fresh oysters were the starters one evening last week.

The main courses included stuffed squid. For anyone familiar only with Spanish-style squid in batter the kind which offers an Intifada-like resistance to any attempts at digestion the squid here will make a welcome change. composed as it is of the tenderest. most succulent parts of the poor creature. stuffed with a

rich sausage-meat. Also on offer was sirloin steak which. although well presented. with broccoli. carrots. potatoes and sweet potatoes. could have done with a light sauce as well.

The desserts were excellent. The home~made apple pie. topped with a light pastry. was. thankfully. not at all sweet. The three courses. including French bread. side salad. vegetables. then coffee. came to £25 for two. The restaurant serves soft drinks. but is not yet licensed. so remember to bring your own.

The menu. like the place itself. may be small. but if they keep up the current standard of service and food. Two Fat Ladies are likely to expand a bit more before long. (Stuart Bathgate)

Two Fat Ladies. 88 Dumbarton Road. 339 1944. Open Tue-Sat 6—10.30pm (last orders).



From the cosy but kitsch decor you may be excused for supposing that you are not about to receive authentic Philippine cuisine. Pastel shades. folded napkins and a mirrored bar create a comfortable though unimaginative interior. though on reflection I am thankful that the management did not attempt a pastiche of the South Pacific. A relaxed atmosphere is served well by friendly waitresses who are considerate without being fussy.

Defying the decor. the gastronomy is generously authentic with delicate


flavours balanced by wholesome ingredients. borne out by the knowledge that the three cooks were brought over from the Philippines by the restaurateur. Somehow they have also managed to get hold of unlikely ingredients such as baby coconuts. which combined with the chefs‘ culinary expertise result in a new gastronomical experience for those who have never eaten Philippine-style before.

Presented with elaborate garnishes, the starters are imaginative both in appearance and flavour. My paper thin pancakes wrapped around minced meat and deepfried were far more subtle in taste than the description might suggest. Main dishes are served in terracotta pots kept warm by candle light with a choice ofgarlic. fried coconut. or boiled rice. The spicy Philippine curry. cooled down with coconut milk. was very tasty though next time I would be tempted by one

of the seafood dishes. For dessert try 1

Halo, Halo. a typical Philippine dish; crushed ice. black beans. preserved tropical fruits. gelatin and baby coconuts sounds dubious I know but it makes a perfect light sweet to round of a substantial meal.

From 1 December there will be a special Christmas luncheon menu at £10.95. a five course Christmas Fiesta at £16.95 or a Christmas Day and Hogmanay menu which includes whole roast suckling pig at £19.95. Three courses for two including bread, coffee and a good wine came to £42 (including 10% service charge) though you can restrict your spending by choosing from the set menu at £10.95 per head. (Jo Roe) Philippine Islands Restaurant. 36 Broughton Street. 556 8240. Open Tue—Sat 12.30-3pm.6.30—11.30pm: Sun 6.30—11.30pm.

57100 Cf“! flat/in

{Dumbarton (20ml (filtration) 339 1944

DINNER 6.30pm LAST ORDERS 10.30pm


also meat and vegetarian dishes


In the meantime —- please bring your own


Notebooks, file paper, writing paper, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, scrap books, sketch pads, diaries,

table napkins, and lots more.


8 BROUGHAM STREET TOLLCROSS. Tel: 031 228 1651 37 BROUGHTON STREET. Tel: 031 557 1911


Hcemsed PES‘CB ur‘ant

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—11pm (last orders 10.300m)

10,3r—TCHOF‘ Close Cockbur‘m str‘eetg EDINBUFTCSH 225 5145)

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5007 Glmgow’t Independent Wine and Spirit merchant

Sparkling Wine from £1.45 Champagne from £9.35 Brut de Pécher £7.95

8 nlhton lone,Glntgow 612

The List 10- 23 November 1989 77