Avast there shipmates! Tis I, blind Pugh, with the fortnight’s highlights at a glance, err, I think. So cast a weather eye over this little lot and beware the Black Spot.

I 0!! MA HElD! I leel like death! What wis that stult we were drinking last night? Michael Roschlau's work leatures 25 mummified bodies lrom the Cappucini Convent, where bound bodies abound. Photogravures, 5-24 Feb. Glasgow Print Studio. See Art Listings page 50.

I DDWNE UNDER: Dob -a cross between Charles Aznavour and Gerry Sadowitz- will be compering the cabaret Core Tour in Glasgow and Edinburgh, complete with his expanding hair-do. Though spookily enough, the Doug Anthony All Stars will not be accompanying him. The Core Tour, 2 Feb, the Shelter, Glasgow and 3 Feb, The Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh. See Cabaret page 47.

2 The List 26 January 8 February 1990

I ANY ORDERS CAP'N? Aye a tot of rum tor me and some 'atlorthe bird. l'm gointer get legless. Damn yer eyes and cross yer t's and make loud sea-larlng noises! The Last Voyage ol Long John Silver. 31 Jan-1 Feb, Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh. See Theatre Listings page 42.

I SCUMDAG! I’m gointa teach you to stitch up my suit pockets! It’s quite easy, you get a needle and. . . Donald Sutherland lorces Stallone to lace up to his punishment lor making the Rambolilms. Butjust how much can an audience take? Lock Up. Sly's latest altering. opens on 2 Feb, Glasgow and Edinburgh Odeons and UCI East Kilbride. See Film Index page18.

I OIL BE DAMNED It's Diesel Park West reluelling in a bar during aiamming session. Theirvaguely Paisley-tinged debut album Shakespeare Alabama brought a glint to the eyes at rock tans looking lorthe next big thing. Low in heroics but high on melodies and chiming six-strings. Diesel Park West, The Venue, Edinburgh 2 Feb and Strathclyde University Union 3 Feb. See Rock Listings page 31.

I RUN FOR IT! lt’sthat bastard with the camera again! Ring-tailed lemurs flying from the photograper Frans Lanting. These and other wild animals are on view at the Wildlile Photographer oi the Year, until 25 Feb, Glasgow Art Gallery, Kelvingrove. See Art Listings page 50.

I HEY WAITA MINUTE that's me in the Hit List twice! Am I by any chance related? Donald Sutherland’s next lilm, A Dry White Season, a late entry in the South Alrican liberal stakes (the clue was in the title) also hasa pop-up appearance lrom old Marlon. A Dry White Season, Glasgow and Edinburgh Odeons and UCls Clydebank and East Kilbride lrom 9 Feb.

I CUT! Kurosawa's penchant tora gory story brings a new meaning tothe director's command. Now available on video, his bloody, long. or bloody-long medieval Japanese epics can brighten up yourliving room. See Video Column

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