third world fair Damsh Comfort THE BOOT Unusual and exciting crafts, food and presents from across the world, with '- stails run by charities, co-operatives ,1 and support groups to the backdrop of 1. 1;. world music, entertainment . and displays. :; cm! CHAMBERS GLASGOW .. _,____, Saturday 9th December The a " - - --~-.-' / (rm; c1110: 10am—5pm Come and find that special Natural The Natural Christmas present Shoe Store Shoe Store REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE 33 '*'~W~*~im-<va M mm 22 "'"“‘Squm.(;luxow 04122o33s¢ - L " 1; ti“? .. ' : Kites for Everyone... We Ki,“ , : wit


Stunt Kites

Super-fast High-tech Stunt Kites Custom-made Kites


Flying Birds


Parachuting Teddy Dare-Bears ...and other things

Scotland's only Kite Shop 11:31:81

11 Cowgatehead, Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 NY. (031) 220 6336 “Shoe Store Shoe Store

irxu Skidx.(;‘l318(ll (Hi 22h UN) 32 Prune! Square, (ilngnw 041 226 3356

Big Kites

lino printing kit. candle holders. glass engraving kit. silk paints. stencil pack. candle wax.

dinosaur brass rubbing kit. candle moulds. toad kit. water paints. Pooh kit. wax crayons. Das. % cane. fabric painting starter kit. pot—pourri. macrame beads. seating cane. pipe cleaners.

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Yams 00w present for almost anyone. Why notvegetana“

cookery boc an animals.

organic gem come and have a look, there’s r~ building

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gngowdgai plenty of parking and you can have sic boxes. —en . . . c. m i . tjarcitings. cc a break from your shopping In our auaniii.

candles. linc ick. candle wax. dinosat cosy COfiee-house' 1x crayons. Das. cane. fabric painting starter kit. pot-pourri. macrame beads. seating cane. pipe cleaners. seagrass. bells. dolls house furniture. cotton balls. minerals. plasticine. crystals. felt squares. lace bobbins. raffia. spinning wheels. origami paper. children's books. plant dyed knitting yarns. occult books. Christmas decorations. healing books. wooden lorries. vegetarian cookery books. wooden cars. gift books. jewellery beads. Steiner books. wooden

animals. organic gardening books. puzzles. Christmas cards. Noah’s Ark. wrapping paper.


7 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 031 229 7884. Open 10am—6pm Mon—Sat.

Open Sunday 10th and 17th 11am-5pm Sunday 24th 11am-4pm

We accept A§cess and Visa g1 % a _ .q. I - . um

80 The List 8— 21 December 198‘)