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84'] he List 22 December 1989— 11 January 1990


Your questionmaster: Dr S. Bathgate.

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1 ‘Nipples bitten. nylon bananas. Nicaraguan bunkum‘ ran the advert. For which programme?

3 2 A magazine was launched this year

offering you a ‘perfect vision‘ of the

arts. What is it called?

3 Which BBC TV series set in Glasgow starred Denis Lawson?

4 What was the name of Foo Foo‘s club?

5 Why is Rex Stewart (Scotland) not advertising any more?


6 What is the connection between Montserrat Caballe and 16 Byres Road, Glasgow?

7 Who opened the Cannon cinema at the Parkhead Forge?

8 Where were Arnold Brown. the Doug Anthony Allstars and Fay Presto on the night of 10 August? 9 ‘Why hasn‘t Scotland exploded?‘ asked Dr Eric Voice. In what context?

10 In which Edinburgh street was there a fatal gas explosion?


11 What is the connection between Christine Keeler and Broxburn?

12 Which film connects Glenn Close and Choderlos de Laclos?

13 Which Italian director was the subject ofa retrospective at the Edinburgh Film Festival?

14 The film version of which award-winning play was shot at Leith Docks?

15 Where was Venus Peter filmed?


16 Whose recovery from a liver transplant operation was documented in the exhibition A Renaissance?

17 Which Old Master was the subject ofa major exhibition at the National Gallery during the Edinburgh


18 Which former footballer selected the paintings for an exhibition at the Lillie Art Gallery. Milngavie?

19 Who had an exhibition of snowballs last summer?

20 Connect Charlie Chaplin‘s hat and cane with a paper boat.


21 Who wrote Border Warfare. staged by Wildcat at the Tramway? 22 Who took a break from fiddling the lecky to star in To?

23 Why did the theatre company La Zattera di Babele not turn up to perform Macbeth on Inchcolm Island during the Edinburgh Festival?

24 Connect Walter Carr and Willie Melvin.

25 What is the title of the play about Edinburgh AIDS sufferer and Falklands veteran Frank Gilchrist?

25 How many airplanes were on Philip Glass‘ roofduring Mayfest? 27 Which opera featured a farting demon. a senile Prime Minister and scratch’n'sniff cards?

28 Name Tommy Smith‘s debut album for Bluenote International. 29 Where was Hue and Crv‘s The Bitter Suite recorded live."

30 Which experimental outfit teamed up with a Welsh theatre company to bring The Gododdin to the Tramway?


31 Tragedy for Scotland: which 'I‘V commentator hung up his jacket for the last time after the Scottish Cup Final?

32 Who won Scottish rugby‘s dIStTICl championship?

33 Which Scottish city was the starting point for the Kelloggs Cycling Tourof Britain?

34 Who won football's under-16 World Cup. held in Scotland in


35 Whose goal against Norway finally ensured Scotland‘s qualification for the World Cup?


36 Which Edinburgh-based ensemble celebrated its fifteenth birthday this year?

37 What birthday did ageing pop kid Andy Kershaw celebrate late this year?

38 Which anniversary did the National Library ofScotland. in Edinburgh‘s George IV Bridge, celebrate this year?

39 Which Glasgow and Edinburgh events guide celebrated its 100th issue in August?

40 Which circus was twenty years old this year?


41 A gymnast and a rugby player. both from the same country. did it in December. What did they do. and what country were they from?

42 Why has Roger Poole been in the news recently?

43 At whose funeral did crowds have to be dispersed by a low-flying helicopter?

44 How much was Sonia Sutcliffe initially awarded in the Private Eye libel case?

45 Name the economic adviser who indirectly caused Nigel Lawson’s resignation.


46 Name the comic about a Glasgow-based detective.

47 What is the connection between Vivienne Leigh and Emma Thompson?

48 Which record shop takes its name from an Ohio Players track?

49 Which Strathclyde University lecturer wrote the novel The Quineunx?

50 Which co-director of the Edinburgh Film Festival did not resign?

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