poodles into this year! Search in vain for a dog that looks remotely sensible! NB: avoid perception-altering drugs before the exotic breeds.

I tlrapp's Last Tape (C4) 9- 10.05pm. Careful restoration was needed for this, Alan Schneider‘s 1971 live recording of Beckett‘s classic. which was lost until 1988.

I Angel Heart (Sky Movies) lOpm—midnight. Mickey Rourke plays a down-at-heel private eye who follows a case to New Orleans where he finds himself embroiled in voodoo and murder. Director Alan Parker pulled out all the sex. violence and arty cinematography for this one.

I The Impossible Spy (BBCZ)

1015-] 1.50pm. John Shea is the Jewish spy who. in 1962. arrived in Syria with the identity of a wealthy Arab businessman and rose to become a close friend of the President. When his identity was revealed. he was on the brink ofbeing appointed Minister of Defence. A promising drama in the Screen Two IEveryman(BBC1)10.30—11.15pm.ltis estimated that 20 per cent of all children will experience their parents‘ divorce by the age of 16. Everyman takes a look at what happens when the link with one parent - in nine out of ten cases. the father - is taken away.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

1050-] 1.50pm. The subject this week is leading German composer Hans Werner Henze. and the film tells ofhis early life in Nazi Germany and his involvement with protest movements in the 605.

I Scottish Boolts (Scottish)

11.50pm- 12.20am. The Saltire Scottish Book of the Year examined. plus Janice Galloway‘s first novel. The Trick is to Keep Breathing. Come on. we knew that ages ago.

I llittldoxx!(C4)12.20—1.50am.A documentary. with English subtitles. on the rain rituals and ancestral rites of Senegal. filmed for the first time.

I Snub TV (BBC2) 6.40-7. 10pm. Featuring The Breeders. made up of Pixies‘ Kim Deal (aka Mrs John Murphy). Throwing Muses‘ Tanya Donnelly and Josephine Wiggs from The Perfect Disaster.

I Horizon (BBC2) 8.10-9pm. Genetic engineers are claiming that their work will regenerate the Third World and reduce the need for chemical pesticides. Horizon‘s research reveals a slightly different picture.

I Survivors: Miracle of the Scarlet Salmon (BBCl)8.30—9pm. A film crew followeda salmon‘s life. from its first year in the Adams River. British Columbia. out to the Pacific Ocean for two years and then back to the river of its birth. encountering killer whales and scientific teams on the way. Triff wildlife photography.

I Broadway Danny Bose (BBCZ) 940.25pm. Woody Allen. in one ofhis best 805 films. plays a theatrical agent for losers who falls foul of the Mafia. Mia Farrow co-stars. IPanorama(BBC1)9.30-10.10pm. The Police - In For Questioning: public confidence in the police goes under the microscope. and the C ID are joined for house-to-house searches for murder suspects. Blimey!

IEXCBSS(BBC1) 10.10—10.40pm. Cover star Robbie Coltrane is featured in this edition of the BBC Scotland arts programme. Music comes from Del Amitri.

I Scottish Eye (Scottish) 10.35—1 1.05pm. Rerun of the series that was previously shown on C4 on issues affecting the country.

I Live From Britain (C4)

11.10pm-12. 10am. Taking the radical change of 1979 as its starting point. this


Desert Hearts

documentary examines Britain‘s perception of its national identity. and to what extent the progression of the Thatcherite ethic was related to idealised interpretations of the past.

I Ell Joe (C4) 12. 10—12.45am. Beckett regarded Billie Whitelaw as one of his muses. and Eh Joe. focusing on a man (Klaus Herm) taunted by Whitelaw‘s voice in his head. was written especially for her. Footfalls and Rockaby. screened over the next two days. also feature her as the central character.


I Science Fiction (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. First in a series of true stories from the world of science that are . . . wait forit. stranger than fiction!

I Taking Liberties: A Measure of Suspicion (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. The final programme of the series looks at how the Prevention of Terrorism Act. operated without any reference to the courts. has affected innocent people.

I Travelog (C4) 8.30—9pm. Not just C4‘s answer to Wish You Were Here. . ?. buta series designed to highlight the issues involving the British traveller and explain how the travel industry works. The first of the programme‘s location reports has Suggs MacPherson (of Madness) takinga cheap trip across Egypt.

I Thiel in the Night (C4) 9-10pm. Dementia. or Alzheimer‘s disease . affects vast numbers of elderly people. Thief in the Night examines the problem and offers practical advice on how to cope with sufferers. The programme was made in Scotland by the Edinburgh-based Cormorant Films.

I Quantum Leap (BBCZ) 9—10.30pm. The pilot for a seriously wacky-looking American time-travel series. which will no doubt be as overwhelmingly popular as The Gemini Man.

I Harold Lloyd -The Third Genius (Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. Footage ofthe great silent comic. and interviews with legends of the silver screen who knew him well.

I Coll-Jamaica Classic (Scottish) 11.35pm—12.35am. Betsy King ofthe USA defends her title as the top female golfer in a half-million-dollar challenge.

I The Fly (Sky Movies) 1 1.45pm— 1 .45am. David Cronenberg really came up with the goods with this one. One unpleasant and gratuitous scene aside. he took the bare bones of the cult B-movie original and put it right in its place. Stiff drink required by the end.

I Footlalls (C4) midnight—12.40am. Billie Whitelaw. unable to sleep. hears what she thinks is her mother‘s voice. and embarks on one of Beckett‘s most haunting monologues.

I Isamhard Kingdom Brunel and I Kama Sutra Rides Again (C4) 12.40—1 .20am. Two of the best films of Roobarb animator Bob Godfrey in a double bill.


I The Mormons (C4) 2.30—3.40pm. Who are they? What do they believe? And why are they stocking up enough canned foods in their basements to fill a small supermarket?

I Boom! (C4) 5—5.30pm. Snappy and colourful weekly magazine programme for children with special needs. compiled with active participation between children and production team and hosted by C4's first disabled television trainee. Andrew Miller.

I Troublemakers(BBC1)5.10—S.35pm. A six-part thriller for the kids. Toby‘s dad is in prison. and despite his mother‘s fears. he falls in with a fast crowd of lZ-year-olds. But. of course. there are much more nefarious things being perpetrated by multinationals. and Toby is in the right place to foil their plans.

I Family Matters: Loolting lor Love ( BBCl) 7.30—8pm. On St Valentine‘s Day. the programme asks how successful are some of the modern methods of looking for a partner? Do we even have a clear idea of what we‘re looking for?

I Chronicle: Macedonia - A Civilisation Uncovered (BBCZ) 8. 10-9pm. Archaeologist Manolis Andronicos was excavating a lost city in Macedonia when evidence came to light that it wasthe ancient capital. Aegae. The grave of Philip ll. father ofAlexander the Great. is only one ofthe treasures in the programme. and Andronicos‘ conviction that Macedonia was no barbarous outpost is being borne out.

I Signals: Schizophrenic City ( C4) 9.15—10pm. Every day. Ulster artists and craftsmen are producing work which stresses the great divide in their country. Signals attempts to explore the complex imagery of the Loyalists and Republicans. I OED: Once Upon a Time (BBCI) 9.30—10.10pm. The notable thing about this playful. dramatised look at the subject of time is that as an Anglo-Swiss co-production. every scene had tobe filmed twice. once in English and once in French and sometimes performed differently, depending on the priorities of the directors. It‘s already been seen in Switzerland. and they seemed to like it.

I Desert llearts(C4)10.05—11.50pm. Donna Deitch's acclaimed 1986 movie ofa lesbian romance kicks off a season entitled Women Call the Shots a celebration of women‘s contribution to international cinema. Around 30 films will be shown. most receiving their British TV premiere. and most from the arena ofthe independent film-maker. The season is divided roughly into four groups- United States and Europe. Third World Cinema. Soviet Cinema. and Animation and the compilers note an underlying thread of concern with familial. social and sexual relationships running through the films they have selected. The second film in the season is Penelope Spheeris' Suburbia on Fri 16.

I Midweek Sport Special (Scottish) 10.35pm—12.35am. The WBC International Light Middleweight and European Super-Featherweight Boxing Championships. plus Cup Football.

I Blue Velvet (Sky Movies)

11.45pm- 1 .45am. David Lynch‘s vivid and frightening look under the veneer of respectability in a small town earned him an Oscar nomination. and a lot of fans. Kyle McLachlan is the fresh-faced amateur detective about to go through his rites of passage.

I Bockahy (C4) 11.50pm—12. 10am. The final play in this week‘s Beckett trilogy. again with Billie Whitelaw. but this time in a rocking chair looking back over her life. I My Mama Done Told Me (C4) 12.10—1.10am. Another chance to see the story of the torch song. not as a chronological history but as a personal collage featuring performances by Edith Piaf. Nina Simone. Peggy Lee. Dinah Washington. Imelda Staunton and Lee Waley.


I The Ladyltillers (BBCZ) 6—7.30pm. The last of the great Ealing comedies, soit‘s claimed. was conceived entirely in a dream. and that feeling of Technicolor unreality pervades the finished product. Alec Guinness is the leader of the bank robbers. who pass themselves off to their landlady as keen amateur musicians.

I Widevtorld: Betum to the Biami (BBCZ) 7.30—8.20pm. A warm welcome back to the TV listings for the subject of cannibalism. The pretext of returningto this grisly subject is a study of the Biami people of New Guinea who. even 20 years ago. would devour the ‘witch‘ that was bringing bad luck to the community. Now the former witch doctor leads Sunday congregations in ‘Amazing Grace'.

I Tomorrow's World (BBCl)8—8.30pm. The gang find out how to deal with corroding bridges when they visit the Williamsburg Bridge. which links Manhattan and Brooklyn and has to cope with the strain of 250.000 cars a day.

I Notes in the Margin 1980-89 (BBCZ) 8.20—9pm. Malcolm Bradbury examines the 19805 through its fiction. and challenges Amis. Drabble. Lodge and the like to define their tasks in the coming decade.

I The Crystal Maze (C4) 8.30—9.30pm. See Preview.

I The Comic Strip Presents: GLC (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. Jennifer Saunders in Brigitte Nielsen mode is the Ice Maiden dominating Britain. and is challenged in ‘a laughter-packed drama in which the

Klaus Herm in Eh Joe. See Mon 12.

The List 9- 22 February 199069