pm.

3. Young Einstein (PG) 1pm. 3pm. 5pm. 7pm. 9pm.

Short Circuit 2 (PG)(Sat only) 10.30am. See also Strathclyde Lates.

I ODEON Townhead Street. Hamilton. 0698 283 802. [D] (cinemas 2 & 3only). Fri/Sat £2.50 (Child/OAP£1 .40): Sun—Thurs £2.30 (Child/OAP£1 .30). Mon—Fri until 6pm UB40£1.

Road House(18) 12.35pm.3.()5pm. 5.35pm. 8.05pm.

Young Einstein (PG) 12.45pm.3.15pm. 5.45pm. 8.20pm.

The Bear(PG) 12.45pm.3. 15pm.5.45pm. 8.25pm.

I UCI CLYDEBANK Clyde Regional Centre Clydebank.0419512022.Perfs commencing before 6pm: £1.75. All evening perfs: £2.50 (Child£1 .75).

Dead Poets Society (PG) Fri 1.45pm.

4. 15pm. 6.50pm. 9.35pm; Sat. Sun 1.10pm. 4pm. 6.50pm. 9.35pm; Mon—Thurs 4.15pm. 6.50pm.9.35pm. Hailoween4(18) Fri—Thurs8.10pm. 10.20pm.

Young Einstein (PG) Fri 3pm.5.15pm.

7.25pm.9.55pm; Sat 1pm. 3pm.5.15pm. 7.25pm.9.55pm; Sun lpm.3pm.5.15pm. 7.25pm. 9.40pm; Mon—Thurs 3pm.

5. 15pm. 7.25pm. 9.40pm.

Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier(PG) Fri—Thurs 12.30pm (Sat only). 2.45pm (Fri—Sun only). 5pm. 7.30pm. 10pm.

Mac And Me (U) Sat. Sun 12.50pm. 3.10pm.

The Abyss ( 12) Fri 4.45pm. 7.40pm. 10.30pm; Sat 1.30pm. 4.45pm.7.40pm. 10.30pm; Sun 1.25pm.4.15pm.7.15pm. 10pm; Mon—Thurs 4.15pm.7.15pm. 10pm.

Dead Calm (15) Fri—Thurs 7.55pm. 10.10pm.

Shirley Valentine ( 15) Fri—Thurs 2.15pm. 4.30pm. 7.05pm. 9.20pm.

Road House (18) Fri—Thurs 2.30pm. 4.50pm. 7.10pm. 9.50pm.

Lethal Weapon 2 (15) Fri—Thurs 5.30pm. 7.50pm. 10.05pm.

K-9 ( 12) Fri. Mon—Thurs 5.45pm: Sat. Sun 1.35pm. 3.40pm. 5.45pm.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (PG) Fri. Mon—Thurs 5.30pm: Sat. Sun 1.20pm. 3.20pm. 5.30pm.

Getting It Right ( 15) Fri—Thurs 1.15pm (Sat. Sun only). 3.30pm. 5.50pm.8.15pm. 10.20pm.

An American Tail (U) Sat 10.30am.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street. Irvine. 0294 79900. £2 (Child£1; OAP— Mon—Thurs only £1.50). Junior Club matinee (Sat only) £1 (Child 70p). Family IFCKCI (2 Adults. 2 Children)£5.

Young Einstein (PG) Fri. Sun 6pm.;Sat 2.45pm. 6pm; Mon—Thurs6.30pm.

Dead Poets Society (PG)(not Sun) Fri. Sat 7.40pm; Mon—Thurs 8.10pm.

The Exorcist ( 18) Fri. Sat 10pm; Sun 7.45pm.

Mac And Me (U)(Sat only) 1pm.


I ODEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. Sa111:

1. Little Shop 0i Horrors (PG) 11pm. 2.They Live1(18) 1 1pm.

3. Dirty Dancing(15) 11pm.

I UCI CLYDEBANK 10 Clydebank Regional Centre. (Over 18s only).

Fri 10/Sat 11:

Dead Calm(15)12.35am.

Road House (18) 12.15am.

Shirley Valentine ( 15) 11.45pm.

_HaIIoween4 ( 18) 12.25am.

Young Einstein (PG) Fri 11.50pm; Sat midnight.

Dead Poets Society (PG) 12.10am. Lethal Weapon 2 (15) 12.30am. Getting It Right ( 15) 12.20am.


26 The List 10— 23 November 1989