2 The List 23 Februarv 8 March 1990


Hold her steady Smythe, I’m going up to take a look. Hold her steady man. Right, up periscope! Let’s see what’s going on this fortnight. Damn and blast, those List boys seem to have got there first! Dive! Dive! No not you Smythe, get back up here. I meant the sub, man, the

I YES! Tom Cruise wasthis ugly all along- he iusthad some highly trained make-up statt to get him his earlier heart-throb parts. Oliver Stone's return to 'Ham. Born on the Fourth at July has received no less than eight Oscar nominations. with Tom himseli in line lor one. Cannons and UCIs trom 2 March. See Film Index page 17.


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I VIVIAN! You bastard you’ve got my pyjamas on! Oh sorry. they're not mine at all. Funny thing these mistakes eh? Yes. that's a line trom Shakespeare's Comedy ot Errors (the skinhead version). The English Shakespeare Company will present the original at Glasgow’s Theatre Royal 5-10 March. See Theatre Listings page 49.

I GOVERNOR Earl C. Long shows just how close he came to a nasty accident. watched by a disbelieving Lolita Davidovich. Paul Newman plays the ageing Governor in Blaze. which tells ot the real lite affair between the Louisiana State Governor and the exotic dancer Blaze Starr. Cannon The Forge. and Odeons Glasgow and Edinburgh from 23 Feb. See Film Index page 17.

I CHRIS BEARD trying his best to look, it notsound. like Eric Clapton. The Geordie croonerwill be inviting comparisons between himself and Book at Bedtime when he plays the SECC on 4 & 5 March. See Rock Listings page 37.

I THE LIST'S own Trevor Johnston does histamed impression at Indiana Jones. Oi course it’s really a scene lrom Fellini's 1963 masterpiece 8 1/2 reissued in a brand new print. However. it does tollowthe trials and tribulations ot a tortured lilm-genius which, come to think oi it. aln'tthat tar away irom ourTrev. Glasgow GFT. 5-7 March. See Film index page 17.

I ALL REVVED UP torthe Oscars, Driving Miss Daisy looks set to zoom oil with a clutch of them. The lilm version oi Altred Uhry's award-winning play has received no less than nine nominations. including one tor its sprightly 81 year-old starJessica Tandy. Cannon Parkhead and UCIs trorn 23 Feb. See Film Index page 17.

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I THE winner, by a nose. in the Barry Manilow lookalike stakes. . . Steve Martin in Roxanne. Bazza. accompanied by his nose. will play the Playhouse Theatre. Edinburgh. 27 & 28 Feb. See Rock Listings page 37.


his best to look like Benny. pictured in lront ol the leaning tower oi Peckham. The snappy stand-up who earned the accolade ‘disgusting individual' lrom the Right Hon David Steel. will bejoining the Core Tour at The Shelter. Glasgow2 March. See Cabaret

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