Psychic Deejays and Cha Cha at the Chateaux.


Phunky Psychic

Colin Steven meets a DJ with strong ideas about where music's going this year

Heard the one about the psychic DJ celebrating 21 years in the business‘.’ No. this isn‘t a leftover joke from a (‘hristmas Cracker. just a couple of interesting facts from the amazing life of Bennets‘ DJ (‘raig Davis.

By night. you‘ll find Craig cooped up in a DJ box somewhere in Glasgow. By day he becomes (‘raigalio professional palmist and resident psychic at Miss Pinks' tea room in Bath Street! Nice gimmick. you might think. but Craig claims to be a natural psychic with a history of foresight on his mother's side of the family. After eight years reading palms he‘s built up quite a reputation in the psychic world. but music is still the great love of his life.

His became a DJ by accident. He was appointed manager of a friend's club in Stirling in .,


r »% 1 // / 1

Wot). butendcd up decjaying. ‘I had always loved a :; . . I H ;-

music. but never considered deejaying. When twelve amazing years. In 1983 he was approached 0W3 mUSiC “WWW hip h“PI/ho”Sc the Who"? night-

Jiriirny Saville was up to open the club. he took to be the resident DJ at a new gay club opening 100"” Witnth that. I love it. but I don't think it

one look at me with my dark glasses and clothes called Bennets where he still works. His major ShOUId b0 Programmed the Whole night long.

and said I looked like a DJ! He gave me a success has been the alternative night on the 'l'hCTC‘S it m'drkct for that kind ofoperation. but

twenty-minute audition and that was that. Tuesday. or the Shimmy Club. which began in m." mark“ i5 f0? kid-5‘ that Want a IOUCh ofthc

instead of being manager I was the DJ! 1 used to 1985. The format has changed with different We“ [Wild-S mixed With sounds 0f the Past.

play all R'n'B and soul. or root music as I call it. It generations and as trends come and go. but root “is PSYCth abilities hiWC mine in USCfUl over

was the inspiration of Atlantic and Motown music is as popular as ever. “10 )‘Citffi. hClPing him stay ahead of the field by

Records. and all black artists really. that made ‘The new generation still want to hear the {OTCCZ‘Sllng “CW mUSiCi‘I "endS! After 21 Years

me want to [)J and it still is.‘ Stones. Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin. not the” has ‘0 hc St’mCthing in it- In an CXCWSlVC After a spell at 'l‘iffanys in Edinburgh. he began as she is now. but as she was then. They want to PerlCthn for Th" U51 (firing reveals What‘s in

working at the Burnbrae Hotel in Bearsdcn. hear the authentic stuff their mums and dads 5‘0“: ft" 19901 "I‘hCFC‘H ho an innovation around

Hardly the most illustrious venue in Scotland. but were dancing to. I never want to go into the latest "10 CDd 0f Mithh. beginning ot April. it'll be a

it was here that things began to take off for Craig. trend completely on a Tuesday night. becauscl “055 WWW“ hl‘mg and home and Probably Wi“

His Sunday mghtspot pulled in the punters for feel a lotofthe clubsin town are allstiekingto be given a newname.‘ ((‘olin Steven)

% common.‘ More than alittle perplexed, romantics, when style and class were ' straight, black orwhite.‘ c h x j I asked exactly what this is? ‘Black and ; fashionable. ‘lt’s ten years since Blitz, Roxy‘s talk about style and designer I white, gay and straight, together. No i never mind punk. 1990 is here. Time is lun comes in the wake oi the present I I . : Edinburgh club scene goes beyond mixing one or two bits ol designer

even the heady days at Valentinos and clothing with secondhand clothes to

‘The basic idea behind Chateaux Cha the early Hoochie. ‘Individuality was create yourown style, thentinda club Cha. falls ROXY OlEdlnbUtgh sstyllst what itwas aboutin '77.‘ he says, ‘until to goto, especially lorpeople with the you are you should stand up and be club, IS the same connectlon that the the Goths came out and started cloning same ideas. At Cha Cha they can all proud. There is no way you can get rid Chelsea Hotel In New York and each other.‘ mix. Most young clubbers these days ' algal! DGOD|8-' (Juan)

Brixton sDaIsy Chain have In He recallsthe Blitz andthe new don‘tcare much whetheryou are gay or

inhibitions, under one root to dance now for music and style to come back. government’s attitude towards gays.

He is adamant tht ‘gay people can't be

and party!’ i People are led up having to dress down i to look stylish; you can look glam by : swept underthe carpet.’ Nor. says

Roxy's involvement with the Roxy, is Clause 28 simply addressed to gays. ‘lt's also about racism and sexism in this government. Whatever

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