I FIFTEEH PlHTS and a chicken vlndaloo! Gentand Cotes perform their experimental dance piece da da dumb. in which they ‘travel across uncharted tundra'- without drinking lilteen pints. Part otthe New Choreographers Season at the Third Eye 22-24 Feb. See Dance Listings page 51.

I THE HOCKEY WORLD Holds its breath. waiting to see what new hairstyleJohn Christie has concocted with his team oi hairdressers tor the Indoor Cup Final. He had HMP proudly emblazoned onto his skull torthe Glentiddich tourney. Hockey, Indooor Cup Finals, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, 18 Feb. See Sport Listings page 51.



Ross Parsons behind the scenes at Scotland on Sunday and The List, (Shurely shome duplicashion? ed.), Observer Scotland revived and BT at the GFT all in your Brahms and Liszt.

Editorial staff at Thomson Regional Newspapers seem determined to ape this illustrious organ. First. The Scotsman produced a supplement entitled ‘The Listings’ (Listings~ List, geddit7). Now its sister ship. Semaphore On Sunday, has launched a series called ‘Behind the Scenes‘. Could this, by any chance, be related to the ‘Behind the Scenes‘ series that has been running in this very mag since November? Ours looks at personalities outwith the field of arts and entertainment. whereas SOS‘s purports to look at

. . . personalities outwith the field of arts and entertainment. Amazing coincidence! Two totally different ideas in two totally different publications. Silly of us to suggest that they should want to borrow ideas wholesale from us, not to mention our scribe, gorgeous. poutinglulie Morrice. Until, that is. we put it to SOS’s gorgeous, pouting Nigel Billen who squealed, ‘Oh yeah, we ripped you off. sorry about that.‘ Absolution granted.

Bad circulation is a terrible thing, especially in this weather. Hence the brass monkeys oi the Sunday press are currently clutching at their readership, lest it drops oil. However, despite the appearance on the scene of The Independent on Sunday, it would appear that rumours ot the demise oi the admirable Observer Scotland have been greatly exaggerated. According to editor Ian Bell, 6000 positive responses to their recent readership survey have been received. In bullish mood, he said, ‘I think even a Scotland on Sunday journalist could work out where the rumours are coming from’.

British Telecom have just stumped up £25,000 towards the cost ofThe Glasgow Film Theatre‘s second screen. The GFT‘s totaliser is now flashing ever nearer to the magic £450,000 mark. Telecom‘s contribution marks the first fat one from the private sector. But the Film

, could just make out the words ‘Luclier Rising'. A tax lrom Hell! No, not quite.

; main shopping areas. The mag,

newsagent's shelf near you, soon,

Theatre has no plans yet for a season of Maureen Lipman adverts. Some forty seats are still waiting for sponsors. so if you fancy seeing your name on someone‘s seat at the OFT, give ‘em a call. The GFT. that is. not BT.

Meanwhile, atthe Edinburgh Filmhouse, a missing lax containing intormatlon on the illms to be screened in the Kenneth Anger Season caused some consternation. Anger is a big tan ol renowned dlabollst Aleister Crowley, and when one sheet at the tax went missing the worst was suspected. With trepidation (and a quaklng arm), a Filmhouse employee reached into the machine and pulled out a gnarled and twisted sheet ol paper on which they

It was lrom Lunnon (same place innit?), naming Luciter Rising as one of the Anger illms that they could include in the season.

Van the Man described as ‘Light Entertainment”? Van Morrison— light? Wise up! He fills out his ‘Man at C & A' outfits better than Harry Secombe would a leotard. Nor is he known for his lightness of manner and chirpy good nature indeed on stage he often resembles Torquemada with a hangover. Thus, the grumpy guru may have one or two things to mutter when he returns to Edinburgh's Usher Hall on 15 February and finds they have billed him thus. The Usher apparently reserved the title ‘Concert’ for Peggy ‘where is she‘." Lee. Ifthey are referring to his music— it is frequently entertaining, though never ‘light'. In fact, for many of those who neglected to visit a barber during the Seventies. his Astral Freaks. sorry Weeks. album was the heaviest thing around.

‘Salmon-chanted evening’ is the happy retrain oi certain English hoteliers. According to a recent report in The Scotchperson they have been caught in the unfortunate and doubtless highly embarrassing situation, ‘being in possession of salmon in suspicious circumstances’. Something lishy was going on, but what exactly do you have to be doing with a salmon before the police decide to bring charges against you? Unless it was just a red herring.

Is there no end to the insidious influence ofthe City ofCulture? Even the excellent Shaver's Weekly ‘Very Very Slack and Easily the Worst Buy Around‘ felt compelled to send ‘The Naked Man‘ to the Burrell Collection to pose beside the artwork. Glaswegians gasped and giggled as he fearlessly exposed himself to the City’s culture and

produced by the hard-drinking lads who once gave Edinburgh the club ‘Gassedallweekendo‘, will be on a

Naked Man era].

The List 9 22 February 1990 3