cultures. Stmts Mon 16. I Earth Day On Stilt 22. l-‘riendsof the Earth world-wide will demonstrate for global action to save the environment. There will be a Scottish-wide day of action. lioE's annual general meeting and the launch of the linvironmental ('harter for Scotland.


I MayteStGlasgow's international arts festival is still growing. though it may peak this year. Highlights are the Front l.1'11e.8'1111e.v anti-apartheid work from Africa. theatre from Soviet (ieorgia and (‘eltic folk music. liri 4~Sat 26.

I Camille Pissaro: Impressionist at Work A major exhibition of 7() paintings. drawings and watercolours opens at the Burrell on Fri 4. and runs until Sun l7Jun.

I Who Dared Won'l‘cn years ago on Sat 5. when the SAS stormed the Iranian limbassy.

I The Two Jakes Jack Nicholson directs and stars in this lS-years-later sequel to Polanski's

( ’l11'11urow11. delayed by countless hitches and scandals. I Football: Scottish Cup Final llampden Park. Sat 12. I Glasgow Country Music Festival Featuring mother '11' daughter team the Jttdds. this festival will centre on one major venue (as yet unconfirmed). a pub circuit. and ofcourse (iovan‘s ( irand ()le ()pry club. Sun l3»Sat ll). Yec-l lAAlll I All In A Lifetime being the memoirs of the execrable Dr Ruth \Vestheimer. Jewish American sex therapist [1111‘ creel/enre. are published by Macdonald this month. I Pavarotti Big fat geezer. eats NIH/Ir) spaghetti. sings a bit. Sli(‘(‘. Wed lo. I Comic Cuts the first ever comic. was first published lflllyears agoon Thurs I7. I Scottish International Children‘s Festival The first of w hat will be an annual event. to be held from Tue 2‘) to Sun 3Jun in lzdinburgh's lnverleith Park. There will be St) performances by professional companies from the l ‘SA. ( ‘anada. the Netherlands. Belgitun. Zimbabwe. Scotlafltand lingland.

plus free. on-site workshops. The largest children's festival in Britain.

I Something Leather Scotland‘s answer to Dennis Potter. Alasdair (iray. publishes his new novel. rumoured to containJanine-style titillation. on Thurs 24. I Clint Eastwood 'l'lre 1.1'sI's first-ever cover star is sixty on Thurs 3 l . Still plenty young enough to go far in American politics.


I The Big Day Actually two days (Sat 2 and Sun 3). btit the title's good anyway. Almost halfway through the ('ity of (‘ulture year. this massive party will feature top hands on (ilasgow (ireen. and all kindsof entertainment on (icorgc Square. all to be televised.

and already claiming to be the largest street party ever. Let's just hope it doesn't rain . . .

I Spring Fling lidinburgh’s community arts festival (Sat 2--Sat lo) will include The 811:: . an integrated (able-bodied special needs) project on insect life in Princes Street (iardens; and in the Assembly Rooms an lndian Textiles exhibition involving local Bangladeshi w omen and imports. a four- communities sculpture exhibition and much more. Also promised is the unveiling of Kenny Munro‘s mural mosaic for peace. with contributions from the people of lidinburgh. Kiev . Munich and San Diego.

I Skin-Tight Welsh

sex-sy mbol Tom Jones makes it a half-century on Thurs 7.

I James Galway & The Chieftains engage in eyebrow athletics at lidinburgh Play house on Thurs 7.

I Glasgow Heritage Week Sat ‘)- Sun l7.lt1n. ‘l'hc filth annual celebration of

( ilasgow 's rich and varied history. run by the National 'l'rust of Scotland and fcatttring tours. talks. walks. exhibitionsand

I The World Cup ltaly. Fri 8—Sun 8 July. The Scottish squad kicks off on Mon 1 l. against (‘osta Rica.

I Glasgow Jazz Festival Scotland‘s main annual jazz event. the biggest in Britain. runs l-‘ri 29—Sun 8 July. including a stringof major concerts at the 'l'ramway and the Theatre Royal. and a ‘distinct blues element'. Only one event is so far confirmed -- a collaboration between the Willem Breuker Kollektiev. the Mondrian String linsemble and jazz clown 'l‘oby' Rix on Sat 7 .luly.

I Another Fine Mess Stan laurel was born llltl years agoon loJun. lispect retrospective screenings of Sons ()f The Descrtctc. I Total Recall 'I‘cam-upof Arnold

'I‘t’rntiriulor Predator Schwarzenegger and Paul Rohor‘op Verhoeven promises big thrill factor in summer-release movie. I The Complete Carver A programme of all extant works by the Scottish Renaissance composer Robert Carver. performed over five nights by (‘appella Nova in (ilasgow ('athcdral. Begins Sat 30.


I Phil Collins Refusing to rcccde with his hairline. Phil‘s jetting out again. and hops off the plane at lngliston on Sun I.

I God Bless King Billy! Sun 1 sees the 300th anniversary of the Battle of the Boync. at which William Ill (son of William of()rangc) defeated (‘atholic James V” (James ll of lingland). iixpect files. drums and aprons in By res Road.

I Glasgow Folk Festival Six days from Mon 2 to Sun S. jam-packed with international participation including Scandinavian folk dance spectacttlars.

I Foreign Artists in Scotland —1(ierman lixprcssionist ()skar Kokoshka is the first in an annual series of featured artists with Scottish connections at lidinburgh‘s(iallery of Modern Art. July Sept. I Les Liaisons Dangeureuses'l‘he Royal Shakespeare ('ompanys 1985 y ersion of l.aclos' novel is still in repertory in

London. but also opens in Glasgow for ll weeks from Mon 9.

I Golf The two major ()pens take place this month: the Scottish at Perth. Wed ll—Sat l-l;the British at St Andrews. Thurs l‘)—Sun 22.

I Glasgow FairAn auspicious year all round for (’ly'desiders. l‘)‘)(lis also the StXlth anniversary ofthe first Fair. and the Victorian version is to be re-enacted on (ilasgow (ireen.starting Fri 13.

I UCI This month the American company opens yet another multiplex cinema this time with no less than 12 screens in Newcraighall. lidinburgh. I European Special Olympics l-‘ifth annual games for people with physical handicaps. including volleyball. swimming. athletics and football. in (ilasgow and Strathclyde. l‘ri 2t» Fri 27.

I Archaos See the

chainsaw-s soar! See the sparks fly! See the wild and wonderful French circus on its triumphal return to Scotland after last year's Fringe success. Glasgow. 'l‘ue 24—Sun 5 Aug; Iidinburgh Mon 13 Aug—Sun 2 Sep.

I Bolshoi Opera first British visit for Moscow‘s famous company. whose 45(lsingers and musicians will perform two of their classic productions. Boris (for/rotor and Prince Igor. and a new production of Schiller and

'I'chaikovsky 's .lluirl (N Orleans. Book early . Tue 31- Sun 5 Aug.

I Crimes And Misdemeanours woody Allen‘s latest. starring himself and Mama Mia. is due out towards the end of the year.


I Edinburgh Festivals The only month this year w hen lidinburgh w ill steal (ilasgow's thunder. Not a good time for seeking cultural-refugee status from the west. International Festival (Sun l2 Sat l Sept)'lihisycar there are twodominant themes. both of w hich w ill continue next year. The first is the Pacific. and brings work from Japan (including the return of Ninagawa). Korea and other parts of the l‘ar liast; the second perhaps


predictably ~- is eastern

Europe. including Czechoslovakia. Iiast (iermany and the Soviet linion. The stunning lils (‘omedients will be back; Nureyey will dance in The ()vermur. and the Renaissance 'l'heatre ('ompany will present two major Shakespearcs. Plus much much more.

Fringe Festival (Sun 12 —s;i1 l Sept ) The largest performance fcstiy al in the world.

Film Festival (Sat 1 Sun 2o) limes critic David Robinson returns for a second year as director of the world's longest-running film festival. last year's healthy emphasison innovation and young film-makers should therefore be retained. Jazz Festival (Sat list—Sun 2o) Promising around ()0 hours of jazz per day. at a circuit which embraces the l'sher l lall. Meadovvbank stadium. and 15 to 2tlpubs and hotels.

Television Festival For execsonly . btit the occasional gem emerges. such as Rupert Murdoch lecturing on Press freedom (snigger).

I Any Woman's Blues New novel by thinking woman's feminist lirica Jong. published this month by (‘hatto ts Windus.

I God Bless 'Em Queen lili/abeth the Queen Mother will be 9” on Sat 4. lis'pect sickening send-ups from Spit/1111: Image and l'1:. and ey en more sickening culogics elsewhere in the media.

I Shocker! the electric chair was first ttsed llll) years ago on Mon o. in New York's Auburn Penitentiary. Perhapsthis decade will see the l 'S adopt a 20th-century attitude towards capital punishment.

I Cezanne/Poussin (‘czanne w anted to 're-do Poussin alter nattire‘: that‘s the theme ofthis blockbuster exhibition at lidinburgh's National (iallery . 'l‘hurs‘) Sun 21 ()ct.w ith paintings by both artists from collectionsin l3 countries. I StTBBtBil ( ilasgow and Strathclyde's street entertainment festival. with artists from New Orleans. 'l'rinidad. ( ihana and l‘rance appearing alongside British performers. Sat 1 l- Sun 20.

I Festivals of British Youth Orchestras Running concurrently 1n ( ilasgow and lzdinburgh from Sat

l l until Sat 1 Sept. these two lesttyals are a

show case for the country 's best young orchestral performers (though the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland only appears in ( ilasgow ) and there is no competitive element. ;\t(‘ity Hall and