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Caught in the the middle ofhis act.

the glassman stoops before the two

hot eyes of the furnace and motions

me to a seat on the other side ofthe concrete barn: "I'his will take about

20 minutes.‘ The pure orange heat of the fire dulls the bright sunshine -

The performance resumes. Graham Muir and his friend Shona acting today as his rather uncertain assistant each hold a heavy iron tube. ()n the end ofone is a perfect green globe ofglass. on the other a

Continuing our ‘Behind the Scenes‘ series. Julie Morrice peeks into the furnace of an east coast glassblower.

outside and turns the interior of'I’he l Glassworks into a smoker‘s lung— a ten-a-day atmosphere. enough to catch the back ofyour throat. to I make the Musselburgh airoutdoors i taste. in retrospect. like a Swiss mountain breeze.

pliable lump ofgooey red which like

The List 24 November 7 December 198‘) 75