Tho List guide to what's best on the box over I Julia (C4) 11.30pm—l .30am. Jane movie. Tongue held very firmly in cheek. get together at the funeral of one oftheir

F d' ' nd Vanessa Red rave star in this (1981) group Wht’ has Committed SUtetdC- (1983) the next three weeks. Please note thatthe 0" d d g . Duck Soup (C4) 1 . 1()_‘) 15

. . .‘ . ., , r. ......2 .Groucho tlmln olsomeweeltthree ro rammests tightbtopttt’tt-t'hd"“Chm” 5 _ . . .‘m. . uncongmmed as we 9010 9,233.9 fascinating life. Fans oftrains. frontier 'SthelireStgehiht Fteedhhtth hnhgt’tt dramas and New York Literarv Societyof I a s . - . gags ' c a at 'nggun'

' ' . . 1 i. ' . ' ed Shoes(C4)3.15—5.40pm. Ballerina Fest'tet‘m What could be more What has {our legs and a trunk? 081.8 autocratICimpresario and a starvmgyoung '

l , . . ._ , composer as she dances her waytowards . ' ' ' Irrelevant. That sa righta it saelephdnt. I feStlve than Settlng round 1 Wellworth staying up for.ifonly to seethe iiigtaziéggfiheum(Scottish) the box argUIng Over WhICh brotherstrying to sneak through customs lam-55pm. The final Chaptc‘rin tthmr to watch and To : all disgmsed as Maurice Chevalier. (1931) Wars chaptersccs Luke Skywalkcrlcam avoid such Christmas the secrets ofhis familytree.before

settling down for a final set-to between

quarrelling we prOVidC the I Marius (BBCZ) 3—5pm. Alexander Good and Evil. Expansive special effects ' ' ' Korda directsthc firstinstalmentof makcthis splendid entertainment. (1983)

deflnlpve gu‘qe to the French playwright Marcel Pagnol‘s lThe Name of the Rose(BBC1)

YUICtlde mOVICS - trilogy. In which the eponymous Hero l().25pm— 12.30am. Fine medieval

takes up the life of a sailor. despite hislove mystery with the masterful Sean Connery I " " “:2 ,. ,V FR I for Fanny and his father's opposition to as a peripatetic brother who doublcsas 1(}_11.5()pm_11.nyears after 111350an

such a career move. (1931)‘ Sherlock Holmes and follows the trail ofa kidnapping by an Indian tribe. a desperate

IThe Man Willi Two Brains(C4) I ‘cwcom'e' DundeetBBc 1) murdetet'h the mt’haStet)’- Aet’hvthethg father managestotrack him down.

11pm-12.45am. Steve Martin and - htetetteal atmosphere and 3‘ BAFTA However. the child has been brought up as

Kathleen Turner starin thisoccasionallv wmnmg performance from sea"; (1986) one ofthcir own and a great gulfhasgrown

hilarioustalc of Dr Hfuhruhurr. hislove .The onus" Josey watestset’tttt‘h) between fatherand son. The stunning

for a brain and his unrequited lust for his “Pm—1:3Oam-‘E35twt’0e 5 hheSt _

wife. lnterspersed among the usual Martin d'reetot'at aehtevemeht ‘5 1‘ breedthg

goofball comedy are a crazed elavator tomahtte .weSteth epte 0t heaUt'tht .

killer and the complete”. bonkers Dr compositions. engaging interrelationships

. - and a strong narrative. (1976) _ N°°C°“S"c" IThe Good.The and and The Ugly(BBC2 FRIDAY 29 SATU R DAY 23 11.25pm—2am. The third and final movie I Gone With The Wind Part 2. (BBC2)

grandeur ofthc visuals rather takes precedence over the ropey narrative pace in this John Boorman action movie. (1985)

inthe series has Clint asthe man with no 6—7.55pm. See Thursday 28. I Hamlet (BBCZ) 1.2%35ttpm-Stt 6 I” so m Diwmm h, Wmmocking name. making friendship rather tricky. I Short Circuit (BBCl ) 7.25—9pm. Lautehee etteeted and Started ‘h thts 1948 Didiffi'fikfgca a)”;ch rgfiu‘mcc with ' not to mention greeting him in the street. Formula romp. directed by John Badham. VCrS'Oh that garnered mere 05”” than .H ( t. .r, ., I. , d,‘ , . .~ h - h , And yes. this is the one with that ditty in it. in which a sophisticated military robot is Tianim had hotdinners. Larrvand “gmS d” “gen “1'3 “he "metmt e h h.d . fd- . 21 . .kb 1,1] - . dd ..1 .h .

. . _ . Northern Territories discovered by owevert e egree o irectoria strue y ig tning an eve ops uman eevet‘h ether "med Bt't'Sh “em” American humans! Linda Kmlow‘ski and stylisation involved makes it a pretty characteristics (maybe one day this will including Eileen Hcrlie. Basil Sydney and Id ‘dl q th ‘d b. - ‘d l. ht. rcmarkablccfimm“round.(1968) happen mcmin Moynihan). An E. .1. by Jean Simmons. give oftheir best asthe perm" e to “mp e " u mus c ‘g 5 . h . . 1986

r of Manhattan Hu elv successful and ‘mot Cr ndm°'( ) camera prowls the gloomy corridorsof g r . . N I Peggy Sue Got Married (BBC’) E1 .- . 1948) needless to say. followed by an inferior f- sinore.( W ‘l 1986 .0 d. A BBC“ 2", 7 SS 9—l().4()pm. Another fantasy film IlndianaJonesantttheTernpleotDoorn 59‘1"“ -( l 3 8 ""Y 1- ~dm-1--~~Pmr . - h. ..'b'l‘ . . b. . . S 1 . _ . . _ . exploringt e possi i ities opened up v (BBCllh—7-45Pm- Again the tt’retghets Isabene SFeasNBB(2)7”0-9" ()pm' Yes‘ i was wondcnng Who d‘spm thlsonc ettin asecond chance 'it vourvouth find it hard gt’thg keeping UP With the The Juuand pcmnsumdunngthcmc19th fim' A nosmlgic trip for those Who gAttenf ts to do which mjiv'evendnow be Joncs‘ as master entertainer Steven century. EXIICd FrenCh housekeeper remember the dark days Of the seventies the subpect of some re amon st vour Spielberg PheS 0“ the “he “the” Stéphanc Andra" mm mm“ francs m a When we kept our Spirits Up watChing sli htleoldcr rcl'itivesg Co olagis more sequences. This time. however. the frantic tone“ and uses the "whey to prepare it those gallant Old trtx’Pet'S in the kiwi] if not 3.1:) “1:51.15. ugml bu“. pace has even less credibilitv than Raiders Sumptt‘t’us banquet ft" tw“ “Ste” Who walmthgtOh'Oh'Sea Home Guard- “Vic 16111116”. rl~fifm.r‘hmmS it. “If” " ofthelrt’St/t’k- (1984) 1 run a mlssmn {m the poor and new)" BU! I Grease (BBCI) 1'35—3'20pm’ The erforni'ince 'is she tries to sort (iut her . Tampopo (BBC?) 10_30pm_12.358m_ when the comestibles arrive the Sisters long-running broadway Show arrives-0n pm'irria bcf(;r‘c the mt'gcts‘ in VOW tttttttV Japanese movie that tumS the “tie” to Mind" 'f a feast. '“ompat'blc yet" Screen dripping With Fiftics‘ I‘Merrs, Christmas Mr Lawrence (Scottish) renovation of a run-down noodle parlour “"th the” PM)" ' 3A dehc'ous . . ht’StalgtaveheerY tunesr 3* high Camp Value 12 50.} ()sam The sexually charng into an epic Western stvle adventure. gtthttt’httmte CXPCFICHCC and an qumsite. and the wmsomc charms of the Phi-“he h.i.t‘rcd~gct‘wcch rigor.” (Dwid HOMO) Alon , the WW there gm 8 {0r various. boisterous slice ofcmematic narrative Newton-John and the toothv Travolta. p . . ~ . f 1 . I e ' p‘ .' h .. 1 f . .1- 1987 ~~ - ' . and commandant (Rvu1ehi Sakamoto) Ind skitson the Ja 'inesc attitude to food and “‘t re“ Le 'ng‘t ) 5th8310hg ahd disturb CVCWOHCCISC S -. ,, ., - , , ~. p‘ D d 0 1‘ 8 I H." ~ -. . 1942 prisoner-of-vv ar camp in Java is the culinary eti uette 'is well 'is 'i trulvscxv I own a" u m "at y ' stset’tt'Sh) hahgt’Ver5~ ' . - -. . - t q “‘ V " 9_11 55 \v I . . . .. .. N . main stringtothislengthvatmospheric gccnc involvin 1 an C \‘Olk ( " 0 u’ Star‘s d8 d umpt.‘ d . Inhalemnce Silent _ . . . ~ E, 98. - . y ,, dl , M , h ._ . . . . character study. Bow1eis pretty good by I Hollywood Shuttle (C4) m“ Uph‘” 'V mo H trdmp‘ w 0 “up” cplc by D‘w' Gnmth 0" EV” thronghthc his standards which is not savin 'llOl 11.30pm— 1 .()Sam_ Financed by Robert too happy to settle down to the good life in agc5,with1hc higgcm sets ever madc‘ (1987) ~ ~ t - , g t . Townsend‘s credit cards. the film stars the LA' Altht’ugh 3 wt“ dog celled M'ke Whteh is saying ‘ltttte something ft" .- man himself as a black hot-dog vendor Steals the Shewr ehhhgh Stttd? . Hollywood. His predilection for featuring R who dreams of stardom in Tinseltown. In I “Wham!” ((-4? (Flt-559th Aet'hgt’Mt elephahtStttSCCttCSShOWShim10 be no reality he has to face the choice between httneh (itS IS QIIVICF) C4 dCCidcd to screen slave to historical or even geographical I Prizzi’s Honor (BBCZ) 9.30—1 1 .35pm. being'a stereotvpe in the white-dominated th" mm "er-“eh 0t Larry at h'5 POWCT fact. Slow-wittcd Mafia hit man Jack Nicholson industry. or standing up {01' self-respect. Crazed beSt‘ hmptttg across the EnghSh . (SCOlllSh) ll.2(lpm—l .4()am. deS and WCdS female counterpart Far {min perfect, but pertinent. fresh. wcll et’tthttl'Stde 'h settteh 0t it hot-‘0 r it Nightmarish vision of a society coming Kathleen Turner but middle-aged bliss is intcntioncd and frequently sidc-splitting, kmgdom and an “Steopath apart at the seams. SC! in Chile afterthe not (0 [ME his. She has bcsmirchcd his (1987) I CIOCWISB (BBC‘I) 10.20—11.55pm. A 1973 coup. Jack Lemmon and Cissy family name with a double-dealing casino . The 1111"] Man (33(1) pathologically punctilious headmaster is Spacck search for their son. a young scam and nobody violates the code ofthc 12.401311142118111. Right” cclchmtcd chronically tardy for a cruCIal conference. American writer. who has gone missing. Prizzis with impunity. even blood British film noir follows naive American Basically a One-10kC farce. this Is an (1981) relatives. Skilful black comedy directed pulp writer Joseph Cotten as he searches ehefi'ated "ehte'e tor CICCSC'S tttCtStVC I Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (C4) with a veteran's assurance by John Huston the murky streets of post war Vienna for et’mte ttmthgt the ttlm‘s "ll-50" 11'8er 80d 12.40am—2.2()am. Film noir spoof has and distinguished by a rogues' gallery of his erstwhile chum and black markctccr SttVthg gtaee- (1985) private eye Steve Martin involved with performances. (1985) “any Lime (Orson went-S). Taul‘ "mudy _ “it... . femrnefatale Rachel Ward and fiendish I The Manchurian Candidate (C4) I and a shocker of an ending. Be warned. " NaZI seientist Carl Reiner. Much ofthc l().30pm—12.55am. Brilliant political the zithcr refrain will haunt yriu like humour stems from the intercutting with satire-cum-thriller. as a Korean war vet turkey leftovers. (1949) actual Forties movies in a device now returns with a brainwash. to become a copied by the advertsfor a certain lager. pawn in a sinister mission. With a cast in


l Legal Eagles (BBCl )9.25—1 1 .20pm. Over-plotted and somewhat bland romantic thriller embroiling dishy assistant DA Redford in a case ofart

great form and a staggeringly inventive TH U R S plot clearly and grippineg unravelled. (1962) I Gone With the Wind Part 1.(BBC2)

6—7.40pm. Despite beingthe buttof HOGMANAY

countless flatulence jokes on The Two

fraUd- (1986) Ronnies it is. nevertheless. a classic tale . Legend (BBC?) 4-55~6~_25Pm- When." I Once Upon ATlme In The West(BBC2) , that brings alive the era ofthc civilwar self-indulgent fairy talc W'th 000d and ll.40pm—2.25am. One of the most . ;.. .5 .-_ - through grippmg narrative and Evil at each others‘ throats once more. satisfying of the Westerns cooked up by I Raiders of The Lost Aruscomsh) characterisation. and remains faithful to Pretty P'ethreS hUt a hatttth‘e Shambles- spaghctti-king Sergio Leone. Crooked 11_1()pm_1 .3031“. Ford plays adventuring Margaret Mitchell‘s novel. Although by (1985) railroad magnate Henry Fonda aims to archeologjst [naiana joncs who almost this stage in the festive season. you. like ' I The Purple nose at calm (188(2)

cheat widow Claudia Cardinale out ofher bites off mow than he can chew when he Rhett. may not give a damn. (1939) 7- 15—8-35Pmr A d0“'d."“’ttttte$5 meets the land- until lone Stranger CharlCS BFOUSOD turns up the Ark of the Covenant in I The Big Chlll (Scottish) 12.2()—2.2()am. me" Of her dream“ When mut'ncc 'tt‘” comes to town. Brilliant Morricone score. Nazi-infested wartime Egypt. Return to Short on plot. the film is rich in sardonic Step? down 9” the mm'te 'Seteeh “he thtt’ aehthgly 510‘” Paethgr it“ idiosyncratic the breathless excitement of the Saturday humour. pertinent music and expert her He Btts'ea'lr‘" (’"C'Jt’kc mf’v'c‘ hm gem- (1968) morning serial with this rollercoaster ofa cnscmblc acting. A group of college pals thts P'mndelhan “meet” '3 “dm'rably

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