Pumpkin Massacre

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5’... , new lood called pumpkin. They had the t s ._ meal and stayed a law days- and then i ' ' they murdered them.‘

The piece, written lor 12 solo strings and lasting about 12 minutes, is not, however, programmatic as such. ‘It's really a reaction to the excitement and horror oi the massacre and tries to come to terms with that sort ol struggle’, he says. ‘It’s pretty intense Contemporary Scottish music comes to and hardly lets up at all.’ Paragon's the lore this issue With Penile" concerts will give the work its Scottish Ensemble's concerts ltt GIBSON end premiere, the New Zealand Chamber Edinburgh on Sunday 4 and Monday 5. Orchestra having given the lirst But it is not Scotland which has given oodomaooo to New zdaiaod last April,


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the instillation I0t the "MI ttttltlt 0" and Lontano the lirst in the UK, in been cnhhcd .1 was their programme, The Pumpkin London, last November. And Cresswell James Bond, on orgmo M88836"! by lye" Ctesswell- 30'" in lans can make a real weekend ol it, as fora Week'. Stuart Wood New leelettd. but new we" settled in on Saturday 3 in Glasgow Cathedral, - - g is Thunder and the Edinburgh, Cresswell has tumed to his Caoooiia Nova oodorm his who on pneumatic Alexei homeland tor the story ol this piece, White ior 13 soio ooioos, - hiasardu is the Pussy. of which he describes as ‘a bit like the commissioned by the choir in 1935. wursc. Bin it. (AM)

I Mark Germino: Rex Bob Lowenstein (8M6) A DJ song. not along the upbeat lines of ‘Last Night a DJ

; Saved My Life' or ‘Mr DJ' or even ‘DJ‘. but more

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I Black Box: I Don'tWant Anybody Else (Deconstruction) Proving that nothing's as much fun the second time around. No. it isn‘t ‘Ride on Time Part 'I‘wo'. bill that might been more interesting. This isn‘t much of


Gleneoe massacre.‘ The tale is a true (Carol Main)

one which Cresswell discovered while Paragon, Sunday 4 March at 7,45pm, staying with a brother at Waikanae, the nsmao, Giasgow, and Monday 5

site at the massacre. and teedifltl "it 0" March at 7.45pm, St Bernard’s Church, some local history. He explains: ‘It was - Edinburgh,

round about 1840 and one Maori tribe Cappella Nova, Saturday 3 March at was having problems with another, so 7,3opm, Glasgow Cathedral.

they lthted them to a meal. Whleh W88 See Classical Listings lor lull details.


live-piece with Don Weller. When I heard him last year, playing

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with ex-Mlngus trombonist Jimmy : I The Shop Assistants: Knepper at London's Bass Ciel, Wellins : Here it Comeleesse Garon sounded in line voice, an impression and The Desperadoesr more than borne out by his new 6'3"“ Hotel (“Ve'enthel

Meet the new Shoppies. same as the old Shoppies. with Sarah's voice made to

recording Birds ol Brazil (Sungai), an intricate suite arranged by Tony Coe, and inspired by a horrillc oil spillage in

lot of New Age, which has

, sound as close as possible influenced at least one track on the Boom, Roots, where he now tides. ‘ii ,0 the departed

album - ‘3 really Spacey ttaek Whteh brought home very directly the damage , motorcycle girl Alex. and I've not named, SO Whoever buys the we are inllicting on ourselves and the the same rough'n'tumblc record can call it what they want. It’s creatures around us" weiiihs says, sound shuddering to a halt quite a diverse album really, as there tahd i ye" i heeded in “press how I re" live. just as it used to. But are a couple of slowish numbers and by composing a jazz suiieot something 5 time astral/-

and l'm not sure what ' exactly. ‘(irand llotel' is one of the Desperadoes'

one with a rockish feel.’ There have been a number of great dance albums released in recent

His partner, guitaristJim Mullen, began his musical lite as a bass player,

. , , coincidentally in Andy Park’s band, ' mm, memorable YeetS(Patttet118tlY_tn the tap field), who returned to the stage lorthe moments. cut from the but we‘re still waiting for the first Network last month, Manon switched same cloth as the earlier truly great house LP. In one’s lnstmmant and moved to London, ‘Adam Faith Experience‘. bedroom, house tends to sound A when he was involved in the but with the benefit of a father one'dimehsional and The second Scottish Jazz Network tour progressive rock scene as well as jazz, . hm” drum 5"”“d' (AM) repetitive (there are some exeellent brings togethertwo Glasgow-born but is best known lor his partnership ' ' v " rt '_' ' exceptionstol know)- Recent releases human who have made their living in with saxman Dick Morrlssey. 'y ' _' f‘ by Adamskt and 808 State have the south lor many years. Saxophonist Those two have begun playing t -

PtOVed the difficulty in Profitiding the Bobby Wellins is the senior by almost together again alter a temporary split, consistency to sestam the listener’s ten years, and moved into jazz lrom the during which time Jim led a line but interest for 40 minutes. Whether . dance band scene in the late 1950s, economically impractical quintet; both Automanikk will be the one to do It iolnlng drummer Tony Crombie's Jazz players lound that their public liked remains to be seen- Despite Gerald's Inc, where he lirst met up with pianist them better together than apart. Jim is

obvious raw talent. I doubt it- Stan Tracey. accordingly well used to playing with a A Guy Called Gerald headlines the He joined Tracey’s quartet in the tenor saxophonist, which augurs well Magical Manchester Mystery Tour early1960s, and contributed his lorthe tour, with Eddie Severn on package (which also Includes the distinctive saxophone voice to Tracey’s trumpet, the excellent Brian Kellock on

Ruthless Rap Assassins, Kiss AM C most lamous record, the suite Inspired piano, Ronnie has on bass, and Tony and DJs Jon Daszlva. the Jam M C5 by Dylan Thomas’s Under Mllk Wood. McLennan on drums. (Kenny

and local 015) at an all-dayer His career was eclipsed lor almost a Mathleson)

(begmnmg 4pm) in the Letth decade by what are politely relerred to Jim Mullen/Bobby Wellins Sextet, Assembly Rooms, Edtnbtfrgh 0" as ‘personal problems’ in jazz circles, Merlin, Edinburgh, 27 Feb; Tay Hotel, Sunday 25 and the Mafia", Glasgow but he re-emerged in the mid-70s with Dundee, 28 Feb; Henry Wood Hall, 0" Monday 26. his own quartet, and a highly-regarded Glasgow, 1 Mar.

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