I A BIRD IN THE HAND is worth two in your hairdo. Beaumarchais' original comedy The Marriage ol Figaro plays the Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 19—Sat 20. See Theatre Preview page 45.

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A whole two weeks at a glance. Not a word of a lie. Just needs a good long glance that’s all.



I WHAT have the Romans ever done tor us? He's back! The Messiah emerges in Montreal playing the part at Jesus in a modern passion play. Denys Arcand wasthe

toast at Cannes but I SIMPLY RED. Mick miraculouslytailed to Huclmall out at Fulchester garner any major prizes. Rovers modestly covers his JESUS 0' Montreal.

Filmhouse. Edinburgh, lrom Sun 21. See Film Preview

breelrs lor the camera. Simply Red, SECC, Sun 21. See Rock Listings page 35.

I THE SHOP ASSISTAHTS. Service is resumed as one at the mostacclaimed Edinburgh bands returns alter an extended layoll and a line-up reshutlle tora couple at studentgigs: Potter Row, Edinburgh, Fri 12 and Strathclyde University Union, Fri 19. See Rock Listings page 35.

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I STEVE MARTIN proudly wearsthe badge oi parenthood. The latest tilm otters him the usual chance to be a loveable ierlr, this time as a lather. Parenthood, Cannons and UClstrom Fri 12. See Film

_ “‘""°‘ W 2" ISEE ANY CULTURE YET? ' Haw not in here anyway.

The art show that's driving them potty: The British Art Show, McLellan Galleries. Glasgow 24 Jan—11 Mar.

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I SPOT THE FAN. Using your skill and judgement place an X where you think the paying spectator may be. More importantly where will they be on Saturday 20

torthe Scottish Cupthird round? See Sport Listings 13 and An page 57. .

I COR RLIMEY! lt‘sthem l Iuvvable coclmeys havin’ a ! lmees up. as recorded by the camera at Grace Robertson. The ex-Picture Post photographer's work will be exhibited atthe Porttolio Gallery. Candlemalrer Row, Edinburgh. 20 Jan—17 Feb. See Art Listings page 52.

2Thc List 12: 25January 1990