Kennoway Community School Thurs 1 March. 7.30pm. 0592 756633. Waid SATU R DAY 24

Centre, Anstruther Fri 2 March. 7.30pm. I cavern Comics Clyde Cavern. Clyde 0592 756633. Crawford/1rd Centre. St place (just over Jamaica Bridge), Andrews Sat 3 March. 8pm. 0334 74610. Glasgow 9pm £1_ New fortnightly

I Tal'y’s 3'00“ Ann Marie Di Mambm‘s comedy venue that aims to provide more play draws on her 0w” SCOmSh “aha” than the standard stand-up fare. There family background and studies the periods will be a varicd mix of new andcstabnshcd either side of the last war. it comes asa local acts and juggling troupc‘ Up For resu" Of her year as Wm" I“ RCSidcncc l Grabs. will have a regular slot. Tonight‘s

main star is Phil Kay ofthe Funny Farm with his surreal one-liners. See Preview. I Duggie Brown Palace Theatre. 9 Green Street. Kilmarnock, ()563 23590. £4 (£3). Mainstream entertainment from TV comic. Duggie Brown. with help from May and Patrick Harold.


l Three Men Trio Bros Troupe Upstairs at Bonhams. 194 Byres Road. Glasgow, 041 357 3424. 9.30pm. Free. Three-fold entertainment in triplicate from the comedy triad. You‘ll catch them at Bonhams on the last Monday ofcvery month from now on.

I Parrot Paisley Arts Centre. New Street, Paisley. 041 887 1010. 9pm. Free. The

at the Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. Touching and humorous. but a little

lzitggté-weight. More details on 031 226 Funny Farmer gives an hour Office

- it" t' th b .R om nd d. TronTheatre,GlasgowUntIlSun25Feb. cn cr dmmcnm c ar cc me ‘3

7.30pm. 041 552 4267. Newton Stewart, Douglas Ewart High School Tue 27 Feb. 2pm. 0671 3773. Castle Douglas High '

School Wed 28 Feb. 7.30pm. 0556 2821. Byre Theatre. StAndrews Thurs l—Sat 3 March. 8pm. 0334 76288. MacRobertArts Centre, Stirling Tue 6—Wed 7 March. 7.45pm. 0786 61081. Cumbernauld

Theatre Thurs 8—Sat 10 March. 7.45pm. ' I . 0236 732887. Tourmminucs_ I Laugh Lines Gateway Studios, Elm

Row, Lcith Walk. Edinburgh. 031 557

4554. Scottish Television were mighty pleased at the response from readers of The List who turned up for the filming of their forthcoming Funny Farm series in W January (due to be broadcast from 15 March at 10.35pm). An even bigger series

I AEC Cabaret For Romania Pleasance Bar. of programmes is now being put together

The Pleasance. Edinburgh. 8pm. £1. by Scottish for 888 and once again

Music and comedy in aid of the Flanders- readers of The List are encouraged to Scottish Alliance which is raising funds for come along. For the past fortnight they‘ve Romania. As well as rock and reggae. been in and out of the studio. filminga there is the debut appearance ofThe staggering four shows a day and they are Parma-Violents featuring Susie and Heidi continuing on selected days until 8 March. Violent (I'm sure their mother wouldn‘t By then they‘ll have got through some 60 approve) who specialise in musical comedians from both the London and comedy based around Morningsidc busses local Circuits. Among the many names (and you didn‘t know they had busses in appearing are Simon Fanshawc. Tony Morningside). There will also be a whole Slattery. Mark Miwurdz. Jo Brand and load oicomic sketches and if you look Lynn Ferguson. and hosting it all isthe really closely you‘ll be able to see Dick one and only Nicholas Parsons. lfyou'd

Bulldogtypingom his next press release. like to be in the audience for one ormore D

occupying. The problem is that this was

all very exciting and innovative when G E N B U H

Sayle, Elton and The Dangerous

Brothers began, but now the simple THE THE

utterance oi ‘Filoiax’ and ‘Fuck’ does

not cause the hilarity that itonce did. (I (The Comeuv snap) Sat 3rd Marc” 7990 know that none at the comedians on the - bill will welcome comparisons, but F," 2"d Maw" 1990 MARK THOMAS maybe litheir material was more MARK THOMAS MICHAEL REDMOND original these would be unnecessary).

The alternative comedian now needs M'CHAEL REDMOND R'CHARD MORTON

strong material as well as strong

RICHARD MORTON COMPERE - language. That is what sets the earlier ' FRED MACAULAY THE CD M|c CLUB generation aside trom the likes ot Eric COMPERE - ' Heretic and Martha McBride who FRED MACAULAY THE GILDED BALLOON M BlaCkifiafSi GlaSOOW- pertormed at Blacktrlars last Saturday. STUDIO...“ EATRE The Comic CIUD is making a conceded Both Sayle and Elton have produced TV 1145 SHELTER m COWGATE comma“ effort to do tor Glaswegians whatThe shows in which each has come up with i RENFRew com. m: toan 225 6364 Comedy Store did tor cockneys. In a about three hours of original material. F"ENFREWClttl'llnlins GLASGOW "63:55" sa;e,?;;jf;§gg’;f; smoky,~dimly Ilt cellar, all tour at the Heretic, Phil Kaye and Matt Love were :335‘;bm venue 3'5 a 9" °' night's perlormers launch a torrent ot still toiling with the 20 minute routines D an abuse at the city’s yuppies (who that they used in the Edinburgh Dams one" DOTS 0!) provide the audience), utter the odd (or Festival. This begs the question ‘Are 9.30 for 10.00!!!" rather, trequent) obscenity and tackle these the only ideas they’ve got?’. Sad 8-30 '0’ 930m

Issues that would make Jimmy Tarbuck to say, I think that they probably are. tum In the grave which he should be (Philip Parr)

Tickets £4.50 (£3.50 Concession)

The List 23 February 8 March 1990 53