two-week testing period to determine

which two will train as Britain‘sfirst I astronaut. IJust Like That! (C4) 8—9pm. Lenny l Henry and Adrian Edmondson are but two personalities joining in this i celebration of the comic genius ofTommy Cooper. ! I Open Space: A Fate Worse Than Debt I (BBCZ) 8.3(l—lllpm. Susan George looks l intothe trillion-dollar debt owed to Western banks by the Third World. and the unfairness ofa system which means ' that those who never benefitted front the loans in the first place are suffering to pay l them back. i I Look Backin Anger((,‘4)o—I 1pm. j Seemineg desperate to embrace actorly I fogeydom. Kenneth Branagl: pounceson I Osborne's angry old play. takit a wife Emma Thompson with him.


I Monster Maker (C4) 6. Ill—7pm. Muppet-creator Jim Henson follows up the excellent Storyteller and the movie Labyrinth and manages to rope Harry Dean Stanton into the title role. despite the latter's lack ofinterest in puppetsor TV. Another helping of l lenson on Sat 31) in Living With Dinosaurs.

I Summertime Blues (C4)9—1()pm. Novices are initiated into the strange life ofThe Bluecoat. for which an essential part is ritual humiliation for lohours every day and other unorthodox practices. I Carroll‘s Commercial Breakdown (BBCI) 9.30—1().2()pm. Jasper Carrott does his Clive James act. introducing ridiculous TV commercials from around the world. I The Heat of the Day(Scottish) 1(1.2()pm—12.2()am. Tug-of-love drama with Peggy Ashcroft. Michael Gambon. Patricia Hodge and Michael York.

I Heavy Metal Heaven (BBCZ) 1().4(lpm—12.15am. A short season of heavy metal programmes hosted by the teenage goth‘s wet dream. Elvira. commences with Penelope Spheeris‘ excellent and frightening The Decline of Western Civilisation Part I I : The Metal Years.

I The South Bank Show Arts Review '89 (Scottish) 1().5(lpm—12.5()am. Whether you reckon on it being the authoritative


BBCZ focuses on Glasgow for 90 minutes on Friday 5 in a documentary entitled ‘This Is Me Since Yesterday’, made by BBC Scotland and timed to coincide with the beginning of the city's big year. The intention, producerJohn Archer explains, is ‘to present a cultural picture belore 1990 gets under way, in some way to answer the question of why Glasgow is the cultural centre of Europe, to fill people in who

aren’t iamiliarwith the city, and also to

show a lot of things that go on in Glasgow as a matter 01 course without a cultural year.‘

To this end, the programme-makers held interviews with ‘most of the people you'd expect, really': John Byrne, Billy Connolly, Graeme Souness, Liz Lochhead, Alasdair Gray, Bill Forsyth, William Mcllvanney, Pastor Jack Glass, to name but eight, plus contributions irom the obligatory pop groups.

No consensus is reached by the people interviewed that might bind the programme, though Archer reports that ‘a number at people are puzzled as to where the money comes from to make it all happen. Ithink a number of people like Connolly wonder what people do all day now that there isn‘t shipbuilding. But we didn’t set out to find conclusions. I think there’s as many conclusions about Glasgow as there are people who live here. And more, because of all the people who lived here and tell. But I suppose we were wanting to present some of the preoccupations of people so that it does include dampness in houses in

Easterhouse. It's more of a kaleidoscopic compilation, both ol views and ot perlormances, than a documentary with an answer.’

The performance element of the programme includes Marti Pellow singing ‘Shipbuilding’ unaccompanied down by the Clyde, and Judy Moheky and Lloyd Embleton oi the Scottish Ballet (see photo) performing in St Mungo’s Cathedral. One undeniable quality of Glasgow's is that you don’t have to look lar to find talent, but ‘This Is Me' is not intended purely as a celebration.

‘There is an element at celebration about it. We didn’t go to people who were going to knock Glasgow. It’s the city speaking out lor itself, really, either for people who live here now or tor people lorwhom it’s been the major creative place oi their lives. I think it will work as an interesting portrait ol the city, which will stand up to people who don't know the place and people who do. Obviously, those who do will have a lot more to shout at.’ (Alastair Mabbott)

guide or not. Melvyn‘s roped in Peter O‘Toole. the RSC. John Sessions. Neneh Cherry, David Bailey. Michael Clark and violinist Kyung-Wha Chung to spice it up. I Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met (C4) 11pm—midnight. The (food Morning Vietnam star in a stand-up show recorded at the New York Metropolitan Opera.


I Living With Dinosaurs (C4) 5.50—6.5(ipm. The second special this Christmas from Muppet man Jim Henson‘s company. The only thing a depressed 10 year-old can trust is his dinosaur.

I 4 Play: Family (C4) 9-10. 15pm. Andrew Kazamia wrote and stars in this tale ofa Greek Cypriot. brought up in Britain by his grandmother. who has to deal with family conflicts when she dies.


I Entertaining the Troops (C4) 4.20—5.5(lpm. A galaxy of stars. as they used to say. in footage shot when they entertained the troops in World War II.

I Scotland the What? (Scottish) 5.50-6.2(lpm. Laughs from the North-East‘s ever-popular comedy team. I Granpa (C4) 6.30—7pm. The team that animated The Snowman turns its attention to this picture book by John Burningham. With Peter Ustinov. Sarah Brightman and The Wroughton Middle School Choir. it could be insufferany weedy. but The Snowman's quality ensures it will get a close viewing.

I The Steamie (Scottish) 7.35—9.05pm. A repeat. but a worthwhile one. ofWildcat's

bit. set In Glasgow on Hogmanay 1953.

I Cilla‘s Goodbye to the 'BOs (Scottish) 9.25—11.55pm. ()urCillathrowsa ‘glittering variety show‘ with the entertainers and politicians nominated bv viewers to have most made their mark on the decade.

I Bab C. Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet(BBC2) 9.3li—1l).1()pm. Gregor Fisher‘s mighty creation takes to the streets of Glasgow for a rant on matters Yuletide. with his sons Gash and Burney.

I City Lights (BBCl ) ill—10.45pm. All the regulars in an extended liogmanay edition.

IScotch and Wry (BBCl) 11—1 1 .4IIpm. As much a staple of I logmanay nowadaysas small lumps of coal - well. more so really— and consistently providing BBC Scotland with its highest viewing figures.

I The Biggest Hogmanay Party in the World (BBCl) 11.4(lpm—1.35am. Live coverage ofthe goings-on in a packed-to-capacity George Square. See Music Preview.

I Goodbye Mr Mackenzie (Scottish) 2.30—3.3(lam. For everyone who missed the Edinburgh group‘s excellent recent shows.


I Honni (Scottish) 2.30—4. 15pm. Start ofa four-part mini-series about the adventures of two boys in Iceland at the end oflast century.

I Songs olArmenla (BBC1)3.35—3.55pm. The first of three daily BBC Scotland programmes with the Chilingirian String Quartet playing traditional folk melodies from the earthquake-torn Soviet republic. I U2:Lovetown (BBCZ) 4.25—5.45pm. A smidgeon taken from the band‘s recent Australian shows with BB King.

I Taggart (Scottish) 8.3(i—lllpm. A girl‘s mutilated body. dredged from the Clyde.

leads Taggart into a murky mystery in the Highlands.

IAnA—ZolTV(C4)8.30—1 1.35pm. Fun with archive material (doncha just love it?) affectionately packaged into 26 thematic parts and hosted by personalities like Cyril Smith. Beryl Reid. Michael Palin and the Cadbury‘s Smash alien puppets.

I Hands at a Stranger(Scottish)

10.20-12. 10am. Part one ofa two-parter in which the head of a narcotics bureau seeks the rapist who assaulted his wife. a search complicated by a romantic involvement with the DA‘s assistant. Part two on Wed 3.

I Because We Must (C4) 11.50pm—12.5()am. C4‘s rash ofdance programmes continues with the 1987 Christmas show of controversial Aberdonian dancer Michael Clark.


I Bush, the Fallow Oeer(BBC2) 11.10am—12. 10pm. Repeat ofan enchanting wildlife film. in which film-maker team John and Simon Rush established a trusting relationship with a herd of deer.

I Diamonds Were Forever (Scottish) 6—7pm. The story of the once-flourishing locomotive industry in Glasgow.

I By Word 0t Mouth (C4) 8—8.30pm. In four parts, and set in motion by the revival of the art ofstorytelling in recent years for adults as well as children.

I Drink (C4) 9—1()pm. The first oftwo documentaries examining the use and abuse of alcohol and its place in society. I Hit and Run (BBC2) 9—9.3(ipm. Ruby Wax‘s latest series. which involves sticking a pin in a map and going thereto hassle the natives.

I Sportscene (BBCI ) 9.30—1().()5pm. The

first three Premier League fixturesof 1990. including the annual Celtic~Rangers match.

I Take Me Home(BBCl)1()—1().5I)pm. Film of Lulu taken from her recent show at Glasgow's Pavilion Theatre.


I Mr Maieika (Scottish) 4.40—5. lllpm. A seemingly odd show for kids with Stanlev Baxter as a defrocked wizard. ' I Family Matters (BBCI ) 740—8. lllpm. Child abduction: will 199?. mean a ‘child-snatcher‘scharter"? I Inspector Morse (Scottish) 3— 1(lpm. John Thaw investigates the death of an eminent scientist in the first programme of a new I Dallas (BBC 1 ) 8. Ill—9pm. This new year means more of the outlandish soap. and starts with Stte Ellen blackmailing J R with her potentially blockbttsting movie Citizen Ewing. I Arrivederci Millwall (BBCZ) 9.25—10. 15pm. The personal revenge ofa gang of football hooligans against the Argentinians in Spain in 1982. I OED (BBC1)9.3(l—1()pm. A new series kicks off with an investigation into the steroid phenomenon are the effects all in the mind? I Hallway to Paradise (C4) 11.35pm—12.35am. Music from DC Ellis. Davey Spillane and Carmel. comedy from Boris Vespa. Bruce Morton and Bobby Thompson. a Scottish remake of (1‘! Blues and a portrait of Glaswegian jockey Robert Grainger.


I Focal Point: His Lairdship's Hoose (BBCI ) 8.3(1-9pm. Focal Point investigates the market in second-hand Scots castles and titles.

I Ending Up (Scottish) 8.3(l—llipm. One-offdrama based on the Kingsley Amis novel and starring John Mills. Michael Hordern. Lionel Jeffries and Googie Withers.

I One Foot in the Grave (BBCI) 9.30—10pm. Richard (Eddie Clockerty) Wilson takes the leading role in this six-part comedy series about a former security officer who has been forced into early retirement.


I No One Likes Us- We Don't Care (C4) 8—9pm. So much attention has been focused on the hooligans of Millwall FC that the voice of the fans has been swamped by those of politicians. the media and football‘s ruling bodies. In this documentary on the club. they get their sav.

I This is Me Since Yesterday (BBCZ) 9—1().3()pm. See panel.

I Stolen (Scottish) 9—1llpm. Opening episode of new drama. Marianne loves her husband. but is seriously considering an affair.

I Along the Southern Upland Way(BBC1) 9.30— 1(lpm. The first of six programmes in which Jimmie Macgregor sets off along Scotland‘s longest marked walkway. stretching from Portpatrick in the south-west to just south ofDunbar.

I Eric Clapton Live (Scottish) 2.30—4am. Live concert in Connecticut from the man whose Journeyman LP has received such plaudits.


I Europe Express (C4) 7. 15—8pm. Catching the mood of the times. and following on from presenters in London. Washington and Tokyo for C4‘s breakfast news. Europe Express has TV journalists in Paris. Berlin. Vienna and Rome reporting on storiesthroughout Europe. I 4Play1Valentine Falls (C4) 9- l(). 15pm. A young black Englishman. asking fora job in a Falls Road pub. attracts the curious attention of the landlord‘s wife

The List 22 December 1989— 11 January 1990 61