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electric shower. video. fridge. telephone. Friendly atmosphere. £140 pcm plus hills Deposit required. (‘ontact Alastaironll4l 6324114.

I Double room available for sociable. non-smoking working person student in shared modern house at Shield llall. (ilasgow. £125 pcm. Shared hills. [’8 phone (ierry after 7pm on ()4! 445 4504.

ONLY £2.50! will put you in touch with Iotsof people with space to let or

LOTH'AN Professional AN D D E R s I Professional trained Japanese TRAINING Eéliliiifilfvifiifiii51315233“

registered. Translations into

U M Koishi charactering on

professional papers. £5 or £10

e.w.o. Also translations onto D E paintedlandscapes. Details

S.A.E. Commissions arranged. Box No llZ/SP/l.

O F E R I Decorating Newington Decorators Ltd. Professional

. wanted. An ad in our ACCOMMODATION section tradesmen and spawns“ in & is still only front £2.5(Iper issue. hanging fine papers. stripping

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I JolnerJ.E. Duggan. Reliable

The Layman and Borders Training tradesman. Alltypesof. liroughtonarfa l‘latfgor:S S a Consortium requires a Development Officer 19mm“ undutdkcnm Januar) lst. l honcll. 1.1m. s- . . - . Central Scotland. Phone afterfi.3()pm. to assnst in Its work of co-ordtnattng Social . . I . ' d Trainin programmes Pcmcu'mf’sf’s' , IPlacetncosy.18th-century work Educanon an 9 IGetyourpnnlfasterat

- - ' house in old South Queensferry. at pre' has“: and pos‘ quahfying |eve's m the DUPH'QUiCk Edinburgh‘s N01 0 3 8 9 . 4 2 2 8 5 ' (‘ walled garden. harboui SOUth EaSt Of scofland' The Devebpmpn‘ CopyCentre atl7ia Albany lmin--nicefilfllpcni.Phone Officer W5“ work Wilh "'9 consomum Street.(l31557l8()0. ' AndrewonlBl 3312535. Executive and its committees to ensure a co-ordinated approach to the provision of these programmes.

The successful candidate will be educated to degree level. The possession of a Social Work Qualification and experience of Social Work practice / Education will be a distinct advantage. In addition to a detailed knowledge of Social Work Education and Training, a high level of written and verbal communication skills will be required

For further information and job description please contact George Mctvor at:

SHRUBHILL HOUSE, SHRUB PLACE EDINBURGH (TEL: 031-553 8388) to whom detailed applications including CV and names of 2 referees should be sent by Friday 19 January. 1990.


Administrative Officer (Salary £13,824-E17,318)

Applications are invited from persons with appropriate experience in local government for the above post. which involves the provision of direct administrative support to senior staff of the Convention. The person appointed will also have duties concerned with the servicing of a number of Committees of the Convention and with Conferences and other events organised by the Convention.

Further information can be obtained from:

Secretary General

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace

Edinburgh EH12 5X2 Tel 031-346 1222

to whom applications should be submitted by Frlda y, 26 January, 1990.

The List 12 25 January 1990 73