ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Through one to one teaching. habitual postural mis-use and

resulting varied ailments can be positively interrupted. Phone 041221 7025.

I Women Live Art Group meets Mondays 7pm at South Bridge Resource Centre. Infirmary Street. Edinburgh. New women welcome. Painting. drawing. printing. collage etc. 80p per session. Information phone 552 ()759/556 2082.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes. with IVC. a self-run club for young career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events

such as badminton. hill walking.

theatre. meals. days out. parties. cinema. . .inthe Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. For details phone (evenings) 041762 2118or0506882l42.

I Personality Power Non-performance drama workshops using improvisation. roleplay and games for fun. enjoyment and gentle self-enquiry. ‘It offers the chance to flip out ofday-to-day life and explore a playful world. Most people find it very therapeutic‘. Penny Taylor. Evening News. Wednesdays 7—9pm. Church Hall. St James Place (behind Lewis‘) or telephone lain on ()31 3321790. I Exchanging Oneself for Others.

cuscow Lupimuscui svsirsgmtit-__

Public Intensive Training Seminar led by Professor Rod Bustall. Vajradhatu Emissary to the UK. Commencing Friday 2 February at 7.30pm. Dharma Study Centre. 207 The Pleasance. Edinburgh.

I Picturing ourselves. An art workshop for women. with Brenda Drew. £22/£16. Sat 27 Jan. 10am—5pm at Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. Office Hours 5.30-7.30pm. Send £5 deposit to book.


I Edinburgh lonely gay male (23) seeks warm. caring guy to share affectionate friendship. Interests: listening to music. going out. Detailed letter with photo ensures reply. Please do not hesitate. Box No 111/2.

I Woman (Edinburgh. 31)seeks sincere and down-to-earth man. with whom to share interests in cinema. music. theatre. outdoor pursuits (at a leisurely pace). dinner and sense ofhumour. Box No 111/3.

I Healthy. free-thinking Edinburgh male (29). currently thriving. no major skeletons. loves pleasureful life. hates bigotry. optimistic about a Greener future. independent fortoo long. Seeksintelligent. stimulating woman friend. Photo? Box No 1 12/2.

I Edinburgh professional woman (30) seeks male companion


(33—40) for friendship and light relief. Varied interests. All genuine replies considered. Photo appreciated. Don‘t wait write now! Box No 112/6.

I Gay male (30) straight-acting and OK-looking seeks similar.

Interests include travel. politics.

films and good food. Phone number please. Box No I 12/9. I Edinburgh male (23) seeks genuine caring female to wave the magic wand of love over my still-watered streams and in so doing charter the course ofmy future dreams. Box No 112/12. I Independent. lively professional female (33). Single again. seeks similar male (with not too much emotional baggage!) for companionship. friendship and any other possible vessels to sail on life‘s high seas. Box No 112/16.

I Man. young 32. not unattractive. Enjoys outdoor activities. films. theatre. conversation. Seeks sincere intelligent woman (22—38) with sense of humour. for nights out. possibly lasting relationship. Edinburgh/Fife/Dundee areas. Box No 112/17.

I Let’s climb the rainbow together. . . and love. talk (or both). walk. sing. play. shout. cry. laugh . . . l (man. 38)am looking for you (woman) to celebrate life together. Box No 113/1.

I Freelance writer and editor. male (23). seeks similarly creative and independent

woman for mutual support. love and understanding. Quiet. caring and friendly. Into cinema. theatre. art and culture. Edinburgh area. Box No 1 13/2. I Edinburgh woman (36) seeks sensitive. creative. vegetarian man for mutually supportive relationship and hopefully happy times together. Box No

1 13/3.

I Glasgow male (35). single seeks warm. sincere female (30-35) for adventure and cuddles. I enjoy travel. music and much more. Photo and phone number appreciated. Box No 1 13/4.

I Gregarious female (30). Recently arrived from the South. enjoys sophisticated living. seeks similar affluent professional female friends (non-gay). possibly also recent exiles. to fully exploit the City of Culture. Glasgow area. Box No 113/5.

I Dundee? Bored? Female (you. not me)? Cinema. theatre. pubs. eating out? Kundera. Roth. Capote. Lawrence. Kelman? Coltrane. Gaughan. Morrison. Ulmer. Hooker? Making sense? Making music? Making Whoopee'.’ Making thirty words. Box No 113/6.

I Post Hogmanay blues? Female (22) would like to meet lots and lots of happy. fun-loving people for socialising. making friends and generally having an extremely groovy time in Edinburgh. Box No 113/7.

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I Gtasgowtemale (31) attractive. easy going. sense of humour. seeks male friend to share fun and laughter. Photo appreciated. Box No 113/8.

I Male (26) Edinburgh tall.slim and not unattractive. would like to meet a warm. caring female with whom to banish the mundane daily routine of existence and actually experience life. Box No 1 13/9. I Glasgow male (27), tall. good-looking. professional occupation. seeks attractive and intelligent female cultural attachee (21-28) for light-hearted assault on 1990 and more. Box No 113/10. I Hate pub chat ups? Me too! Male student (20). Likes: Smiths. Wedding Present. Python. Sci-fi. seeks similar Edinburgh-based female for drinks and laughs. Photo appreciated. Box No 113/11. I Woman (Edinburgh, 34) with interests in films. theatre. eating out and the outdoors seeks companionable male (36-42) for varied activities with a view to growing friendship. Box No

113/12. . I Impecunious lemate graduate

seeks friends for discussing life. the universe and everything with over a drink or Coffee and Ilobnobs. Fascinations: People. music. politics. social issues. Long letters welcome. Glasgow. Box No 113/13.

I Any girls out there looking for a 20 year-old guy for pubs.

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