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The opening of Network, the new medium-sized venue in Edinburgh (on the site of the old Coasters) is auspicious enough, with the first two nights being tilled by Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Michelle Shocked, but the opening week show that will set the most hearts racing is the first solo performance in this country by Debbie Harry, in a previous life the goddess of the nouvelle vague. . w "

This time it’s the real comeback-the follow, as they played to equally young


I Mary Margaret O'HarazA New Day (Virgin) Boom chicka chicka boom goes the backbeat, while Mary Margaret's utterly unique voice crests evocatively along. ‘A New Day' is undeniably brilliant. idiosyncratic pop ifevei there was such a thing. Buy the single. buy the flawless album from whence it came. and don't miss the live show. ((‘McL)

l James: Come Home (Rough Trade) What For. Sit Down. Come Home.

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first Debbie Harry LP, ‘Hockbird’ was audiences in whose eyes Debbie was James question and

I so lame it had to drag itself up to the almost as a goddess- certainly, they'd command, and (cm-c 1th record player by its front paws, but never seen a singer on ‘Top of the Pops’ quarter for dissension. ‘Def, Dumb and Blonde’ is a return to who was worthier of the job description Late ‘89 sccslamcs form that she’s been enthusiastically ‘pop star'. di-‘Pcmint’ “‘"h the, touting live, though the fact that the Wendy James, Tracy from the . . lushF‘Cj‘sf’f “w” 5"."31'“ first single, ‘I Want That Man’, was Primitives and Andrea trom The and written by The Thompson Twins, has Darling Buds (and what about Birdland, he; 33,1“, :mh the p been grounds tor some concern. eh?) have all been accused of ' '

Worryingly Vitriolic School of Lyric Writing. Blimey. James are the

Blondie was effectively brought to an harbouring an obsession with taking end by a long illness suffered by Chris her place, an allegation they have all

Stein—guitaristand co-writer— denied (Tracy crapped out of itand best band in the world. ""009" WhiCh Detlbie nursed him, returned her hair to its natural colour). (CM-l

putting her musical career on hold. All Why fight it, girls, it‘s nothing to be ,' Tea.“ F°' "’3": Wm" the time. though. Blondie’s music ashamed of. (Alastair Mabbott) P'! ‘Fl‘a'nS (WNW) “‘0 provided the ideal blueprint foran Debbie Harry, Network, Edinburgh, l”."“‘f‘“f\l;l““ , . entire generation of young bands to Thursday 23. “mm” "man m

Chains' is as large and expansive as one would expect front the saga that is ‘Thc Seeds of Love'. ()leta Adams' imperious voice shivers us all. Phil Collins drums— whoop-de-do'o and everything ripples along swimmingly. Roland Orzabal is still very ugly. though. (CMCL)

spending the rest of the time writing and painting. 0f the original recordings, two songs were redone and three songs which were ‘more like “Not Be Alright’” were removed from the album, perhaps meaning that it shows the more radio-friendly side of her music rather than presenting a full picture.

‘I have a lot of directions and don't really know which to take at any one time,’ she says. ‘Atthe moment, I like things with heavy rythms that are quite sparce. When I get an idea tor something it is so clearthat it


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t sometimestakesa long timeformeto

material Andy used in his previous 0 u put it in musicians’ heads and get record. thingsfo work out correctly.’ ,

‘I will have to give cues on stage. when MaryoMargaret O'Hara appeared The clarity of vision is reflected on . The “mighty; Deshoyed butlcan treally conduct til want to with her‘Miss America’ album, many the album and ihthe live shows (pmydor) play. Actually. there will be one columns of the music press were used where otH’arats pedermanee is fatally \\'()()0()();t;iuargh, Mean moment when i do have to conduct to sing her praises for a record which bizarre _ a mass of limb movements metal muthas mutate for real. although it's also a bit successfully avoided the genre may suggest a performer "Nelly mallcal’ls‘ liltiii‘hcnl showbizzy. and I will probably have limitations of ‘singersongwriter’. ohhviousm (he audience Mill'ht‘ mums mwcmleht to conduct the initial rehearsals. Indeed the album is characterised by Despite expressing a desire to play mme'c "‘“SSST mfth . . because no one is going to have seen its diversity, its overall spaciousnesss more gigs, she has only played mu, 213:2”,ili‘l‘l'::l::::""5 mm" the (“WCPPR’W ‘hcn- ll 5 “0‘ 'em'mcem 0' “'9‘”? Lee Jonest “"9 shows this year, and claims that muttering. mirthless me'." d‘mCU'V although Y0” Other Veteran“ 90”!“ were hard to rehearsals for the current British tour messages. missintl always say that about your own find, covering all points between Patsy win be limited h, about (our days melodies. megalitltic music George Russell says that Cline and Throwing Muses. Nevertheless she admns mat he} members. Not very good. about his charts. even when they are The outcome is that ‘Miss America‘ is 3 previous ouhhes have helped estahhsh basically ((‘MCLl impossible!” asingularand unique album, andthe i herasa music press darling lJe'malne Slewaml'e"

Whatever the rigours of the week. reasons forthis are not immediately ; 1 can't complain about theopress at ('8 WWW") ‘Jcflmnc it should all seem a stroll by apparent. However, the history of the i a". Hhink I have been really lucky tshe comparison with the S'ex‘tet s seven record may be a pointer: ‘Most ot the observes. -. do“ mink me record has (MIL in w fhr'hw day visit to Mongolia tri‘SCptcmber songs on the album were written as sold that much though. and there has,” ( h,th and a h.“- at the behest of the British Couneil. long ago as 1977 and '78,' she been much radio play_l guess I'll lush i ‘vvtiti-th's count) and the first modern jazz group ever to explains. ‘In the time up until about have to wait that am pm sure you can t i‘intls himseltsinging play there. Andy reported an 1983 I was in a band that played those ; make a career out ot'playing mg l about some 'trcntl} ' tote. enthusiastic. ifoceasionally puzzled. songs, and it was around the end of that : anyway} : Vilmnuni'w' (AM) reaction to their ground-breaking period that a friend took a tape round 5 Hepemlly her fears and those 0' (he i venture (although their habit ofslow the record copmanies and I got signed. ! record company aho’ut me sales of hand-clapping to show approval Atterthat, the album was mostly tMiss Amerieat are not a barrier to I took a bit orgetting used to). but recorded in 1984, and I had a break of ! further outstanding releases ham Mary admitted itwasaweird experience. fouryears before going ontolinish itin ' Margaremihara ihthehhure (John ‘Outer Mongolia.‘ he concluded. 1988.’ l Williamson) ' ‘was definitely out.‘ The interim period saw her working Mary Margaret O'Hara plays the l Andy Sheppard Big Band, Queen '5 on a numberotiobs—designing record Queen's Ha” Edinburgh M12 Hall, Edinburgh. 10N0v. 8.30pm. sleeves and teaching amongthem- November.

The List 10- 23 November 198931