Foiksmglngcntertainer. I L'Attache Basement of Rutland Hotel. G i 389 0w 3:52:23 0‘ Pr‘mes Sire“ 9pm Frcc' I Steitis Masterclass Guinness Room, Cafe I vmoria 83' Bridgcgatc' 552 6040- 9pm I Green Tree Cowgatc. Evening. Folk RSAMD‘ 100 Renfrew 5m“ 332 5057' Session. session. (mm—midnight. Free at door. 2pm. Martin lscpp shows the I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. I Kevin 1’." Candlemakers Arms, mpcs m plan? accompaniment 552 8681. 830m“. Live music. Grassmarket. 9.30pm. I Lecture Guinness Room. RSAMD, 100 ' I Singaround Riverside. Fox Strcct . off chfrcw Street‘ 332 5051ch at door'

.30 .S'Pt‘M. ' Edinburgh horn andtrumpet. 6“ we, I Mucltle Ado L‘Attache. basement of ' Tel: 041-552 0707 Rutland”otel.WestEndofPrinces

Street. 9.30pm—12.30am. Free. Three G I I Edinburgh 003"“ Reid COHCCN Hail. man singalong to folk standards. Bristo Square. Free at door. 1.10pm.

I Youngs Music Club Leamington Terrace. I Scottish international Piano Competition String Quartets by Haydn Op 50 No 4—

9.30pm. 50p. Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew and Tippett No 2 in Fsharp. I Absent Friends Fairmile lnn. Street. 332 5057. 2pm-5pm and I Reflections on Childhood Queen‘s Hall, i‘ilirmiichead. 8.30—1 1pm. Jigs. reeisand 7pm—10pm. £4 per sessionz£6 for day Clerk Street,668 2019. 7.30pm.£10 i songs from acoustic electric folk band. ticket. Forty-five-minutc recitals by young (£7.50). Songs and duets by Brahms, ianists throu 1h to the second round of Britten, Mozart. Kern, Porter and Strauss ' I ihis prestigiou: competition. Various performed by Patricia MacMahon. Fiona volazues’ 20153.3"8’ . . l . . 1 works including the commissioned test Kimm. Antony Roden and Andrew Ball in cre 35 an out :Zigfiltll'lngfiilgi?Bibiidxitfldnd‘ piece Beltane Bonfire by Ronald aldpf the Royal “(’Spital for SiCk p l I ' es, records news and live recfirdin we Stevenson. Final on Sunday 14. Children] Nelson Hall Concert Nelson 61 Ulande _ ' ' 5" I 880 City Hall. Candieriggs, 227 5511. Hall. McDonald Road Public Library, off Ed|nburgh 7.30pm. £2.20—£9.20(conc available). An Leith Walk. 8pm. Free at door. Arecital American Night including popular by Heather (soprano) and Leon (piano)

I Liniiihgow Foul Cit-lb 311le BllCh TilVCm. favourites such as Rhapsody in Blue (with Coatcs.

West Port. Linlithgow. 8pm. TonightJaclt peter Evans piano) hirhl' h - > w 39c“. and Bess and Lambert‘s Rio Grande. Carl U 18

I Rod Paterson St James Ovster Bar. v '- ' Calton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. Easy Davis commas. Club's vocalist. solo. I n h . compeflflon Guinness Room, RSAMD, :F'dg'e's.ALT.s (grassll‘tf’kc‘: 9“ “3'” I 8N0 esher Hall. Lothian Road 228 100 mm” 5mm" 332 5057- Free 3‘ . on ay mg is cottls mus1c. - . . . ' door. 10am. The Bach Prize Com etiton I The Green Tree Cowgate. Evening. 1 153' 730mm Ejmd ddtc' smurdag} 13' for keyboard players at the Royal‘Scottish From me Mona amen, Scwon u“ lam G asgow. £2.95 £12.70 (standby £...50). of me rand " The Martinu series ofsymphonies Academy' y

I Folk at L'Attache L'Attache. basement of Eutlanc; l loteFl. West End of Princes conducting the third. “is NO 3 for West George Street. Tickets: 227 5511 UL“ pm' u" Rachmaninov‘s Piano Concertotoo (TiCkCthmrc)' 12'45pm' £2 (£1'50)'Thc

TU (soloist Howard Shelley) in a programme Allandcr Ensemble play Mozart‘s Oboe Quartet and the Clarinet Quintet by

which opens with Noonday W itch by . G I Dvorak, Weber. Lunch available from noon and

bl 'f.‘dl, h' l' IPaisley Arts Folkl’aisleyArtsCentre, 2538;211:211 tgzivoi/kilou New cave

continues with Brydcn Thomson I Merchants MUS“: Merchants’ Hall, 7

New Street. 887 1010. 8pm. Eric I Lunchtime Conga“ Concert Hal], . number's” is bad‘ With his contemporary Glasgow University. Free at door. Mk “mgs‘ I Plano Masterclass Guinness Room. l~15Pm- Ma’i‘ Ballcyv 'Ccuo and [50”] Ed i n b u ,9 h RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street, 332 5057. Anderson» Plaeor Play works by 7pm. £3.50 (£2.50/£1.50). Professor Beethoven, Leighton and Poulenc. I Miro L'Attache. basement of Rutland Alexander Kelly gives away some ofthe I Prim” Squaw cone," Princessquarcl Hotel. West End of Princes Street. tricks of the trade which at the end ofthe BuChana" Succi‘ Free; 5'3Opm' Students 9.30pm-12.30am. Frcc. lrreverent day probably still mean hours ofpractising 9mm RSAMD m the m“ Ofa “W350i instrumentalists. and hard work. informal concerts- I Folk Music Nights Milnes Bar. Hanover I 8N0 City Hall. Candlcriggs, 227 5511. I 93W” WWW 0M0"?! Stevenson Mon‘sun loam'Midnighl Street. 8.30—1 1pm. Admission free. Songs 7.30pm. £3.50—£12.70 (standby £2.50). H8". RSAMDr 100 WWW Street. 332 and tunes from regulars. visitingmusicians Scc Friday 12. Glasgow. for full 505717-30Pm-Exuadam‘sundayuo and special guests in small back room. description. Edinburgh £4 (£2) Academy Sindcms WED N ESDAY 24 I Glasgow University Music Club Concert “W1 Mozart's SXmPhQW N9331Vivaldi'5 Glasgow University Chapel. Free at door. comer“) for 4 "01"“ in B mmoramj Glasgow 7.30pm. Justin Browntakcstimeofffrom Mahler‘s arrangememOf Dw’h “"d’h‘ Scottish Opera to conduct the Music Club Mame”

I Foiit Session Halt Bar.Woodlands Chamber Choir and Orchestra. Road. 332 1210. Evening. Long running session. mainly lrish instrumental music G

on fiddle. accordion etc. I Scotla Foilt Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. Glasgow I "W" CW0" Stevenson Hall» 552 8681. 8.30pm. Live acoustic music. I Scottish international Piano Competition RSAMD‘ 1.09 chmw 59°C“ 332 5957- h City Hall.Candleriggs.227 5511.7.15pm. lpm'fo‘dm'ssion free byt‘Ckci' Admin“ i g £3_£12(c0ncavailablc). Thwcyoung and piano reeltal by ElnarJohannesson i I Edinburgh Folk Club Osbourne l-1otel. pianistsarc through to the final of this 3"" Ph"'PJ°"k‘"5: who Play w°rksby York Place. 55o 5577. 8pm. Songs. jokes. Tlaig‘rqrgw oar/org. psayigg a concerto with mafghmahms' S‘gurblmnsso" 3"" poems and stories from Fife‘sJohn Hunter. i C u“ CT W C“ homson- I . I “Ian Johnsmn Band DAuachc‘ Edinbu' h I SCO City Hall. Candler1ggs.2275511. basement of Rutland Hotel, West End of g 7'3.0pm' Extra date: saturday 20’ Princes Street. 9.30pm—12.30am. Free. I Scottish Ensemble Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Edmpurgh' 3204320 (£1)' worl-d . Singer’songwriter'selectric and acoustic Street, 668 2019. 2.30pm. Extra date: premiere Of 5" Petchaxw‘inDawFs folk-based band. Monday 15. Glasgow. £5/£7.50 (£245). SW’hdyde Comm" N0 3 “h 50'0'5‘5 Elmbank Gardens i I The Globe West Port. Informal session. Lotsof Vivaldi, including his Gloria with Rebcn COOk' hom and Pete; Franks' Chaan Cross 9.30pm. the Scottish Ensemble Singers. Soloists in trumpet?!” me “mos” himself . I Kevin Tait Trader Vic’s. Victoria Street. the E flat Violin and Cello Concerto are $332322?'tmifigégraxérmgoacof {an 9pm. Folksinging entertainer. Jonathan Rees and Caroline D' . i '5 r g“ o - I North Sea Gas Platform 1.Rutland former is also the director of th‘elvcvhtgl: 3 Symphony completes .the prggrammc' 04’ Street. 225 2433. Evening. Scottishfolk show. '.E“'"h“'°" “mm” WWW": TOW" “a”- duo. Tickets: 956 1572(M1lngav1e Musrc Club). 15 TheEdinburgthlgzrtet playing A . s ors ring quartet y ozart, Q Glas 0w Glas ow Schubert. Wolfand Shostakovich. 0 9 g I Glasgow University Music Club Concert I slar Folk c|ub Glasgow society of I Scottish Ensemble Stevenson Hall. Han’ Glasgow unwmity.‘ 7'3opm' Free A Musicians, 73 Berkeley gum, beside RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 3‘ d°°’~ Performance by first year Mitchell Theatre. 8pm. £1 .50. Tonightthe 7-30Pml6-50li‘3501Soc Sunday 14. S‘Udcn‘s‘

I aoc Scottish Symphony Orchestra Stevenson Hall, RSAMD. 100 Renfrew D

well-known ceilidh band Clach Na Colleen. Edinburgh for full description.

The List 12 25 January 1990 43