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I 4 hostelry you may see a man I a‘slurping and a‘sniffing at a warm glass of Old Fart or gingerly poking at a tankard ofSku/lcrusher. The far-away look in his eyes betrays the pleasure he takes in his job. lfyou see him. then tiptoe past. for ‘tis Mr Protz doing ‘is research.

Not one to shirk his duties. he has sampled most of the hundreds of

ale. What qualified him to write the beer drinker‘s bible'.’ ‘I was a journalist for twelve years. need I

be comprehensive. if not compos mentis. he has left no glass unturned and few brews untested.

The pocket sized guide gives a good regional breakdown of Brewers. their ales and ailments. Though Scotland merits only 15 of the 280 pages. he points out ‘the swing to cask-conditioned ale is not so strong North ofthe border.‘ Caledonian and Broughton breweries come in for particular ' praise and the short tasting notes can. ifcommitted to memory. be used to impress fellow imbibers as you slide offthe bar stool. . . ‘Ish a sshhhtunning balance ofgrain. hop and fruit with a complex finish.‘ (Ross Parsons)


Upon the 150th anniversary of the snap-shot, Sally Rice opens the

. shutters on related books.

l I The Art of Photography 1839—1989

' (Yale University Press £22.50). A reproduction of the large retrospective currently showing at the Royal Academy. With informative essays and over 450 images this catalogue presents a story of photography from the work ofFox Talbot to Warhol. Probably the most comprehensive. well-produced book of its kind available at the price. I After the War was Over, Magnum Photographers (Thames & Hudson £25) This book represents post-war Europe, portrayed with wit and sensitivity by the extraordinary Magnum photographers. recently the subject ofa Channel 4 documentary. I Personal Exposures - Elliott Envitt

at 7.00

(Norton £30). Famous for his candid

shots. even Erwitt's most commonly reproduced images. as seen on

: Fairground Attraction'salbum

cover. have a freshness which

contributes towards this book‘s particular appeal.

I Lee Miller— Photographer (Thames & Hudson £30) The book contains

very personal images alongside her

brews that appear in his gu1de to real

work as a war photographer. Having

worked as a fashion model and

say more‘." Probany not. In order to

contributed to the surrealist movement. Lee Miller shocked Vogue with her photographs of the

' concentration camps. sent with the

pm. on Thursday in The Moir Hall, The Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow

followed by a discussion and a glass of wine

plea ‘Believe it!‘ This monograph. with its accompanying biography is a welcome addition to the market.

I The Eye That Shapes - Minor White (Bulfinch Press/Little. Brown & (‘0 £35) Another much-awaited collection published this year. containing the previously unpublished writings of this influential photographer as well as his extraordinary body of visual work. This book is already a classic. I Enlleshings (Seeker & Warburg £16.95) Helen Chadwick‘s work attempts a portrayal of the interior of the body using photography. photocopying. light projection. the computer and the microscope. This is not so much the art of fixing the shadow as exploring its boundaries.

Alastair Mabbott plucks live from the cornucopia of rock-related releases this year.

I Lipstick Traces: A Secret History at the 20"! Century Greil Marcus (Secker and Warburg £14.95). This is now rrrmck book! No. it isn't. more like a doorstep. but Marcus began his exhaustive research into Situationism. Lettrism. Dada and all points in between with the Sex Pistols and took it from there. finding connections he perhaps only imagined. but are no less real for all that.

I The Heart of Rock and Soul Dave Marsh (Penguin £9.99). Marsh‘s contentiousness or just plain crankiness— is what really makes this list ofthe 1001 greatest singles ofall time so valuable. You‘ll never agree



for a talk on "The Selfish Gene"

30 November

with all of it. and you'll never have had such bitter arguments with people you thought were your best friends. but at the end ofit. you'll know where Marsh is coming from. I And the Ass Saw the Angel Nick Cave (Black Spring Press £12.95). That‘s right. this isn‘t a rock book either. but the doomladen singer's literary debut isn‘t likely to be remarked on in the other sections. Ornate (employing words that haven‘t been in common usage for a lifetime or more). visceral and reeking of blood and damnation. it‘s also an enthralling read.

I Long Time Gone David Crosby and Carl Gottlieb (Heinemann £12.95). Now committed to a ‘Just Say No‘ life ofabstinence. cuddly old David Crosby got overlooked when the ' Reaper came to claim Jimi. Janis. Jim and Gram. Long Time Gone tells it all. with the voices ofGottlieb and others as the chorus interrupting Crosby‘s ebullient flow.

I The Death 01 Rhythm & Blues Nelson George (Omnibus £12.95, £6.95) And who would know better than Nelson George. the foremost writer about popular music that Black America has? Saddening but incisive history of the last few decades in music.

The List reviews some green publications in time for Christmas.

I How To Be Green John Button (Century Hutchinson £4.99) This book tries the impossible and fails lamentably. It is a good idea: the definitive green guide. combining cause. effect and remedy. while pointing out that ‘green-ness‘ is more than a subscription to Friends Of The Earth.

What should be fascinating and informative is trite and misleading. An example picked at random: ‘Buy “natural decaffeinated“ rather than regular (coffee)‘. Surely the more processes a product goes through. the more resources are used and the less green it is?

But the most serious omission is a chapter on politics. As a Green Party candidate in the Euro elections. Button could have explained. and


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84 The List 24 November - 7 December 1989