Lite Drawing Classes Until 30 Nov. A five week course for beginners and those with some experience aged 16 or over.

I CALTON GALLERY 10 Royal Terrace, 556 1010. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

The next specific exhibition will be The Christmas Exhibition 1—22 Dec.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY George 1V Bridge. 225 5584. Mon-Fri 9am—8.30pm: Sat 9am—1pm.

Embroidered Pictures Until 1 Dec. Work by Margaret Nelson in the Fine Art Library. I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 6650. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Licensed cafe. [D].

Sue-Jane Taylor Until 2 Dec. Scotland's offshore oil industry as depicted in the paintings, etchings, photographs and journals of S]. Taylor. The exhibition shows the results of a commission from the Stirling Shipping Company that the artist received to record their role in the oil industry.

Raymond Mason: Sculptures and Drawings Until 11 Nov. One ofthc mostpopular figurative sculptors still working, Mason‘s sculptures display a heightened realism which verges on cartoonish parody. However his startling and unforgettable images though enormously popular in his adopted France, have made him the object ofgreat critical controversy in this country.

Wilhelmina Rams-Graham: Retrospective 1940-89 Until 18 Nov. About llOworks from the artist that has been at the forefront of British abstract paintig forthe last forty years.

I CITY CAFE 19 Blair Street, 2200125. Mon—Sat noon-1am; Sun noon—2.30pm & 6.30-11pm.

Gavin Evans Permanent collection of twenty photographs commissioned from professional photographer, Gavin Evans. based on the theme of Edinburgh people. Amongst other projects Evans has previously worked for CUTand Scotland on Sunday.

I COLERIOGE GALLERY 47b George Street. 220 1305. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm. Contemporary British artwork in glass.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 High Street. 2201260.Tue—Sat 12.3()-—5.3()pm. Sculpture by Gill Curran Until 25 Nov. Small-scale sculptures.

I CRAMONO SCULPTURE CENTRE Moray House College. Cramond Road North. 3126001 ext 272. Sun—Sat 10am—nightfall.

Buses to Cramond 41 and 18. The next exhibition will take place on 11 November ifsu'fficent fundingis forthcoming. I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 229 9311. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. F.J. Samuely Until 11 Nov. Photographs and drawings of buildings under construction from a firm of consulting engineers. Nigel Mclsaac 14—29 Nov. A retrospective exhibition ofpaintings by Mclsaac a former student. schoolteacher and ‘unfailing supporter of the College.‘ in the Andrew Grant Gallery. John McLean 20 Nov—12 Dec. Abstract paintings from the painter who was artist-in-residencc at Edinburgh University in 1985. Classic Chain Until 16 Nov. A collection of chairs from famous designers. Printed Textiles Until 16 Nov. I ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION 23 Atholl Crescent, 229 1528. Mon—Sat loam—4.30pm. The gallery will be closed until the Christmas watercolour exhibition opens in December. I FILMHOUSE Lothian Road, 228 2688. Mon—Sat noon—l 1pm; Sun 630—] lpm. Abstract Photographs Until 18 Nov. Doug Simpson is the featured photographer. I FINE ART SOCIETY 12 Great King Street. 556 0305. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat 10am-1pm. William Simson RSA1800-1847 Until 25 Nov. Scottish landscapes in a very


I Is.

School ol Art, Glasgow. Imagine (Picasso once suggested) entering a studio and finding a picture apparently by Rembrandt. You admire it unreservedly; it seems to be a great Rembrandt. Then you learn that it was painted yesterday; not as a forgery, but by an artist who believed the style of Rembrandt to be, not merely still relevant, but still available lora contemporary painter. You return to the work; does it still strike you as great art, or rather as an irrelevant pastiche? Not all the work on show at Glasgow School ol Art appears spectacularly out of time; much of it, not least Sytov’s impressive ‘Evenlng Melody', ls easily related to surviving linear Scottish traditions. ‘Obiectlve' drawing is still taught In Scottish colleges. Taken as a whole, however, this exhibition of recent work by Russian art students suggests an academic training directly


/ l/ 4


related to history painting of a kind deleated by the 19th-century avant-garde. lithe Stalinist inheritance was a lalsllled history, art history too was rewritten. The Soviet system maintained a dying tradition of art and denied a living one.

One curious consequence oi this isolation, visible throughout the Glasgow Russian shows, is that it is the modernist works - particularly the oils, since reproductions, even when available, can never convey vital lnlormatlon regarding painterly techniques - which seem pastiches. The academic work - at least at student level - seems less hopelessly compromised than one had expected, restricted yet also supported by a ‘tlmeless’ discipline which, however outdated, retains its own integrity. (Alan Woods)

traditional style from this little recognised Dundonian who ‘could have been a major Scottish painter had fate not conspired against him'. After this exhibition the Fine Art Society will move to new premises at 137 George Street. where the first exhibition will be Leonard Roseman: AWar Retrospective. 9 Dec—15 Jan. A collection of paintings by the fireman and later sailor, Rosoman.

I FLYING COLOURS GALLERY 35 William Street. 225 6776. Tue—Fri 11am—6pm, Sat 10am—lpm.

Shona Barr Until 23 Nov. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art in 1988, Shona has recently returned from a year‘s scholarship in Denmark, where she built up a large portfolio which includes landscapes, figure drawings and vividly coloured studies of forest flora.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9.30am-5.30pm.

Shadow pi a Dream Until 10 Nov. A mixed photographic exhibition featuring the work of Sylvain Bicth, Christian Boltanski. Annette Messager, Alain Fleischer. Louis Jammcs, Philippe Soussan and Philippe Thomas.

The next exhibition will not be until December.

I THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street, 225 2383. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm Sun 1-5.30pm.

Gillian Ayres Until 19 Nov. A comprehensive selection ofcircular paintings from this highly regarded abstract painter. She has recently been given a special commendation by the committee responsible for awarding the Turner Prize (the winner of which will be announced on 21 November). Tim Hilton of The Guardian will deliver a lecture on Gillian‘s work entitled Structure and Decoration on 10 November at6. 15pm.

I GALERIE MIRAGES Raeburn Place,315

2603. Tue—Sat 10.30am—4.30pm. Sun 2—4.30pm. Closed Mondays. MasterCarvers Until 11 Nov. Ornate woodcarving, furniture and jewellery from Afghanistan. India and Pakistan.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 5568921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. [D] Cafe.

The gallery‘s justly renowned cafe is open Mon—Sat 10.30am—4.30pm; Sun 2.30-4.20pm. Cream teas will be served from 3—4.15pm.

After the monster effort ofexhibiting Scottish Art Since 1900, duringthe

summer. the permanent exhibition

returns with the emphasis. not

surprisingly, on non-Scottish artists. Also

throughout November there will be a

small exhibition of Frances Rodgkins the

New Zealand artist.


Street, 556 6020. Tue—Fri 10am—5pm. Sat


RogerAckling: New Works Until 28 Nov. ln 1

this new seriesof worksthe artist burns

shapes and forms on to found objects by

using the power of the sun and a

magnifying glass.

I HANOVER FINE ART 22a Dundas Street,

5562181. Mon—Fri 10am-5.30pm; Sat


Pat Beveridge and Kathleen Convoy 1 1—25 i

Nov. Fife landscapes in watercolours from

the former and landscapes in acrylic from

the latter.

I HILLSIDE GALLERY Hillside St, 5566440. i

Tue—Sat 10.30am—6pm.

Young Scottish illustrators Until 27 Nov. The illustrators are Douglas Watson recently returned from New York. John McNaught whose silkscreens depict the story of the Tay Whale. Alan McGowan. Deryk Thomas, Gaynor Shepcrd. Claire Mackie, Alastair Hall and lngebjorg Smith the itinerant illustrator who has recently been showing at the Netherbow.

I ITALIAN INSTITUTE 82 Nicolson Street, 668 2232. Mon 2—5pm, Tue 9am—5pm. Wed 2—7pm, Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am—2pm.

The lnlricacles 01 Nature Until 30 Nov. Watercolours and drawings of the Tuscan environment by Michael Zyw, a Scottish artist living in the region.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY Northumberland Street Lane. 557 5454. Mon-Sat


Lidia Kamber Until 25 Nov. Paintings with

an ctheral quality from this young

Yugoslavian artist.


Street. 226 4151. Mon—Fri 9.30am—6pm;

Sat 10am—1pm.

Where East Meets West l5—25 Nov.

Ex-Admiral. Sir Roderick MacDonald

and John Forgan exhibit their landscapes

and seascapes in oils and watercolours.

The title refers to the relative positions of

the artists’ homes in Scotland.


Gallery, High Street. Mon—Fri


Drawings by Pierre Bonnard and Eduard

Vuillard Until 29 Nov. There are ten

drawings by Bonnard and eight by

Vuillard in this exhibition that the Gallery

believes to be the first by these artiststo

appear in Scotland. Included in it are works from the famous Alfred Ayrton collection.


Campus, 219 Colinton Road, 444 2266.

Mon—Sat lOam—Spm. Buses 4. 27,45.

aalley NOW Until 28 Nov. Over one

hundred black and white images from one of the most celebrated names in photography. The collection contrasts his early snaps of the glitzy pop world ofthc

Sixties with the compassionate images

Bailley recorded in the Sudan, Ethiopia

and of the Boat people. The exhibition has

been organised in conjunction with The

Creative Forum.


Mound. 5568921. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm;

Sun 2—5pm.

How Prints are Made Until 17 Dec. The

exhibition traces the development ofthc

printing ofartistic images from the 15th century to more modern times. Major works are on loan from the Fitzwilliam. llunterian and the British Museum and amongst the artist whose techniques can be scrutinised are Rembrandt, Goya.

Picasso. Manet and Matisse. Throughout

November various techniques will be

demonstrated every Thursday 2—3.30pm.

also on Sunday 19 November parents and children are invited to make a print at the

Gallery workshop.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George 1V Bridge, 226 4531. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm; Sat 9.30am—1pm; Sun 2pm—5pm.

BOO Years 3OO Books Until 11 November. The last days of this exhibition celebrating the tercentenary of the founding ofthc National Library. For each year ofthc library's existence there is a specific

exhibit representing a particularly


For exhibition details, see listings page

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 1030-550

Admission Free

$69 Gallery is subsidised by the Scottish Arts (Iounctl and the (Iin of Edinburgh District (iounctl

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