The List selection of the best in sporting events overthe next fortnight. Sport is listed first by event and then byday.

BADMINTON Thursday 23-Sunday 26

I Scottish Open Badminton Championships Meadowbank Sports ('entre. London Road. Iidinburgh: 'I‘hurs 4pm. Fri lllam. Sat lilam (with the Men's Singles Semi-finals starting at opm and the Ladies' Singles Semis starting at 6.40pm). Sunday ltl.3llam (with the Doubles Semis and then all finals from 2pm). Adult ticket prices vary: 'I‘hurs I; l. I’ri f; l .50. Sat £3. Sun £4. season in. (‘ontrary to popular belief. there is some money to be made in Badminton. Not only is there 2(l.()()(llfS Dollars available in prize money. thanks to sponsorship by ('arIton and Vauxhall. but the reigning Scottish ()pen Men's champion. Morten l’rost. happens to be a tax exile. t‘orsaking Denmark for the [IR

( I‘m not sure which is the more bizarre: being a badminton player and making enough money to be a tax exile.or choosing the I'K as a place toexile yourself). I'nfortunately. for home-based players. the draw has pitted them against very tough opposition. with Edinburgh‘s Ross (iladw in schcdtilcd to play I‘rost in the first round and Perth‘s Anthony (iallagher tip against another seed ~ this time the Dane. Michael chldson - alsoin the first round.


SENIOR MEN'S CUP, QUARTER-FINAL I City of Edinburgh v US Navy Lakers .‘yleadowbank Sports (‘entre. London Road. Iidinburgh. Spin.



I MIM Livingston v Inverclyde ( iracemount SPortsCentre. ( iraccmount Drive. off ('aptains Road. 3 30pm. As expected. .\II.\I haye been all-powerful. with Ian Maclean averaging an awesome 4ttpoints a game. To illustrate their dominance. they crushed Boroughmuir 127-55 the other week.

I Paisley v Boroughmuir Bart‘head Sports ('entre. Main Street. liarrhead. 3.45pm. I Cumnock v Central Scotland Police (‘umnock Academy. Ayr Road. ('umnock. 4pm. The Police side are the first non-league team to reach the Quarter-Final of the ( ~tip. though hay ing won the (‘hairman's ( ~up ( played tor by teams who are I'll'sl Round losers) lor the last four years. it was perhaps time that they translated their modest successes to the SeniorOttp.

SENIOR WOMEN'S CUP, QUARTER-FINAL I MIM v Edinburgh Royals Jack Kane (‘entre. .\'iddrie Mains Road. fidinburgh. 3pm.

I All Blacks V Paisley 'l'y nccastle I ligh School. \lclcod Street. Iidinburgh.

3. IFpm. ’I lie All Blacks are the closest challengers to .\Il.\l in the Women‘s Division One. thouin they will lindthis I’ll'SI I)l\l\lttll clash fairly difficult.



72 The List 24 November 7 December 198‘)

I withoutdoubtgive entrants opportunity

I City of Edinburgh V Paisley Meadow bank Sports ('entre. London Road. lidinburgh. 8.30pm.


I Edinburgh Royals v All Blacks I‘orrester High School. Broomhousc Road. Iidinburgh. 7.45pm.


II Paisley v Boroughmuir Barrheatl Sports Centre. Main Street. Barrhead. 3.45pm.



WOMEN'S FIRST DIVISION i IAII BlacksvPaisley'l'ynecastleHigh ,

School. McLeod Street. Iidinburgh. 3.45pm.

W ; Sunday3 '

I I Linlithgow Mini Marathon LinIilhgow i ('anal Basin. l.inlithgow. West l.othian. i lprn. The idea ofcanoeing in December l sounds as attractive as It) rounds with I Mike Tyson. so as a concession the i

organisers w ill limit the long course for seniors to five miles which isprobably equivalent to the same number of rounds with Frank Bruno.


I Scottish National Championship Bellaltouston l’ark. ( ilasgow. noon. Sec l’anel.


I Race Days 'I‘uesday. 'I‘hursday and Saturday. Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. (ilasgow . There are If) races on a Tuesday. I l on a 'I'hursday‘ and I: on a Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday meetings begin at 7.45pm: Saturday’s starts at 7.30pm.


I Race Days 'l‘uestlay . 'l‘hurstlay- and Saturday. l’owderhall Stadittrn. Beaverhall Road. Iidinburgh. (ienerally.

cvcm-cnoss ; FOOTBALL

there are Ill races on 'I‘uesday and 'I‘hursday. lZon a Saturday;startingat 7.30pm for 'I'uesday and 'l'hursday'. 7.15pntlor Saturday.

Saturday 25


I Hibernian V Dundee liaster Road Stadium. Albion Road. Iidiiiburglt.3p1n. I Motherwell V Celtic Fir Park. Motherwell (all Motherwell buses pass the ground). 3pm.

I Rangers v Dunfermline Ibrox Stadium. (ilasgow (2 mitts Ibrox underground). 3pm. Since Rangers ran Dunfermline into the ground in the semi-final of the Skol (‘up. winning S-ll. the File side have staged a remarkable recovery and now occupy a healthy position in the admittedly cramped environs ofthe Premier League. In an impressive show of modesty. however. when they briefly occupied the top of the table. everyone at Iiast find Park was at pairts to stressthat

Despite the rise in popularity in mountain bikeing throughout Scotland, its near relative, Cyclo Cross, has not yet enjoyed a similar improvement in fortunes to anything like the same degree. This contrasts with the situation south of the border where fairly substantial sponsorship, occasional television coverage and a coherent coaching programme I combine to put Cyclo-Cross in Scotland ( well into the shade of its English counterpart.

Alan McLean, of the Glasgow United team, accepts that Scotland has a lot of i catching up to do, finding it bewildering that mountain bikers should show any reluctance towards Cyclo-Cross. Presently, Cyclo-Cross attracts the bulk of its participants from the road-racing fraternity who use the sport asaform ofwintertraining. .

The Scottish National Championship at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, will

to test their fitness, since the race will last an hour, over a course of varying I

terrain, necessitating a fair amount of

bike carrying, in the process. As a spectacle, the restricted lap size ;

of one and threequarter miles will

ensure spectators a lot of exposure to i the action, and of course conditions I

can contribute tothe changingfortunes . ‘. of riders as they attempt to negotiate . the no-doubt muddy course.

one of a number who are favourites to

' Gordon Barr, who defeated Colt by

Last year’s winner, Martin Coll, is

lift this year‘s title. Others include

. 9% v, 3':


hi "1


"we , s . .‘4‘ v‘ , ‘9 a “)5? q. * i ‘y .. .!?'. , r . .H /3'- saws}. 1? - ‘e 3”]. ; '1‘ . , _, y a -‘ ’.\‘:\ a" I l ‘. S, 5" ' 3 : Q '? a w ' ° "o i, t I a"; a " nl," I I r"."#. a . '\ ,9. . 5 .17 ,1

‘n 4' . g. f

" .‘v.’ E - . Lia.)

,1 L,

weeks ago. As yet, money has not made a real impact on the Scottish scene, though the sponsorship by Glasgow Sports Promotion Council is welcome and should cover expenses such as damage done to the bikes. Accepting that increased sponsorship has a part to play in the sport‘s development, McLean feelsthat Cyclo-Cross would benefit more significantly if clubs, and perhaps the

seconds in a Cyclo-Cross meet a few

5 Scottish Cyclists‘ Union, were . ; prepared to organise more events. This


winter, there will only be a handful, and it is McLean‘s belief that a lack of meetings causes the sport to be stuck with a low profile. (Mike Wilson)

The Scottish National Cyclo-Cross Championship will be held at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, on

Sunday 26, at noon.