Below and overleaf. Jo Roe investigates paintings for the Christmas stocking.



It being the season of Christmas shows at all the Galleries, well almost all, Jo Roe explores some of the gifts on offer, like Shallow Water (above) by W. Barns-Graham, at the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.


Compass Gallery, Glasgow.

Cyril Gerber has his finger in more than one pie this Christmas. as he prepares the Compass gallery for its let Christmas exhibition. The first gallery, he insists. to serve mince

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pies and sherry on its opening nights, as well as the first ofits kind intent on showing new work. One of three directors since the gallery was set up. Gerber‘s policy is to show the work of unknowns alongside established names. mostly from Scotland but some from elsewhere. This year‘s collection is no exception.

The work is selected from all over Scotland for the Christmas exhibition. which allegedly has people queueing up outside for half an hour before the show is due to open. Because the gallery is non-profit making. Gerber and his fellow directors can choose paintings without considering their marketability. The collection contains a wide range ofstyles and quality. ranging in price from £16—£25()(l. Hung chock ablock. the famous next to the unknown, there are a multitude of paintings and


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prints, as well as shelves of ceramics, some mixed media pieces and a few sculptures. Among the famous are some miniature Lys Hansens which you can buy and take away with you and a couple of magnificent Douglas Thomas‘ heads. However, many artists you may never have heard of have produced original and interesting work, so whether you intend to make a purchase of not, this exhibition is well worth seeing as an indication of what people are painting and creating all over Scotland.


Cyril Gerber Fine Art, Glasgow. Although many of the paintings on display in the annual Winter Collection are beyond most budgets. the gallery still deserves a visit for the chance to view and handle paintings

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largely by Scottish artists working at the turn ofthe century. though non-Scottish work is shown as well.

The delight ofthis gallery is that you are allowed, even encouraged. to browse paintings stacked higgledy-piggledy. and you may well chance upon a casually strewn Eardley. ‘Every painting that's here has to have been purchased for some special reason‘ insists Gerber as he takes me round the gallery remarking on each painting and its reason for gaining a prized position on the wall. Of the paintings which caught my attention. (the hqu are thickly applied Impressionist-influenced oils) Andy Cross‘ Still Life With (‘ornllowers (£750) uses wonderfully warm colours as do the ink and watercolours by Moodie. Blyth and Gillies. Copley‘s lithograph. The Beer Drinkers (£700) echoes

The List 8 21 December 1989 57