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Q BEHIND THE SCENES CONT a melting ice-lolly must be constantly twirled. Careful as jugglers rehearsing a new routine. they pass the hot. unwieldy bars from hand to hand. thrusting them at intervals into the furnace. precariously dropping one piece ofgoo onto the other. then spinning the red jelly blobs into blossoming green shapes. Tools for manipulating this tough. malleable medium stand in buckets ofwater. Great tongs designed. it appears. for a family-size twin-tub; wooden blades like sawn-off canoe paddles; wicked-looking forceps which chew through the molten glass as if


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CATRIONA 2521[)undas Street, Edinburgh. El 13 600 through toffee. RI .. Stevenson 031 556 0079 Cocooned in a warm vitreous £2.95 pbk We'll Order/My Book, Any Publisher, Anywhere humour~ the Slow'qU‘Ck'qU'Ck'Slow

process repeats against the

Late C) enin 7 I fours and Sunda '5 Too! p L“ y background hum ofthe furnace.

' . Buy Book Tokens here. They're exchangeable throughout the UK and lreland. ‘. . . . . . .,. ,. .. ,. .. “w” .,. Then suddenly. ( I his is a good bit. tifigt1WJQ 58“ ailfi grlv a" «‘3Q 63-“ :1 warns Shona). Murr rushes to the

seat between two thigh-high parallel

bars. grabs a pair ofbandage- -' H I wrapped tongs and. spinning the THE heavy tube. pulls the green globe out .. wider and wider. flameslickingthe ( Ell fit}: i’ ~ . I . G G fie ‘1 _, k , rig edge. ‘You bastard. he gasps. ‘it 5 Robin Jenkins f." " '

burning my leg.‘ Squirming under £3.95 pbk

the hot iron bar. forearms singed by the spitting tongs. sweating like a blacksmith. he wrenches and struggles. and there grows the delicate shape of a slim. shining glass bowl.

A ‘It's like a living creature.‘ says the CHILDHOOD recuperating glassman. ‘one ofthe IN :eautiesofgllass is thatlyjou trleally k ave to ett e materia o_t e wor . SCOTLAND It‘s a partnership. You work with it. Christian Miller coax it into something you want.‘ £2.95 pbk The Glassworks. standing amidst the

rubble of Musselburgh‘s disused Eskmills. is owned by Paul Musgrove. Muir produces glass for

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in the him in exchange fortime. usuallyin (:A N the evenin is. to create his own ONGATE CLASSICS designs 5 Scrivs- ‘Ohe ofthe best things is that

effects happen that you never

/ x . , ° ,. , . , thoughtofdoing.’says Muir.lblow

All.(‘dn()x.1g‘u( [Mk 5 in c a blob into a quivering transparent

"l‘n‘umbk' mm] ,VUUY 10(le - .. . » balloon. Muir runs acrossthe studio,

bookshop or, in (‘agc (,f To obtain yourvery own ListT-shirt,sendacheque orpostalorder SpinningoutathhCFPICCmntoa

(1i mm] W low} m” t' ‘1, lor£6.50(inc P&P) made outto The List Ltd, to THE LlSTT-SHIRT OFFER, bendytcn-ftyot filament Amidst the . i P ‘1( ° The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE. heavy machinery Ofglassmaking. the

metal tubes and buckets. the

CANONGATE Name ................................................................................ .. unidentifiable dCViCCS SPimmd With Address flotsam. shelves gleam with friable

bowls and intricate bottles. Old 17 It‘i‘tt‘t‘V Street coffee tins fan a rainbow ofcoloured

' . ; glasswands.Aworkshop for Edinburgh—Ill] 1DR ........................................................................................ .. extractingsun-beamsoutof tel. 031 :):)/ .0888 Size. Ema Large/Large/Medium (delete where applicable) cucumbers could not be lesslikely. —— more magical. (Julie Morrice)

76 The List 24 November 7 December 1989