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Usually Hogmanay itself is a good enough excuse for most Glaswegians to have a party. get drunk. fall down. but this year there's an extra special reason. In case you need reminding or have been on Mars for the last few years. Glasgow is going to be the European City ofCulture for 1990. A prestigious honour indeed. and what better way to celebrate the first day than combining our traditional love for a modest knees-up with every Glaswegian's favourite day of the year'.’

This ‘modest little knees up‘ as you will already know is being held in George Square and every one of the 15.000 tickets has been snapped by eager revellers. If you‘re one of the lucky ones. congratulations! Practically every person in the city has been trying to get their hands on a precious ticket or two. The final line-up has just been announced and features the cream of the current Scottish music scene: talents such as Hue and Cry. Runrig. The River Detectives. Aly Bain and. . . Lulu. Never mind. Robbie (‘oltrane also will be there and representing Paris. 1989‘s Cultural (‘apital will be Urban Sax. lfthat isn't enough. there's a choir. a lantern procession and the world‘s biggest ever firework display will take place on the stroke of midnight.

Motorists beware! George Square will be cordoned off from 7pm in preparation for the main event. which begins itselfat 10pm and will last until approximately 1.30am 1990! You WILL be allowed to bring your carry-outs in. but NO alcohol will be on sale inside. Remember there are no tickets left and anyone trying to gatecrash will be turned back either by the police or the private security firm hired to guard the perimeter.

Still determined to see it somehow? Well. you could hang around outside waiting to hear the magic words ‘psst. want to make a ticket tout's New Year'.". but the simplest solution is to watch with your friends and family in the comfort ofyour own home live on BBC] Scotland. Happy New Year!


(Colin Steven)



I Various: The '80s: The Album 01 the Decade (EMI) The inevitable end-of—the-decade cash-in. featuring a largely anonymous collection of Number Ones from the last ten years. The number of cover versions. and sheer mediocrity. especially in the latter part ofthe decade. is frightening. as Kylie merges seamlessly into Billy Ocean. Rick Astley and Yazz. Those that stand the test oftime include ‘Brass in Pocket‘. ‘Call Me'. ‘Come on Eileen'. ‘Chain Reaction‘ and ‘Orinoco Flow‘. the last named if only because it doesn‘t sound like anything else on this collection. And ifCulture Club. Spandau Ballet and Paul Young sounded good at the time. they don‘t now. Like all compilations. there is something that everyone will like. but for a more accurate assessment of pop in the ‘805. you will have to look far from the top ofthe charts. (John Williamson)

I Lisa Stanslleld: Aliection (Arlsta) Remarkable for several reasons; a good record on Arista. a good white British dance recorc and a dance record that retains an emphasis on songwriting and production values that have been forgotten by many ofStansfield‘s contemporaries. The

singles are both here - the Coldcut collaboration ‘This is the RightTime‘ and ‘All Around the World'. the best Number One for some time - and for future Top Ten singles. perm any two from ‘Mighty Love‘. ‘Sincerity‘. ‘When Are You Coming Back‘ and the beautiful title track. complete with ripped-off Philly strings. A fine debut. (John Williamson) I Hue and Cry: The Bitter Suite (Circa) Ever since their first single release. Hue and Cry have consistently been at their best in their most stripped-down format. and as a consequence many oftheir better tracks. such as ‘Wide Screen‘ and ‘Rolling Home‘ (both featured here) have been hidden away on B-sides.

Coupled with the Kane Brothers own best songs are a selection ofcovers. which allow Pat Kane's voice to shine in a way which has never fully been captured on record before. Michael Marra‘s ‘Mother Glasgow‘, Costello/Wyatt's ‘Shipbuilding‘ and Kate Bush’s ‘The Man With the Child in His Eyes‘ are treated sensitively. although ‘Round Midnight' and ‘lt's Been a Very Good Year‘ may have been better left alone;

For what it is. and in a low-key sort of way. this album succeeds. and serves to remind that Hue

and Cry without the lavish productions and session musos are a much more potent and emotive force. (John Williamson)

I lain Ballamy: Balloon Man (56) Saxophonist Ballamy has been around with Loose Tubes fora few years now. but has taken his time about recording his own debut release. Joined by fellow Tubespcrsons Bates. Watt and France. the result is a considered set of compositions which attests to his knowledge of and inspiration from jazz history (nods to both Roland Kirk and Albert Ayler). yet indicates an already maturing personality that's most evident in his ballad playing. The closing track All [Ask of You. dedicated to his late wife. remains beautifully moving. (Trevor Johnston)

i I Seigen Ono:l Comme Des

Garcons Vol One/David Sylvian G HolgerCzukay: Flux & Mutability (Venture) Music to do something else to. Ono was commissioned by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo to provide the

backing music for his Paris

fashion show. so Seigen got together with all mannerofjazz luminaries (John Zorn. Arto Lindsay. Bill Frisell) to produce a selection of musical textures that sees various ethnic influences shoulder to shoulder with tootling sax and electronic percussion. Much more

restrained is the ambient music from Sylvian and former Can man Czukay. two lengthy low-key soundscapes carefully evoking a cumulative melancholy. (Trevor Johnston)

I Jan Garbarelt: Sart(ECM) This valuable reissue is the earliest Garabarek recording now available. showing the great European saxophonist at a formative period in his career moving through a post-Coltrane set of exploratory fusion. One for the completists perhaps. newcomers being advised to plump for the splendid

Witchi- 'I‘ai- To set by the same Scandinavian band but minus the distinct disadvantage ofTerje Rypdal's dated guitar heroics. (Trevor Johnston)

I Horace Silver: Cape Verdean Blues; Joe Henderson: Inner Urge (Blue Note) Typically enjoyable mid-Sixties Silver set with the leader‘s soulful piano featured on bluesy and Latin-influenced material (and master trombonist JJ Johnson filling out the sound on three tracks). It's re-released alongside a session from Silver‘s then tenorist Joe Henderson that impressively displays his considered. inventive manner over the fiery title piece and a great version of Cole Porter's Nighrand Day. (TrevorJohnston)


I GLASGOW BARROWLAND (041 226 4679) White Lion. 17Jan; The Alarm. 20 Jan; Psychedelic Furs. 26 Jan; Lloyd Cole. 19 Feb; The Cramps, 21 Feb; Jimmy Somerville. 24 Feb; The Mission. 9 March; Curiosity Killed The Cat. 13 March.

I GLASGOW SECC (041 248 3000) Erasure, SOLD OUT; Simply Red. 21 Jan; Tanita Tikaram. 10 Feb; Chris Rea. 4 March; U840. 6 March.

I EDINBURGH INGLISTON SHOWGROUND (031 225 4583) Phil Collins. 1 July. I EDINBURGH NETWORK (031 225 4583) The Alarm. 22 Jan; Tackhead, 24 Jan; Faith No More. 29 Jan.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031557 2590) Stranglers.

5 March; Spandau Ballet. 6 March; Everything ButThe Girl. 10 March; Brother Beyond. 26 March; James Last. 9-10 April; Five Star. 14 April; New Kids On The Block. 25 April; Boy ‘Chubby' Brown. 27 April; Suzanne Vega. 5 May.

I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (031 228 1155) Lloyd Cole. 17 Feb.



(041 332 1846) Glenn Miller Orchestra. 11 Feb.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031 557 2590) Daniel O'Donnell. 25 March; James Galway & The Chieftains. 7 June.


I GLASGOW CITY HALL (041 227 5511) SCO/American Night. 12 Jan; SNO/Rachmaninov. 13 Jan; SOD/Mozart. 19Jan; SNO/Beethoven. 20 Jan; SCO/Handel. 24 Jan; SNO/Beethoven. 25. 27 Jan; SCO/Proltoliev. 2 Feb; SNO/Martinu. 3 Feb; SCO/Brahms. 7 Feb; SNO/Dvoralt. 10 Feb; SNO/l’chailtovslry. 15.17 Feb; SCO/Haydn. 16 Feb; SNO/Ravel. 24 Feb; SCO/Schubert. 28 Feb; SNO/Mozart. 3 March; SNO/Brahms, 10 March; SNO/Stravinslry. 15. 17 March; SCO/Beethoven. 16 March; SNO/Borodin. 24 March; SNO/Beethoven, 29. 31 March; SNO/Martinu. 7 April; SCO/Maxwell Davies. 11 April; SCO/Handel. 13 April; SCO/Mozart. 2 May. I GLASGOW RSAMO (041 332 5057) Leon Spierer/Jaclt Kearney. 25 Jan; Elly Ameling/Rudolph Jansen. 15 Feb; SEMC. 16 Feb; John Currie

Singers/Weill. 26 Feb; Ralph Kirshbaum/Roger Vignoles. 15 March; John Currie Singers/Charpentier. 2 April.

I GLASGOW SECC(041248 3000) Luciano Pavarotti. 16 May.

I GLASGOW THEATRE ROYAL (041 332 9000) Scottish Opera/ Die Fledermaus. 21. 24 Feb; Bluebeard's Castle/Oedipus Rex. 24, 27 Jan. 14 Feb,1 March; La Forza del Destino. 13. 17. 20. 22 Feb. 3 March; Salome, 25. 28 April. 11.24.29 May: Cosi Iantutte10.12.17,30May; Madame Buttertly. 23. 26, 31 May. 2. 5June.

I GLASGOW TRAMWAY (041227 5511)Scottish Early Music Consort. 22/23 May.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031 557 2590) Scottish Opera/ La Forza del Destino. 13.17 March; Die Fledermaus. 14.16 March; Bluebeard's Castle/Oedipus Rex. 15 March; Madame Butterfly. 26.30 June; Cosi tan Iutte. 27.29 June; Salome. 28 June.

I EDINBURGH OUEEN'S HALL (031 668 2019) Gustav Fenyo/Beethoven Sonatas. 6 Feb. 6. 27 March. 1. 22 May. 19June; Scottish Ensemble. 14Jan; SCO/Mozart. 20 Jan:

SCO/Handel. 25 Jan; SCO/Proltoliev. 3 Feb; Duke Ouartet. 5 Feb; Almeida Ensemble. 7 Feb; SCO/Brahms. 10 Feb; Scottish Ensemble. 11 Feb;

SEMC. 15 Feb; Nanquidno

Group, 12 March; SCO/Haydn. 17 Feb; SCO/Schubert. 1 March; SCO/Beethoven. 17 March; Scottish Ensemble. 18 March; Alfred Brendel. 19 March; SCO/Maxvvell Davies. 24 March; SEMC. 31 March; Scottish Ensemble. BApriI; SCO/Handel. 12 April; SOD/Beethoven. 21 April; SOD/Haydn. 28 April; SOD/Mozart. 3 May; Steven Isserlis/Peter Evans. 8 May; Scottish Ensemble/Tommy Smith. 13 May.

I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (031 2281155) SNO/Rachmaninov. 12 Jan; SNO/Beethoven.19Jan; SNO/Beethoven. 26 Jan; SNO/Martinu. 2 Feb; SNO/Dvoralt. 9 Feb; SNO/Tchaikovslry. 16 Feb; SCO/Beethoven. 22 Feb; SNO/Ravel. 23 Feb; ERCU/Mozart. 24 Feb; SNO/Mozart. 2 March; SNO/Brahms. 9 March;

SNO/Stravinslry. 16 March;

SNO/Borodin. 23 March;

SNO/Beethoven. 30 March; SNO/Martinu.6ApriI; i ERCU/Tippett.5May.

50 22 December 1989— l 1 January 1990