g'fi.‘ {1 .


An exhibition of

Illustrative Drawings and Paintings

Tue 28 N ov—Thurs 23 Dee

6HILLSIDES'l‘Rl-iil'l‘ wism‘kcai em SllB 'rei:_ 031 556 6440


For exhibition details, see listings page

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday l().5()-S._’i()

.»tdnzr'ssimz Free

50‘) (iallcry is subsidised by the Scottish Arts (Iouncil and the (lily of Edinburgh District (iouncil



recently re-cfiscovered photogmphs of Scotland 100 years ago.


1 December 1989 28 February 1990.

Sun 2.00pm-5.00pm Admission Free. Nationd [bray of Scotland, George IV Wye,

Mon-Fri 9.30am-S.00pm Sat 9.30am-1.00pm

man, musician, universohst.


[oi/burgh [HI lfll’. Id. 031-226 453/.

CHRISTMAS 9th December

Paintings, prints,


next to Maryhill Burgh Hall, 24 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow 041 946 5912/5032

EXHIBITION - 13th January

textiles, art work,

small sculptures and stone carvings.

Some 20 Scottish and overseas artists are represented. Mon-Frt 10am-5.30pm Sat 10am-4pm

The B

The Gallery is two doors

GO'l‘he List 8— 21 December 1989

ESE. . .

Christmas Presents are on sale at the COLLECTIVE GALLERY, Edinburgh. Exhibition includes work by Rose Frain,

Sandy Moffat and Bob Callender. Many works under £50.

Open until Dec. 16th Tue-Sat 12.30 - 5.30

down from the

Fringe Office at 166 High Street.

Subsidised by Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh District Council


I INTERDEC GALLERY Mary hill Burgh 111111.24 (iairbraid As e. 9405012. Molt—Fri Illain~5.3llpin. Sat Itlain 4pm, The Christmas Exhibitions) Dec 13 Ian In what tltey assured me was their Ill'sl (‘hris‘tmas show. a wide \ ariety ol work will be on display by some twenty Scottish and overseas artists. sortie ol w hom hay e shown at the (iallery below

I JOHN GREEN FINE ART 2(13 Bath Street. 2216025. Mon l-‘ri Itlam 5pm. Sat Illam—Ipm.

19th ck 2(lth century British and (‘ontinental oils and w ate i'eolours.

I KELLY GALLERY 118l)ouglas Street. 218 (i386. .‘slon-iSat III.3(I;iiri 2pm. 2.3tlpm—5..‘sttpm.

James Fullerton: Paintings ii Dec 13 Ian. Recent works Irom the .-\y isliiie artist.

I LANGSIDE GALLERY 2o 2813attlelield Road. 64‘) 8888. Mon Sat l)am ~5..‘~|Ipni. Christmas Exhibition 1 'ntil 3n l)ec, Paintings and limited signed editions Irom Paterson. I leinclel. lilint. Sturgeon and Hutchinson.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. .‘slilngay'ie. ‘)5ti235l.’l ue l’l'l 11am 5pm and 7pm~9pni1 Sat and Sim 2pm 5pm. (‘Iosed Mondays.

Christmas Exhibition 1 ’ntil :3 Dec. I’l‘ltlls by Iona Montgomery . eei amics by lad 'I'hompson. sweeping paintings ot mountainous landscapes by Peter Barton and pottery by Barbara I)ayidson.

I MAIN FINE ART Michael Slain ( iallery and The Studio (iallery. lo and 34 ( iibson Street. Both galleries on 334 8858 and open Mon Sat Illam—5.,‘itlpm.

Scottish Contemporary Paintings t 'nttl .‘stl Dee. Paintings trom the ( iallei'y ‘s stock. mainly new paintings by l. l.esley Slain. I MARYHILL ARTS CENTRE I I .‘ylalloeli Street. ()45 3995. Slon l'hurs2 “pm. Photographyt‘nril 22 l)ee.l oeal photographers and others w ho use the (’entre. show their work.

I SOS GALLERY l2 ( )tago Street. Kelyinbridge.3393158. .‘ylon Sat Illam-(ipm.

Campbell Smith t‘nut .‘su l)ec. l’astel drawings trom a (ilasgow artist w ho is enjoying sortie considerable success in New York and San l‘raneiseo.

IONEl’rineesSquare.22(i31132. \Ion Sat

1t)am——7pm; Sun I 1._‘stlam 5pm.

The next exhibition will be in .Ianurary. IPROVANO'S LORDSHIPCasIIc Street. 552 881‘). Mon -Sat Illam 5pm. Sun

2pm -5pm.

A display of photographs recording lite in 'l‘ownhead.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ay r Street . 557 1405. Mon I'ri IIISIIam 5pm. Sat

Illam «1.30pm. Sun 2pm 5pm.

Working Lives l 'ntil I I live. In what may w ell be the biggest ey er collaboi am e ettort amongst Scottish museums. this exhibition toeuses on people .it work in Scotland during the I‘le.

I STREET LEVEL 2-“) 2S] Iliin Street. 552 2151. \‘s'eds- Sat 11am opm; Sun 2 1pm Days 01 Steel l‘ritil S l)ee. .\ stunning eyoeation ot' the steel industry at its

height. including an intriguing insight into

the world ol torrner steel producing giants l-‘irth Brown The photographs in the exhibition were selected troni s: lltle‘ I5.ttttti* plate glass negatives. made between 1‘8” and Noll. which were Iound at the Kclltatit Island .‘yltiseum in Shetlield. Oaulusltie Island lti Dec 21 Ian leltisetl 25 I)ee—-5 Jan ). The way of lite ot the small population of this Island oIl the South ('arolina coast. has recently come under threat from tourism and property developers. 'l‘hus. :‘xmerican photographer .leanne Sloutousamy -.‘\she recorded it on lilm betoi‘e it was too late. ITI‘IIRD EYE CENTRE 35llSauchiehaII Street.332 752lfl‘ue Sat Itlani 5.3tlpm; 1 Sun 2- 5.3tlpm. I lira Gedo 9 Dec 13.1an. A maior II I I

retrospectiye exhibition ot this liastei n liuropean artist who remained y irtually unknown in the West until llmrgur'rtm :1 m in Glasgow in 1085.

I Gordon Muir: Paintings 9 l)ec—I3Jan.

g (‘omplexeonneetionsol‘etiltural references. including ('eltie. Islamic and

South American. are juxtaposed with contemporary relerenees to hisnatiye (ilasgow in these bold paintings.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. 552 4813. .\Ion Sat rioorr-tsprtt. Dutch Exchange 1 I r 33 Dec. llalfa dozen Dutch artists haye arrived at the(iallery on a reciprocal \‘lSll from the ()eeaana (iallery in Arnhem. They will be preparing work to be seen in (ilasgow during their stay. I TRON THEATRE (i3 'I'r‘ongate. 552 3748. .'\ mixed show ot Scottish contemporary artists. organised by the ('oitipass(iallery. I WASPS 20 King Street. 552(1564. Slon I-ri 9am 5pm; also tor the(‘hristmas ShowSat Ill .‘sllam- 5pm. .-\ shop. exhibition space and resource centre w ith mlormation on work by all \\'.-\S1’Sartists. Slide library and iiitorniation about how toeommission


WASPS Christmas Show t nut 33 Dec. Joint

exhibition and workshops by artists.

designers andcrattworkers whoare

tenaiitsot the \‘y'ASI’S studios in (ilasgow

and lidiiiburgh Workshops will be held

on Saturdays in painting. stained glass. wood cars mg. y ideo production and sily'er-smithing.


ITHEARCHITECTURE GALLERYl'niyersity o1lzdinliuigh.l)eptolArehitecturc.2ll

(‘hambers Street. rm.” III] I ext 45-14. Slon I’ri Illam 8pm: Sat ck Sun Illam 3pm

Alchimia 5 Dec 21 .Ian (closed 15 Dec—8 .Ian ). I How ings Irom the .‘slilanese design

group w hospeeialise in abstract furniture and design and w ho are currently exhibiting at the Iruitmarket (iallery. I ARTIS 2o(iaylie1d Square. 5567546. .\Ion I-i’i2 ttpm. Scottish ai t. y iewing by appointment. ITHE BACKROOM GALLERY 42liast Iondoii Street. 552(13-14. Backroom Bizarre l‘ntil241)ee..\'ew Scottish painters and photographers. I LA BELLE ANGELE l lasttcsClosc. (‘ow gate 1 next to Stat) ( iallery' ). 225 2774. Mon l‘l‘l Itlam 5pm; Sat I 1am -—lpm. Christmas Exhibition 7 34 Dec. A mixed exhibition ot work trom hall a dozen local artists. I BOURNE FINE ART4 Dundas Street.557 ~ll|5tl. .\lon I‘ri Illam tipm. Sat Illam Ipni. Scottish watei‘eoloursandoilstr‘omthe (iallery 's stock until the next exhibition. which will be sometime In the NewYear. I BYZANTIUM GALLERY Victoria Street. 225 I “(is \lon Sat Illam 5.30pm. Robbie Bushe and Felipe Saldarriaga t 'ntil 2~1I)ee. Recent paintings and drawings born the highly talented lad tae'l'orphins (Buslietand I anti-Americanstyle paintingsby his \lexican counterpart (Saldarriaga). I CALTON GALLERY Ill Royal Terrace. 556 Itllt‘ .‘sloii Iii Illattl opszat Illani 1pm Christmas Exhibition 1 mil 33 Dee. ( )\L'l' jttttpamimgs, watercoloursanddrawings by Sam liough. (lidell. (‘rawhall “CM. Ira/er and l.eslie lluntei are on show. I CENTRAL LIBRARY ( ieorge 1\' Bridge. 225 5581. Mon I-ii‘lam 8.3tlpm; Sat Warn Ipni. Fairy Tales I hit] b Jan (closed 25. 2b Dec c\’ I . 2.1ani. An imaginatiye displayof props and costumes trom ( 'rrrdere/lu. cur t'etitly running at the King's‘l'heatre. alongside books born the library's stock. Stained Glass I hid _‘stl.lan (closed 25. 26 Dee x 1 . 2.1an) (ilasswork by‘(iary‘ Smith. I CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street.225 242-1 ext (shit). .\Ion- Sat It)am-~5pm. licensed cale. [1)]. Milestone Art I pm to Dec. Scottish artists haye been united to donate a work tothis exhibition and around eighty have