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I US l 041- 946 9467

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I GAYLINK/GAYPEN lndividttal onctoone introductions CentralScotland. also Worldwide friendship. Nationwide. l‘tirope. Aiiiei tea. Australia. l’iir liast. Anywhctc' Confidential. S.A.l-.. for brochure. llCM-(ilI (8). 27()ld Gloucester Street. London. WCiN3XX.


I Flatmate needed to share Glasgow Sotithsidc flat limit

I \ i I

beginning December. Own room. i i 2opcm pltis bills. Phone Judv on o4i 649 59i i . after 6pm Mon. Wed. Fri (women only). I Sociable. non-smoker required to share cottage in picturesque villagcin central region. i8 miles(ilasgow. iRmiIes Stirling. ()wn transport essential. Phone o36o4oo93 after 6pm.

I Southside own room for non-smoker in spacious first floor flat overlooking Queen's Park. Large sittingroom. kitchen (washing machine). 28 year-old male owner. £9opcm plus bills. Phone 041 422 i 196 (eves).


I Frequent visitor or away sometimes? ()tiiet room with views in historic house and garden. o3i 447 l4i7.

I House-share with all mod cons; ( 'll.wasliing machine etc. Also use ol lieehsteitf grand piano pltis accompanist il required. (two room. own TV. Ltspw l’hoiie o4i 357 2423.

I Two Interesting and amenable piolcssional oi postgi‘ad people (fem pref f\s.intedfoshai'e t-bedi'ooined itith century house in old South ()tteeltslel‘fy. ( 'll . tat. walled garden. harbour l min nice? Phone Andrcwon o3i t3i 2535.

I Ouietflatavailable for six \sceksfi‘oiii 19 December Stockbridgc area. Stiit one

person or couple. Rent negotiable plus bills. Phone o3i 343 i 121 (ansaphone).

I Single room available in spacious and attractive central (New Town) Edinburgh flat. Phoneo3i 557ooo8.

I Working person mid to late 20s. wanted for single room in New Town flat. to share with one. £1 If) pcm plus bills. Riitg(l3l 2265257 (day) orfl31 557 5386 (eve).

I Spacious room in friendly

I shared house. Trinity. for

non—smoker. £86 pcm plus bills. Available early December. Phone 0315521403.


I Plano Tuition front experienced teacherand performer. All standards. adults and children over twelve. Also blues and jazz basics taught. For details ring I.. Sanderson oiin3| 3464088.

I Experienced actress/teacher offers tuition in voice production. audition technique and drama school entry. Introductory session L4. 'l'hereaftei' £6 per hour. Phone o4l 9468428.

I Experienced actress/teacher offers tuition in voice production. audition technique

anddramaschoolentry. I Introductory session £4.

Thereafter £6 per hour. Phone

o4i 946 8428.



or £9 for 12 issues.

14 High Street Edinburgh EH11TE


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I Singing tuition by professional singer teacher. Classical. musicals. pop. rock. I'se your voice without strain. develop your range. Private lessons West End (ilasgow. and Lanarkshirc. Telephone o69ls‘ 748983.


\\. .‘§ Lessons (§: . R Study With an § experienced \ teacher/performer









WORKSHOPS FOR WOMEN Mitchell Conference Suite Mitchell Library GLASGOW

25 NOV: Dealing With Anger

for further details ring: People Skills Training 041 339 3998


I Strong. male pheromones attract the opposite sex subtly. undetectably. in an aftershavc called ATTRACI'AN'I' io. l’or ladies. A'l'l'R:\("l'.-\N'l' ( i( )l.l) is the perfect perfume substitute. Both products carry a money back guarantee and cost L'io.95 each. post free. Drondale. 6o Brotighton Street. Edinburgh. or pick up a leaflet.

I Do you have a Green outlook but hate capitalism? Interested in a Green Socialist

education discussion social group'.’ No party affiliations— jUst a forum to share ideasand friendship. Phone o3i 4473693. I Lesbian social group Over 35s. l-‘or meals otit. theatre.cinema.

concerts. outings. gallery visits


I Small research group now open to new members seriously interested in selfdevelopment. Tarot. astrology. Iigy pt. psychology. purpose of life. world history. meditation. reincarnation. theatre. l~‘or ntore information telephone o3i 556 686i).

ICEBREAKERS— II ()n the third Sunday ofevery month 7.3o—iopm in The Centre. The Scottish Foundation. 25—27 lilmbank Street. Glasgow (just round from King's'l’lieatre). Sun i7 Dec. Sun 21 .Ian etc. For speakers. discussion groups. bookstall. socialising. workshops. topics. tea and coffee. ()pen to all gay men. lesbians and bi-sexuals. Further information from Strathclyde Switchboard on 941 2218372. All events are free!

and generally having fun. For further details please reply to Box No io9 (i 1.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes. with IVC. a self-run club for young career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events such as badminton. hill walking. theatre. meals. days out. parties. cinema . . in the (ilasgow aitd Lidinburgh areas. For details phone (evenings) o4i 762 21l8tirii5i)6882142.

I lcebreelter Cele on the first Sunday of every month

t2 3o 3.3opmin Austinsllar. itina I lope Street. (ilasgow. Stilt t l)ce. Sun 7 .l.‘tll etc. I‘or informal social gatlteiing. chat. teas. coffees. light snacksanil soltilrinks Alleventsare free and open to all gay men. lesbians and bi-sesuals.


I Hubenesque. Glaswegian lesbian. (3i ). seeks caring. intelligent friends to share evenings out in. some laughs and lots of hugs. Goon what have you got to lose'.’ Box No Io4 22.

I Asian professional (34 ). young. seeks ftinloying ladies (2o--4o) for intimate friendship. maybe more. Interests; music. movies. eating-out. tra\clling. Sense of llllmnul' essential. lidinburgh or surroundingarea. Box No fo7 3.

I Edinburgh male (24). Seeks non-smoking. veggie female (under 25) following a path with heart into green moy emcnt. real music. art and cinema for friendship relationship. Photo please if possible. Box No lots 3. I Are you an attractive. sensual. sophisticated. intelligent. female who enjoys theatre. ballet. wine. talk. 'l'hen show this exile from the South the culture of the North. Photo and phone please. Box No ioS 12. I Plenty of friends but no one Special?'l'hirtysomething professional male. straight lifestyle. likes music. food. walking. seeks sincere.discreet gtiy (25 ~35) for fun and friendship. No experience necessary? Edinburgh anywhere. Box No iob’ i4.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 121

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads Dept at The List.

90 The List 24 November 7 December 1989