I Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars I

(B BCZ) (v- 7.3(lpm. Recorded at the llammersmilh ()deon in 1973 by DA Pennebaker. btit not released until ten years later. this is classic Bow ie. ()h. yeah. you were there. right'.’

I Notes in the Margin 1980—89 ( BBCZ) SQIL-Upm. In this series. six writers put forward their ideas on how the 1980s will be remembered. The first. feminist author Angela Phillips. takes a look at the decades dads- ‘the macho than with the marshmallow centre‘ ~ and wonders if they were just a flash in the pan.

I 40 Minutes (BBC) ) 9.3a ll). lllpm. The title. Din-ling. . . Let's Slur!Mixlirlim’. says it all. The true story of the couple who set up Britain's smallest airline. Sttckling Airways. Looks like acracker.

I Sotovlti PoweriC4) “LIL-15pm. Director Marina ( ioldovskaya focuseson one of the Soviet L'nion's most notorious prison camps. with sortie rare footage of

w hat was officially known as a concentration camp. and examines the role of these places and the original intentions behind them. Part ofthe Soviet Spring series (see panel).

I N8 (Scottish) 10.35— ] 1.05pm. What's happening in the arts in (‘entral Scotland‘.’ Janice I-‘orsyth. Bryan Burnett and Alan (‘ampbell tell tis all abottt it.

I Night Flyte (Scottish)

ll.t)5pm- 12.05am. Brian Meek. Neville Garden. Kirsty \Vark. Steve Sampson and David Scott discuss the state ofScotland‘s media. Do they mean tts'.’ Surely not.


I lrony Curtain (C4) S--‘)pm. The first programme in a two-part documentary by Scottish filmmakers Murray and Barbara

Grigor examining the parallelsbetween the way the governments ofthe [ISA and the L'SSR treated. and treat. theirartists. I World at Herbs (C4) 9.3m 10.30pm. A new series aimed at encouraging viewers to use more herbs. and for every conceivable purpose. from aromatherapy tocookery.

IArena ( BB( ‘3) 9.30— 1(i.3t)pm. And in a packed series. those Arena people bring its Van Morrison. Jerry Lee Lewis. literary agent Peggy Ramsay. director Roberto Rosselitii. Malian prince and musician Salif Kcita. Atricati Paris. and more. But to kick off the series. a sidelong look at numbers.

I Sophie‘s Choice ( BBC) )930-1 1 .55pm. The Meryl Streep season continues with one of the actress‘s most powerful films. set in 10-17. with concentration camp survivor Streep. Kevin Kline and Peter MacNicol each holding dark and terrible secrets.

I Ragtime ( BBCZ) 1 l .Stiptti-Z.25.itii. Milos l-‘orman‘s adaptation is unbalanced and vastly inferior to the Doctorow masterpiece. of course. btit it's worth dipping into. The script lured Jimmy Cagney back to play a small part after 2t) years away froin the screen.


I Scottish Eye (C4) 6.3(l—7pm. The third season of the probing programme investigates security precautions in the Scottish oil industry. with particular reference to the disastrous oil spillage in the Shetlands ten years ago.

I Octopussy (Scottish) 7—9.25pm. Released in 1983. it was the tightest Bond film for some time. but that didn‘t help Roger Moore. whose age and unsuitability were well to the fore.






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011M Scomsh Ans Cowcv

I Saturday Night Clive (BBC2) 8.50—9.35pm. It gives one pause to think of the size ofcheques that Clive James must be able to command from the BBC. That they‘re starting not one but two series by the man this week shows just how they rely on him to pull the punters. Thisis his ever-popular lowbrow series. balanced by its highbrow counterpart Clive on Sunday tomorrow. A chat with Zsa Zsa Gabor is planned for tonight. satellite permitting.

I 4-Play: When Love Dies (C4) 9; 10.20pm. The first TV play by award-winning theatre playwright Nigel Moffat is a ‘witty and poignant‘ work on family secrets and how to survive them. With Brian Bovell and Josette Simon.

I From Russia With Rock ( C4) 10pm. A Finnish film. focusing on the 1987 Rock Panorama event. A Soviet Spring programme (see panel).

I How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Scottish) l1.45pm—2am. ()ne ofthe best musicals oftheotls. satirising the rise of a window cleaner to the top of a corporation. A mainly successful translation from stage to

I Soviet Citizens (C4) I 1.50pm. Nicky Campbell chairs a discussion (with translated voice-overs) with ordinary Russian people speaking for themselves about what they want out oflife.


I Opera on 4: Die Soldaten (C4) 2—4. 10pm. Never before seen outside Germany. Zimmermann's ‘pluralistic‘ opera (taken from the book by Jacob Michael Lenz) was first performed in 1965 and combinesjust about every theatrical medium. from jazz to circus. The performance is by the Stuttgart State Opera.

I Fragile Earth (C4) 7—8pm. The subject tonight is the fate ofthe Cairngorms. one of the most sensitive conservation sites in Northern Europe. which is threatened by overuse. even though in the late l94tlsa Government report announced the area could be bought for the nation for £2IX).()()().

I The Media Show (C4) 8—9pm. An item about Glasgow in 1990. in particular Your Cheatin' lleart. John Byrne‘s follow-up to Tutti Frutti. and the film ofWilliam Mclllvaney‘s'l‘he Big Man. Plus: a pollof Tories‘ attitudes towards TV and how game shows in the 1990s might be good for you.

I Clive on Sunday (BBC2) 9.30—10. 15pm. Clive James indulges his intellectual side. and invites Dennis Potter to join him. Someone with less patronising views of women might have been more ofa match for the playwright. but would Potter have consented to appear?

I Tarrant on TV (Scottish) 10.05—10.35pm. Emboldened by Mr James tip the page there. Tiswas man Chris Tarrant pulls a similar trick to the Australian pundit fillingour screens almost nightly. lt'llbe Tarrant meets Chomsky next thing you know.

I Screen Two: The Man trom the Pru (BBC2) 10.15—1 1.45pm. A startrioof Anna Massey. Jonathan Pryce and Susannah York recreate the case ofa woman murdered in Liverpool in 1931. whose husband was sentenced to hang. but was acquitted by the appeal court. Fifty years later. a radio programme turned up new evidence. . . .

I Everyman (BBC!) 10.30—1 1.10pm. This documentary. entitled The People Trade. tells of Sri Lankan parents who take advantage of a legal loophole and scrape together the 1.2.000 it costs to send their children to Germany. effectively saving their lives.

I The South Bank Sh0W(Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. A profile ofthe near-legendary writing and directing team David Lean and Robert Bolt. who collaborated on films like Dr Zhivago and

Ryan‘s Daughter.

I on the Page (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.()5am. Guesting tonight. the talented and prolific young Scottish author Iain Banks who. alongside his SF novels. has scored hits with The Wasp Factory. The Bridge and Walking on Glass.

I The Scottish Arts Debate (Scottish) 12.05—1 .(lSam. Nineteen-ninety: is it worth the ‘official guides' it's printed on?


I Horizon (BBC2) 8. Ill-9pm. The controversial topic of food irradiation comes under the microscope.

I Desmond’s (C4) 8.30-9pm. Back by popular demand. the self-taught Peckham barber who only knows one style.

I Monkey Business (C4) ll.()5pm—12.25am. An account of howthe Aids crisis. a highly political hot potatoin every respect. has stigmatised Africans and their continent. leading to. the programme contests. a fresh outbreak of racism.

I Is it Easy to be Young? (C4) midnight. There are punks. hippies. Hare Krishnas and so on in Russia. just as there are anywhere else. Latvian directorJuris Podnieks observed the varied strands of Soviet youth. and got them to discuss what they wanted from life. A Soviet Spring production (see panel).


I Signals (C4) 9. 15pm. The Secret Life of the USSR focuses on the lifting ofthe ban on the dissident writers who faced persecution for 70 years. Ironically. the main source for those recovering lost manuscripts is the vaults of the KGB itself. A Soviet Spring production (see panel). I OED(BBC1)9.30-l()pm. In what sounds like the ultimate needle-in-a-haystack job. the search fora molecule in a forest in Cameroon which could provide the key that conservationists are seeking.


I The Commonwealth Games (BBCI) 6.30am. and at various times duringthe day. The grand opening ceremony and the day‘s action.

I Wide World (BBC2) 7.30—8.2(me. A personal look back at 30 years in New Guinea by Meg Taylor. the child of a tribal mother and an Australian father. Using actual film taken by her father on a 1938 patrol ofexploration. she rctraces his

journey. I NB (Scottish) 9—9.30pm. Note the earlier time for the cool and happening Scottish magazine.

I Forty Minutes (BBC2) 9.30—10. 10pm. A group of people (not actors) gather in a hotel lounge. and reveal much about themselves in the requests they ask the pianist to play. Like what. ‘Smoke on the Water"? ‘When Big Joan Sets Up‘?

I Tree of Liberty (Scottish) 9.30—10pm. 10.35—1 1.35pm. To celebrate Burns' Night. Jean Redpath sings a wheen ofthe Bard's songs.

I True Stories (C4) 10pm. The Outsiders. those in Moscow who have to apply for resgistration permits to live and work as second-class citizens in their own capital. A Soviet Spring presentation (see panel). I The Cold Summer of '53 (C4) 12. 10am. A tense Soviet film. set in the period after Stalin‘s death. when an amnesty had freed thousands ofviolent criminals to roam the country. but not political prisoners. The film. based on a true story. follows the bloody confrontation between a gang and some exiled political prisoners in Siberia. A Soviet Spring production (see panel).

I The Sun Also Rises (Scottish) 12.35—2.2()am. Part one of a lavish new two-part version of the Hemingway novel about a jaded American in Paris.

62 The List 12 25 January 1990