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Edinburgh EH1 1TE, or to:


l Lineage: £4 per 30 words I

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II a Box Number is required there will be an additional charge 0121.

Lineage: £2.50 per 30 words Semi Display: £2 per 10words (minimum 20 words)

Display: £4 per single column centimetre (minimum 4 Excl. VAT

II a Box Number is required there will be an additional charge 01 £1.


Lineage: £4 per 30 words Seml Display: £3 per 10 words (minimum 20 words)

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CLASSIFIED ADS, The List Ltd, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, , 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 2J2.




(day) Ieve)

No of issues

Payment enci. 1:] TM lI Semi Display required: (min 20 words)

[:I Tlclt ll Box No required: (obligatory in Personal) CLASSIFIED DEADLINE lor Issue 115 is THURS 15 Feb.

.Adverl— note: tel nos count as 1 word

relationship. Any age or nationality. Box No 114/6.

I Wanted Young woman for fun. Must have good sense of humour and love dressing up sexiiy. Hobbies: travel, scuba diving, pubs. Photo appreciated. Genuine replies to nice guy, own flat. Box No 114/7.

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1:1

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars, promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write, enclosing the material, to: Classified Ads Dept at The List.

I Duiet. reasonany content male (22). New to Renfrewshire seeks ‘indie’ female (16-25) into the Sixties, literature, true crime, cinema, melancholy sounds, gigs, clubs, sport, travelling, cuddles and/or friendship. Box No 114/8.

I Attention ladies I‘m coming to interest a female that likes conversation, countryside, arts, music, Embassy Regal! Professional lady would suffice; preferred age over 25. Guaranteed first advert. Have fun writing! Box No 114/9.

I Don Quixote seeks fair maiden with whom to tilt at the windmills of life. My lance may be broken, my armour dented, but my heart istrue. Non-smoking, tall, slim male




It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Rates start at £5 per single column centimetre (excl. VAT) Ior Group 1 and £4 persingle column

centimetre (excl. VAT) lor

Group 2. Minimum size 4cms.

Lineage/Semi Displa

THIS IS SEMI DISPLAY It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. The minimum is 20 words and costs from £6 for Group 1 and £4 for Group 2. Personal adverts in this style, including Box Numbers, cost from £6.

I This is a lineage advert A maximum of 30 words will cost only £4 for Group 1 and £2.50 for Group 2. Personal Adverts in this style, including Box Numbers, are £4 for 30 words.

during business hours.

(31) seeks lady (21—35) interested in music, theatre, the great outdoors, evenings out and nights in, with a sense of humour. Glasgow area. Reply with photo and phone number to Box No 114/10.

I Glasgow male (25) Dark, handsome and sophisticated (well almost) wishes to meet an attractive, sincere, intelligent lady for a fun-filled friendship. Box No 114/11.

I Edinburgh male (26) with warped sense of humour seeks attractive female to share pubs, gigs, cinema, and lots of laughs. Also into all sports and athletics. Photo appreciated. Box No

1 14/ 12.

I American physician (37), new to Scotland, seeks friendship of

. an intelligent and thoughtful

young lady (non-smoker). preferably a graduate. Box No

1 14/ 13.

I Edinburgh Iemale (23) seeks intelligent friends to share love of the arts, books, cinema etc. (male/female/gay/straight). ALA. Box N0114/14.

I Funlovlng, active tall male (32) seeks positive, attractive, intelligent, Edinburgh woman who shares some interests. Eg skiing, cinema, bands, people, conversation etc for friendship/relationship whatever? Box No 1 14/ 15.

I Warm, attractive female (30), new to Glasgow seeks uncomplicated male (preferably tall), for cinema, theatre, dining out and perhaps hillwalking at weekends. Anyone interested? Box No 114/16.

I Professional, male thirtysomething, seeks bright, attractive, twenties guy to


6 consecutive insertions )i’ for the price of 5. Please note Lineage and Semi Display adverts are inclusive of VAT.


4 consecutive insertions 5% i

8 consecutive insertions 10%

12 consecutive insertions 15%

25 consecutive insertions 20% 1


please telephone:

Edinburgh (1131) 558 1191

Glasgow (1141) 332 9929


14 High Street (opp. John Knox’s House), Edinburgh,

discover Glasgow 1990 and other things. Interests: music, theatre, opera, eating out. Have own sports car for tranSport. Photo/phone please. Box No

1 14/ 17.

I Tell guy (29). Interests: personal development, writing, comedy, cinema, conversation and chicken tikka. Seeks like-minded woman (20—30), Glasgow area for fun, outings and romance. Box No 1 14/ 18. I New man (40) with old-fashioned tendencies, tall, good looking, successful. academic, bored with single life, seeks lasting‘relationship with caring, humorous, attractive woman sharing cultural interests, romantic pleasures. Box N0114/19.

GLASGOW DOCTOR (29) bored after break up of long term relationship seeks intelligent girl up to 28, preferably graduate , for general socialising/nights out etc. Box no 112/10.

I Male (31 ) 5ft 8in. Non-smoker, tremendous potential, getting fit. intelligent/caring. Dead-seriously seeking special young woman, non-smoker, for mutual development/ companionship. Hopefully improving dreadful discipline/morale. Unfulfilled life. Happiness awaits marriage? I really am worth the effort by the most serious woman. Long letters welcome. Curious? If you need someone, write today. ALA. 1 need companionship not money. Box No 114/20.

I uy (24) attractive, straight-acting, sincere, fun-loving, seeks close friend/partner to share full social life, night in/out etc. Must be honest, caring, non-camp, looking for commitment. Photo/phone number if possible. Glasgow area. Box No 114/21.

I Female (26) seeks friends to talk with , socialise with and generally get out of the old, dull routine with. Good sense of humour. Love music. No pub crawls please! Glasgow. Box No 114/22.

I Fun runner female, (40s), merry but not gay, culture vulture. Wants company for theatre , cinema, concerts, outings etc. Box No 114/23.

I Glasgow lemale attractive, (34) wants to meet new male friends for evenings out, weekend activities. 1 en joy the arts, socialising, skiing, windsurfing and lots more! interested? Phone number appreciated. Box No 114/24.

I Glasgow man seeks purely physical, totally meaningless, gay relationship! I’m forty, bald, fit. Interested? I’m attracted to anyone with a bit of character. No lisping, adolescent disco queens. Box No 114/25.

I Glasgow Iemale (22). Serious, bored and lonely seeks male in similar situation for drinking, cinema theatre (friends too!). Indie-ish but out of the scene for a few years. Box No 114/26.

82 The List 9 - 22 February 1990