Sara Villiers meets the triumvirate who illuminate the Dear Wet Place without setting it alight.

Hogmanay approached and the venerable City ofCulture was in a panic. The Big Celebrations were looking yawnsome. with naught but the flailing fat comic and the shreiking redhead to entertain the crowds. ‘We need something spectacular Chief.‘ groaned the Provost. ‘More fireworks!‘ cried the Chief. banging his fist on the desk. ‘Ouch. Why. this is a job for

Spontaneous Combustion.‘

Blast off! And smoke filled the City Chambers as the daring triumvirate themselves appeared. grabbed rockets and scaled the roof.

Whizz! Bang! Whirl! Holy Catherine Wheels! Spontaneous Combustion’s dazzling display filled the sky, entranced the gaping Glaswegians and saved the show.

And little did anyone realise that


cheery Scotty. besuited Robin and demure Caroline (respectively technician. artistic director and administrator ofScottish Youth Theatre) were the alter egos of the super-hero trio.

‘Well. ldo think our display was one ofthe most popular events that night', Caroline modestly suggests. ‘When we were first asked to step in

we were warned that the building

The List 26 Jan‘u—Irny :BT-“ebfiiiry 1990 65