l WEI- Flynn’s p|pes PUNCHDRUNK

can do even more than usuali), then play the virtuoso lead to the orchestra. He has also worked with Mark

Knopfler, John Williams, Kate Bush t and John Cage. A solo performance on ‘, the Irish pipes in such hands as O'Flynn's sounds like five people playing at once; gorgeous chanter ! melodies with harmony and texture

from the drones and regulators. Llam

0g is playing in Edinburgh on Sunday 26. Meanwhile In Glasgow, from 24 Novemberto 3 December, the fifth _ Glasgow Tryst is In full swing, with lots ' 30mg Claim?” . of session, concerts cellidhs and Cm”le “10”” the”

h. h 1 . . competitions. The big concerts feature tgémfiepgaeo


_ .i ; i great traditional women singers, the hated atetthd the thtthg Liam D’Flynn, from the County Kildare, five-piece lrish band, Allan, and Cathal talents oiiustin Shelton in last of a very long tradition oi l McConnell, flute player and singer of Falkirk. strictly-trained lrish pipers, after i Boys of the Lough, and his brother Having gone through Rowsome, Clancy and Ennis, began Mickey who writes brilliant songs, the usual quota of bad


winning competitions in the 1960s. He (including The Tinkerman’s Daughter), managcmcm dcalst

severalline-up changes

is not hidebound by the tradition, . Dick Gaughan and Stramash. This year and disastroust . . One of the most welcome discoveries t however. In the Seventies he became there are late club nights at the i overweight minim: to ofDJ Andy Kershaw‘s musicological i known as Planxtv's piper, performing Riverside. and “’8 cheaperto list In play gigs in London, the foraging has been 513 Rogte, in the ! both solo and with the band. Since then there if you’ve been to a concert ' hand have started to make late 505 and early 605 the leading ' he has reached a far wider audience beforehand. Tickets lrom the Ticket real progress in the last hgttte in *palm wthe Musieg which l with the recording of Shaun Davey’s Centre, 227 5511, orthe Riverside, 248 year. Shelton is notv was played in the bars of West Africa ‘Brendan Voyage’, for Wthh he "I'Sl 44. Compellllon and rimmed l." a Steady lmc up to aid the imbibing of the locality's had to explain to Davey what the pipes information from Alison Duncan 0369 El Edd": $1196.10“ (.ba“)' favoured thtoxteaht, With his 1961 could do (when played by D’Flynn they 5796. (Rosie Martin). ancdolrft‘: gag?)

and it is with this line up

hit ‘My Lovely Elizabeth’, Rogie‘s POPUlarlly expanded beyond the ' v that Boxing Clever have borders of his native Sierra Leone to committed themselves to make him a star throughout Africa, . vinyl forthc first time, and the honoured guest of M l e a n I‘ With their 'TOY Selthets' presidents. ; SP, Whifih is 03 their own

' eaver CCOI S,

Sixly'three'year'om Rog'e’ "9w I distributed by the Cartel. residing in London on Kershaw 5 ,WC didm decide 1080 mvrtatlon, after years touring for our best {our songs on American schools to spread African the teeOtd‘t saysjustin. culture with music, lectures and folk ‘Wc went with four songs tales, plays solo these days, despite that were different leading one of Sierra Leone‘s first ehOUghi that expressed electric groups. The new LP on d‘fitcgl'i‘; St'dcs OfO‘" Worker‘s Playtime is quite a contrast pOThc rec‘md has been to the Cooking Vinyl album The 605 made possible by the sound OfSE Rogie- band‘s signing to BMG

‘I had my own band in America. Publishers last year, with American musicians trained to play the idea being to use the my music. But the band is taking record to promote the away the nature of the music. The band ‘0 tad10»9{ess and music does not call for a band. It‘s rcfi‘r’gd Compa’l“? f like people singing folk music, telling ,0)”ng 93,8 01° .

. . . . , good adVlcc, sastustin. their life stories, it 5 very personal. It .and mt wasm {orthe did not go down well in America team at BMG we would because many people who know me probably got ourselves came and said. “We came here to into a few different messes listen to you. but we‘re not hearing you because we only hear


as far as ideas go. They haven‘t pushed us intoa kind of“this chorus

synthesiscr. guitar . r . - we Want to i Dougie MacLean is surely living proof storm at the Edinburgh Folk Festival should test twtee astehg hear you like we used to hear you In ; that you can stay living in Scotland and and Glasgow Maylest. The band is i bring that book out" Allies’ _ make it! He has put in a lot of hard work composed of versatile, quality players regime, they seem to have

Warm and intimate mUSlC, since his days with the Tannies, Silly from rock, jazz and traditional , been quite happy tosee especially in Rogle‘s hands» Palm i Wizard, and the duo partners with backgrounds: Gordon Duncan, the music develop and Wine Music has unfortunately }_ whom he toured Europe in the late highland pipes and whistles; David take l“ 0W" course“ waited in POPUlatlty Slhee his 505 and i seventies. Now enjoying an Allison, bass, bouzouki and guitar; Th” “.35 b?” d 695 career, which spawned some 46 i international reputation as a solo Graeme Hughes, electric guitar; and 33331233; ff; Singles- . t I ' performer on the folk circuit from New Martin Dibbs, drums and other on the the tteht to

he the indigenous mime of sierra England to New Zealand. (and back . percussion. Dougie includes his very improve their show. Their Leehe- Every Tom. Dick and Harry i again from Australia to Alberta!) popular solo act as part of the show, confidence has been given can relate to palm wine music, but I Dougie, through clever management, with sensitive songs, guitar, fiddle and ‘1 bees" by the meson would say I’m the 0le Ohe Playing it manages l0 Spend enough time at dldgeridoo playing. The tour coincides “m” lam“ demo "“Pc' now from Sierra Leone, because the home in Perthshlre to run a record with the release of his latest album, which they happily younger generation are not company, do TV shows, write music ‘Whitewash', follow-up to ‘Real , “TOW” 3” "7‘3." “5‘ interested, they want to play and (live performances all over Estate', which won a silver disc. l cvu' “Oh” W'H'amson) something else-‘ (Alastair Mahbott) Scotland to very fond and enthusiastic Dougie and the band are in Edinburgh Bot-mg Clever play 55 Rosie Plays the Henry Wood audiences. He is currently touring with on Thursday 30, and will he in Glasgow . The venue. H015 Glasgew 0" Wed 6 and Calm" . the band which was previewed (‘in l on Friday 15 December (book now). | Edinburgh on 30 Nov. Studios, Edmburgh 0" Thu“ 7- l embryonlcform’) and went down a i (Rosie Martin) I with their friends TC.

The List 24 November— 7 December 1989 29