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. S PECIAL was born. They called itMayfest . o Ly M p I c s 0

Glasgow a People’s Arts Festival :

and as it grew and grew it became : more and more successful and: more and more popular. Throughout the land : (even in the far South) people spoke of the: wondrous events taking place and of the:

O enchantment to be found. 5 s U M M E R This year, little Mayfest is eight years old, and : G A M E S from Friday 4 until Saturday 26 May, you will : 1 9 9 0

STRATHCH’DE july 20-]uly 2,7

be able to take part in this magic Mayfest fairytale! ,

, This summer, The European Special Olympics Summer send your name Games will bring over 2,730 mentally handicapped athletes to Strathclvde Re 'ion from over 350 liuro)ean

andaddressto ._ ' . ’7 y. l .y countiies to compete in \xhat mll he one ol Scotland s

Mailing List P, Mayfest Ltd,

biggest ever sporting events.

If you think you might be interested in sponsorship. helping with fund raising or volunteering to assist in the running of the Games, please vvrite or telephone for further information to:

Glasgow GI ILH

European Special Olympics Summer (iames 1990. 95 Morrison Street, (ilASGOW (i5 8|.l’ 'l'el: (Ml-1.20 11.55.


to do thlS August ' May 29th - June 3rd w1thout even 1990 ViSiting Glasgow once . Inverleith Park, Edinburgh

Admin: 031 554 6297

Box Office: 031 553 7700

This year the Edinburgh SCOtland. Festival Fringe runs from USA Z'T‘l’abwe 12 August to 1 September. canada Be g'um

- - Netherlands England So, until then, enioy Glasgow 1990. But don’t forget the biggest arts festival in the world.

Professional performance companies from:

Plus FREE on-site activities

The List 12 25 January 1990 7