comic, as demonstrated in excellent plays R Trongatet Glasgow» 041 552 4267- 10pm like Joe and Sheila. Directed bv Ian 5 (52-50). 599 Fri 2- Brown. Recommended. Sec p'mvicw. I Note; On "me; An Evening “Sam” I The Comlc Club Blackfriars, 45 Albion I DANCE FACTORY 142 (‘aldcr Street. 423 Public Discussion Tue6 Feb. Afterthe Storytelling Third Eye Centre. 346—354 Streets Merchant City. Glasgow.552 9430 performance of Tally '3 Blood. Free. Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow, 041 332 5924- 9pm3£5 .(£3)- Bar open The Dance. Factory is open for a variety of Post-show chat with director. ian Brown. 7521. See Fri 26. 8.30pm-mldmght- The stronghold of the C1855,“ during the week. both evening and and writer. Ann Marie Di Marnbe Funny Farm is still operating once a daytime. For example . Jazz (Beginners) at FR l 2 fortnight, but plans are afoot to start a 6.45pm on Mondays. Ballet at 6.45pm on week] comed session and even a s ccjal Wednesdays and Ballroom and Latin at G I “‘9 coma” Shop The Shelter» 7 improz/isation fright, watch this spa; for 7.30pm on Fridays. There are also classes I SanmakerTAG‘S first production of chfrcw Coun' 0“ chfrcw Street' details. In the meantime. we have a for children in ballet. tap. modern theatre 1990 is a revival of Alan Spencc~s ! Glasgow- 8-30Pm for 9-30Pmif4-5: fun.filled evening with Stu MacDonald, dance. Highland dance. baton twirling and autobiographical play about growing up in l (£350.). SPIO'" for Chmie Sm th 0&3 13‘}? who has been branching out of late into RAD Ballet. Phone for more details. Govan. Highly rated'at the time of its first “we '” Glasgow “'8 “‘5‘ deg. 0 'cr avenues almost as surreal as his Alphabet I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 2’6. 19 production at The Traverse Theatre in core Tour rcmms ‘0 town an "non 30‘s Libby MCAnhur and LOUiSC GOOdall. Queen Street‘ 221 “75” 1982‘ this version is directed by Alan FanShaWc Plays The TIC" (509 belowl who prefer to be known as Take Two. _,, Classes are held throughout the week in a Lyddiard. in addition to its public dates. Comm“: {9’ the “Mg at)? comedy Ala" Hay» Scotland’s answer ‘0 Johnnie “"0er and barred midi” “’00 feet the Show is also “wring Strathclydc ShOP'S the 'rfcprcs'blc BO Own'cr a Beattie (geddit?). and filling the New square from £2—£2.80. Phone for details of schools. More details on 041 429 2877. See walkingpasucm Of every Las vcgds comic Spot is 13" Kecr)’. da'ly Classes- Feamm loudncgctagdofifgacvhcast the I Jolie Box Bar Point, 42 Well Meadow gp3en Elementary Ballet Mondays _ . . “"_ r j _ , Street.Paisley.0418895188.8.30pm. . 0-9pm. 5.3?pbrfiTl‘3‘3’é’7Q’éé‘é’7’f’ 7723: $133!: Rb' : Edmbursh “W suppomng “'5 0”" Jazz from the John Donnelly Quarter and Lunchtime Stretch Tuesdays Glasgow-rue 6_Sun 1 1 Feb. 7.30pm. 041 compatnmsrirhc Doug Anthony Allsmrs comedy from Magic Bob, 12.30pm—1 . 15pm. Good for city centre 552 42671.0“ continues. 1 (alas not getting-further than London on - G"de Balloon 233 Cowgatc‘ workers. their current “5" t0 the UK)- HC 11 be Edinburgh, 225 3013. 8.30pm for 9.30pm. Beolnners Jazz Wednesdays 6.3lHtpm introducmg Don!“ Mcphallt Gordon £4.50 (£3.50). Don't miss the first-rate Beginners Tap Thursdays 5.30-6.30pm. Rsbsrtsoh arid hill-tot’Ps‘rM,ark 5‘03“. a line-up on the Gold Bier Core tourmoving Contemporary Beginners Thursdays brilliant mimic andhard-hitting political through from Glasgowss Comedy Shop 6.3O_8pm. commentator who 18 WC" worth seeing. (Sec Fri 2) for a night of hilarity in Baflmom Fridays 7_8pm.

FRIDAY 26 ' 3mm" mm“ Tm" “mm 63 Edinburgh. I SCOTTISH BKLLET STUDIO 261 West Trongatc. GlangW. 041 552 4267. 10pm Princes Street. 331 2931. Steps Out classes I Notes On Tlme: An Evening olSurreal £5 (£2.50). Perrier Award Winner and S U N 4 are run on a casual basis. adults £2 (£1 .50),

Storytelllng Third Eye Centre. 346—354 now featuring on That's Life. Fanshawe . juniors £1.50,

Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 041 332 has built up a strong reputation for I "'9 6'3" Jon" “cull” Nlohl MP" Ha". Comemporaw Tuesdays 57pm.

7521. Oscar McLennan and Kevin hard-hitting, topical humour with an Glasgow- 6-30Pm' A "18ht 0‘ mus'cv Video Mun Jazz Tuesdays 7_'15-8.3()pm, McAleer in an evening ofsit-down emphasis on sexual politics. A fairly and comedy ‘0 cc'cPratc “‘6 8mm Red Beginnars contemporary Thursdays surrealism. McLennan‘s specially frequent visitor to these parts and worth Clydcsrdcr- A19n85'dc {01kt blues and 6_7_15pm. ' commissioned monologue gets its first checking out. Don‘t let his association calun mus'cs Will be Comedy from BYUCF Beginners Ballet 14 yrs and above, complete airing (after a preview in last with Esther put you off. Mono" fwd Elamc C' sm‘th' Sounds “kc Saturdays 10—1 1 . 15am.

year‘s National Review of Live Art). I Suck the Marrow WASPS Studios. 3 800d “18ht om- Beginners Jazz 14 years and above, while McAlcer presents a character first Patriothall. Hamilton Place. Edinburgh. Saturdays 1 1 _3()am— 1 pm.

seen on Irish TV last Spring. who is a 225 1289. 9pm. Open house to do what I HILLHEAD SECONDARY SCHOOL chroniclcr of the obscure and the trivial. you want or to watch other people doing Oakfield Avenue. nearest tube Kelvin I Burns Night Theatre Workshop. 34 what they want. I‘m not sure where the Bridge.

Hamilton Place. Stockbridge. Edinburgh. marrows come in. Contemporary Dance with Jane Simpson.

Mondays 7-8.30pm. £2. Phone 334 3349


Jazz Dance with Karen Pasi. Thursdays 6.30—8pm. £2.50. Phone 339 4777 for



031 226 5425. 8pm. A day late. but close enough to celebrate Robert Burns with an R 3

evening of music. song. poetry and drink. I Slmon Fanshawe Tron Theatre 63






81 HIGH STREET R The Last Voyage of

S3? 2:26:36 by Daphne Du Maurier Long 10"" 311V" ' Directed by Charles Nowosielski WED 31 JAN THURS 1 FEB 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50) ’In all senses of the word they are marvellous'

proudly presents . Kneehigh Theatre presean

17 January 3 February Evenings at7.30pm

Matinee Sat 27Jan at 2.30pm _ The Scotsman From 7th February lllE riiAvrrtsr mum COMPANY PRESENIS W“ E N SM 0 Kl N5 '3 Edmburghpfculfiii company 33:5: :2:z:s: 222:2:3. “if .-:T " S ,_ by Anton Chekov SAT 3 FEB and 2.30pm. & 7.30pm. £3 (£1.50) 535%? "Hie puppets are stunning' ° by An ii Marie Di Mambro -Tthcotsman ' DIRECTED BY IAN BROWN ' Thur75doy l-Sundoy ll February by Joe one” THEATRE WORKSHOP : :1 I K .30pm and then on tour. 34 HAMILTON PLACE I; E All tickets Thursday 1 Feb £4.25(£3)Ma"nee £2 EDINBURGH EH3 SAX I only £3.00 Accessand Visa accepted BOX OFFICE: 031 - 226 5425 r kBox crime (031) 665 2240 )

46 The List 26 January 8 February 1990