Contemporary Latin American Songs and Music Sat 9 Dee. Spm. £3.5llt £35“). ('arlos .-\rredondo and ( ialo ( ‘eron perform their ( ‘hilean musie eombming hard reality and perpetual hope.

The Ice Dragon‘l'hrs year'spantomime opens to the publre next issue. but is currently play mg to sehool groups. The exhibition is still upand the euellenteate isopen toeyeryone tn the meantime. ITRAVERSETHEATRE I 13 \\'est How. (irassmarket.33tr3t133. Hos ( )ttree

'l'ue -Sat lllam S’pm. Sun o lltpm. liar Rest. 'l tekets also ay ailable lrom the 'I‘ieket (‘entre. Market Street. | -\eeess. St Facilities: l2. llelp: AA]

The Turkeythat Fought Back t 'nltl Sat So

Dee. 3.3llpttlon“ ‘l. 13 lb. 1‘). 3“. 3.1.31.

38» .illlh‘e. 7 ‘tlpmonS Ill. 15 13.1" 33. 3S .‘lll)ee Speetalmatineeperlormante on in S Dee at 3pm tor studentsand

Tray erse Say ereard holders. tollow ed by

an inlormal ehat w llll drreetor lien ‘l w N and a tree glass ol mulled wine. .lll tor only £1. Panto Stuart Hepburn has writtenone

ol the seyeral (ireen ( bl istmas shows around this year and it promises to be a boisterous. alter natty e to the more traditional seasonal lat‘e See Rey lew. Writers Workshop Sat” Sun lullee till (Lb). Two days ol Intensry e sertbbltng alongside playwrights \lrehael Duke and Simon Donald. '1 hey \y Ill be eoneenlr atmg on the problems ot moy mg lrom seript to pert'ormanee and the workshop is attired at people with some prey tous wot kshopor writing expertenee


This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. There is a phone number loreach company should you require more inlormation. Unless otherwise specified. the numberalter each venue listed isthe telephone numberlorticket enquiriestor that particular evening (please note. this is notalways the venue number).

IThe Middleman 'l .v\( is eurrent tour is primarily going round ( ilasgow‘ssehtmls. but there are a eouple ot publre

perlormanees. The show is w r ittenby Andrew Readmart arid deals with the destruetion ol the llra/rlian rainlorests. lixeellent. emotry e theatre with a message. This issues lidmburgh dale leatures a perlormanee by latrn Amerrean group. Kelatan l’allu. ('allll-ll 43‘) 387" lot details

Assembly Rooms, [trim/lure}: Sat ‘3 l )ee. S’pm.


I The Comedy Shop the Shelter "t Renlrew Court. oll Renlrew Street. (ilasgow. S..‘yllprrl tor ‘lfstlpm. L45“

(£3.50). The (‘ore tour brings together some ol the top I.ondon stantlatps as well as a eouple ot litre home-grow n representitiy es. tor the seeond night ot (ilasgow ‘s newest eomedy y enue. Stu Who'.’ is the ubiquitous eomper e. w ho'll be introducing compatriots l’htl Kay . w ith his dead-pan one-liners. Martha \le‘llrrar. with her abrasiy‘e wit. and a eelebrated loeal mystery guest. ‘l opping the bill at e the exeellent Norman l.oy ett. who now liyes in Iidinburgh. and John Spar kes. otherwise known as Siadw ell.

I Theatre Sports ( ‘raw turd l‘heatre. Jordanhill College. “yo Southbrae l)riy e. (ilasgow. ‘l5tt3437 3435‘. Improyised eompetitiy e theatre eomedy pay s a one-night Visit to the('rawlurd.

I The Gilded Balloon 335 ( 'oyy gate. Edinburgh. 23.5 44h?» \Rttpm lor U5“le £4.50 (£3.50). The ( 'ore tour takes east and west eoasts simultaneously tonight. Edinburgh's helpingot stand-up laughsis eompered by the bunny l-‘arm's l- red ly'leCaulay w ho'll be introdueing a great line-up ineluding manie musie trom The Panic Brothers. dead-pan surrealism trom

Hattie l lay ridge and last-talking home truths from Mark Miwurdz.

I Simon Fanshawe l‘ilmhouse. [.othian Road. l-dinburgh. ll} 33 2(188.Aone-off appearanee ot this year's Perrier Award

w inner as part ot the 4th I.ondon Lesbian and (iay l’ilm l‘CSllHtl tour andentitled ll'us Bugs liumry‘ (iuyf’.


I The Comic Club lllaektriars. 45 Albion Street. Merehant ('ity . (ilasgow. 553 5"34 0pm. £4.5ll(£3), Baropen

S..‘~tlpiri midnight. .-\ll-starey'eningol‘ stand-up entertainment this eyening. leaturmg l.l/ I.oehhead. taking a break trom the more serious business of writing ('ommunieado's thl speetaeular. Bruce

.‘ylorton. taking a break from his heetie'lV

sehedule. and l)a\'id(‘osgroy'e. takinga break trom .er . . taking abreak. ('ompere tor the eyening isJJ. andthis tortnight's New (‘omie ts (‘hristine Dayle. I The Gilded Balloon 333 ( 'owgate. lidinburgh.335-14o3. S.3llpntt'or‘).3tlpm. USU t 65(1). last night tor the (‘ore tour w hteh brings oy er .lohn Sparkes. exil‘ube ranter \iark .‘yliw urdz. and dead-part wit. llattre llayridge. The Funny I-‘arm‘s eompere extraordinaire is Stu \Vho‘.’


I Wilde and Matt t )‘l letlrys Riyerside (ale—liar. 445 (ireat Western Road liztltt'atlee y'ta Kely in \Valk \Vay). Kelyltlbl‘ltlge.(]339L375. ll__‘\ilplll. l-ree. lgyery Strnday (IlUIl‘TiLthy as listed last issuel untrl('hristmas. Wilde & \att will be turning up w ith their outrageously er )lourt'ul and theatrieal eomedy aet. \Vorth eheekirtgout.

I Rik Mayall l’ayillon Theatre. 131 Rentield Street. ( ilasgow . H4] 332 1346. 3. illpm. LES. £3. to. Mayall reyiyesthe 'Rik' eharaeter that used to be the mainstay ol his liy e aet and that later mutated into llrv l'ormg ()m’s eharaeter. as well as t‘tlttelHtltssetl Brummy

iny estigatiye reporter. Key'in 'l'uryey. lle's supported by Andy de la lour. See l’reyiew

I Women 2000 Fund-raising Cabaret Party

l inky nstaus at lilaeklrrars pub. Albion Stie el. \letehant ( "rty. 3' llprn. 'I‘ieketsat door. t_5t t._‘_ l. liits to bite. low-brow arts «luv. rattle pt r/es. high—brow arts waffle. in e er unedy and musre. \Vomen 3litltl isan umbrellaorganisation supporting women ll‘. ereatry e wot k. protessional or amateur. durmgt ulture Year and beyond.


I Wizard of OZ 1 'pstairs at lionhams. 194 By res Road. (ilasgow . il4l 357 3-134. 9pm. l4ree. 'l heatrieal stand-up duo. Wilde and \att. take on the elassie tale in a shoon seasonal eomedy.


I Terry Neason Rty erstde ('lub. l’ox Street toll ('lyde Street l. ( ilasgoyy.

‘lpm midnight tltarl t_5t t4 ). Singerand entertainer l eiry \eason hosts the second ot two ey emngs ol eabaret at the Riyerside ('lub.


I Terry‘s Christmas Cracker ’l ron 'I‘heatre. b5 lrongate. ( ilasgoyy .ll4l 553 4207. D





The List 8— 21 December 198‘) 53