And now. here‘s the

weather— whether or not to go out. and where to go ifyou do. A depression will be spreading in from the west on Thursday after heavy drinkingon Wednesday. Apart from that here‘s the trough guide to what‘s up and coming in the next two weeks -— there’s more male flesh here than on Cyril Smith’s holiday snaps.

I VAN THE MAN. the grumpy genius returns without Clitt (aww). butwith his usual repertoire oi inspired songs and his by now legendary impersonation ola toothless mutt nuzzling a bone. mmm, yeah etc. Van Morrison. atthe SECC 13 Feb and The Usher Hall. Edinburgh 15 Feb. See Rock Listings page 33.

I SENSIBLE Footwear hall-heartedly auditioning tora part in the next Roger Rabbit movie. The all-lemale trio will be in Edinburgh atthe Pilton Triangle, 13 Feb. the Muirhouse Festival Centre 14 Feb and the Assembly Rooms 15 Feb. See Cabaret Listings page 53.

2 The List 9 22 February 1990


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- Martin Poynter will be at

I NOT LIKE THAT. like that. The cast olSuspended Sentences gather in awe. to learn the secret otthe pertect Tommy Cooper impersonation. The multi-media pertormance which involves cult sculptor

Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre 20—25 Feb. See Theatre Listings page 49.

I AAAGH! check the length at the queue tor clothing coupons. Theatr Blik seem to have sold their clothes it nottheir souls lortheirart. The highly polished Polish group will be at the Paisley Arts Centre 14 Feb and Edinburgh Theatre Workshop 16 a 17 Feb. See Theatre Listings page 49.

I EXCLUSIVE snaps ot Scotland’s rugby scrum on tour? Sorry lads. only joking. they're not on tour at all! Well alright, it'sa scenetrom Sur. the movie

. thatgleaned BestDirector prize at Canneslor

Fernando Solanas. lt traces a detainee’stroubled journey home atterthe overthrow otArgentina's militaryjunta. See Film Listings page 16.

I WAH! ldon't wanna goto school. Shut up and eatyour breaktast! Disney were so convinced that their torthcoming release Honey I Shrunk the Kids would be a biggie that they secured the patent rights on similar titles in case a sequel was needed. Watch outlor Honey I Xeroxed the Kids and Honey I Think lJust Stood on One otthe Buggers. Wide release Glasgow Cannons and Edinburgh Odeon. See Film Index page 16.

I I DIDN'T know you used Head and Shouldersll don't. it’s a Vileda Super Mop! Birdland. whose punk

thrash will have the

leathers llying. are no cheep imitation. They will be at the Edinburgh Network 12 Feb. See Rock Listings page 33.

I JOHN LOGIE BAIRD stands proud next to his then experimental TVset. Some at his earlier programmes have recently been sold to Sky. Meanwhile Collins Gallery in Glasgow have an exhibition at his work. See Art Listings page 56.