Don’t cook now!

‘l’d Love to Change the World But I have to Cook the Tea: A Creative Politics Day for Women‘ is the title of a major conference taking place at Edinburgh‘s Drummond High School on Saturday 3. The event is being organised by A Woman's Claim of Right in Scotland, the cross-party group campaigning to increase the numbers ofwomen involved in Scottish politics and is part of Edinburgh District Council’s week-long programme ofevents to celebrate International Women‘s Day. _

The theme of the conference 18 ‘redefining politics‘. drawing on

Maria Fyte, MP. Speaking at Women's Conference in Stirling.

women‘s experience of community and grassroots campaigns. Isabel Fletcher, one of the organisers, explains: ‘Women often have little interest in conventional politics, which they see as being more to do with gaining personal power than solving problems. Grassroots

organisations such as tenants‘ groups or single-issue campaigns often hold more appeal, because they’re dealing with real issues in a practical way. We want to use these groups as models for alternative methods of political organisation, because they’re often much more in tune than the political parties with what women want.’

The organisers hope the conference will bring together women with experience of, or simply an interest in, grassroots politics. The day will largely consist of workshops, with local women activists speaking to promote discussion. By comparing notes on different organisations, the aim is to assess political priorities and develop ideas on new ways of organising and working.

‘As well as this,‘ says Isabel, ‘we hope that by having a big gathering of women activists we’ll get a sense ofthe huge amount of talent and energy we have - and the potential power. And maybe we’ll come up


With a way to bring it all together.’

Another conference on the theme ofwomen is to be hosted by Stirling District Council on Thurs 1. Entitled ‘Charting the Changes‘, it aims to assess the work done for women by Scottish local authorities over the past five years, as well as outlining priorities for the 1990s. Delegates from local government, trade unions and private employers will be addressed by various prominent figures from the women’s movement, including Jo Richardson, Shadow Minister for Women, her deputy Maria Fyfe, and Valerie Wise, former chair of the GLC Women‘s Committee. As well as speakers, there will be workshop sessions and a lunchtime cabaret featuring The Raving Beauties and The Msfits.

The Edinburgh conference is open to all women; individuals as well as organisations are welcome at the Stirling event. (Sue Wilson)

See Politics listings for details on both events.


Edinburgh University. i Info: Frances Cornford,

express their feelings confidently through visual

Thursday 1 ' 4476854. 7—10pm. art.

I Personally Speaking Lesbian and Gay Centre. 58a/60 Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 8pm. Free. A special meeting ofthe Edinburgh Bisexual Group, at which each person will be given 5— 10 minutes" uninterrupted time to talk about heror his sexuality, problems and positive aspects.

Thursday 8

I Social Night Lesbian And Gay Centre, 58a/60 Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 8pm. Free. Bring your own bottle to this regular monthly meeting of the Edinburgh Bisexual Group.

GREEN Sunday 25

£2(£1.50). A screening of short films on water pollution, followed by a public discussion of the issues raised.

POLITICS Thursday 1

I Charting The Changes: ' Study Of Cycles. The Local Government Working : For Women Golden Lion Hotel, King Street, Stirling. Info: Marie Kane, 0786 79000 ext 2086. 10.15am—3. 15pm. Organisations £25 per person; individuals £5. A conference to discuss past achievements and future priorities. See panel.

Saturday 3

I I’d Love To Change The World But I Have To Cook The Tea: A Creative Politics

Sunday 25

I Mythology And

. Astronomy- Cycles OlTime In The Ancient World Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Streeet,

I Edinburgh. 2.30pm. 556

5385. Subjects for discussion include The

Kalevala, The Cosmic Axis, The Precession of the Equinoxes, Jason and The Argonauts and The Epic of Gilgamesh. Phew!

Monday 26

I Music In Islam Lecture Theatre, Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Info: 225 7534 ext 219. 12.30pm. Free; donations welcome. Dr Owen Wright ofthe School of Oriental and African

I 00'9"“ DIVB'II‘ :1)" For 910:1}? h S h I Studies in London gives Swimming Pool. glf¥cn£c c 00 this lecture in the Islam

Infirmary Street. Edinburgh. Info: 667 8766/229 5076. 2pm—5pm.

Edinburgh. Info: Isabel, 229 6573/Sue. 556 6421.

Past & Presentseries.

Tuesday 27

. ' - . .. . 10am—4.30pm. - Sjlgnxgfigsrccfhncp’d“ £1 (low/unwaged 50p). l I "I! Artist and Spiritual Workshops to redefine U" H'nhcad Library.

plight of dolphins in the North Sea and raise funds to fight on their behalf. Sponsored swimmers. stewards and lifeguards are still required. If interested. contact lIelen Hodgson on 667 8766. Contact Greenpeace representatives in Bathgatc (0506 568 63); Stirling 0786 832 971 ); Grangemouth (0324 484 416) or East Lothian (031 332 2310) for details on Dolphin Dive-In events in those areas.

Friday 2

I Toxic Tips For Beginners Pleasance Theatre.

politics for women, using grassroots and alternative structures. See panel.

TALKS & WORKSHOPS Saturday 24—Sunday25

I Growth Through Art Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, 667 5438. 10am—5pm. £37(£27) for two days, including lunch. - throughom hisml’)’. 369 Gallery's artist-in-residence Rose Frain leads this weekend workshop designed to enable participants to

Byres Road, Glasgow. Info: 333 0524. 7.30pm. £2(£1). The last of a series of four talks on art and religion organised by Glasgow Buddhist Centre is given by Abhaya.

I Women Artists Conference Room, Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, 225 5584. 7.30-8.30pm. Free. Eunice Wright continues her sociological I study of women artists

focusing tonight on the 19th century.

Wednesday 28

I Persian Painting Lecture

Theatre, Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Info: 225 7534 ext 219. 12.30pm. Free; donations welcome. Edinburgh University‘s Professor Robert Hillenbrand is tonight’s contributor to the Islam Past & Present lecture series.

I Astrology NOW Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace (access via Upper Bow), Edinburgh. 7.30pm. £2. Ermin Scotland introduces state-of-the-art star-reading.

Friday 2

I 29" I'dmm’": study of women artists Immucm'y I3" Qua"cr throughout history. Meeting H0050, 7 focusing tonight on the Victoria Terrace,

Edinburgh. Info: John Fraser, 04] 339 3888. 7.30pm. Free. An introduction to basic techniques and benefits of Zen meditation.

Saturday 3

I Taoist Tai Chi Workshop Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, 667 5438. 10am—5pm. £18(£12). Rod Edwards leads a session of mobile meditation technique, involving slow, natural movements, for mental, physical and spiritual relaxation.

Sunday 4

I Massage Day Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh, 667 5438.

Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Info: 225 7534 ext 219. 12.30pm. Free; donations welcome. An intriguing-sounding lecture of the Islam Past & Presentseries, given by Professor David King of Frankfurt University.

Tuesday 6

I Women Artists Conference Room, Central Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, 225 5584. 7.30—8.30pm. Free. Eunice Wright concludes her sociological

20th century, up tothe Second World War.

Wednesday 7

I Soviet Islam Lecture Theatre, Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Info: 225 7534 ext 219. 12.30pm. Free; donations welcome. In the light of the recent upheavals in some ofthe Soviet states. Professor Bill Wallace should shed some interesting insights.

Thursday 8

I Monkeys And Mushrooms Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, 552 7171. 3pm. Free. This afternoon. Dr Roy Watling discusses (with illustrations) the relationship of monkeys in

7534. 7.30pm. Free, though seats may be booked in advance for 60p. A grim-soundingtitle for today‘s second Simian lecture by wildlife biologist Ian Redmond.

OPEN EXTRA Thursday 22—Sunday 25

I Careers For The 1990s Scotland Hall 5, SECC, Finnieston, Glasgow. Info: ()1 464 4129. 10am—5pm. Free. An exhibition representing

' over 1000rganisations, including employers, colleges and careers advisory services; and aimed at pupils from second year upwards, students, graduates and anyone consideringjob changes.

Saturday 24

I Sale OiArhvorkAnd Photographs 66 Great King Street, Edinburgh. Info: 5562825.11am—1pm. Free. A ‘private view' and sale of work by local artists to raise funds for the Sunrise Trust, which was established to give carers and single-parent families the chance to enjoy holidays.

Saturday 3

I Buddhist Centre Open Day Glasgow Buddhist Centre, 329 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, 333 0524. llam—Spm. Free. A chance to learn

lOam—Spm. £18(£12). the West African _ . lk h Joanna Legard leads rainforest with a fragile med'tat'on' ,to tah '0‘ 6 another session of ecosystem dependent PCOPlc runfllngl ‘3 b0 massage for all-comers, upon fungi. Centre, to find out a ut

who should bring a large towel and a supply of oil.

Monday 5

I Science In The Service 0i Islam Lecture Theatre,

I Mountain Gorillas: Survival 0r Extinction Lecture Theatre. Royal Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Info: 225

the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, or simply to reflect on some aspects of Buddhism in Western society, with no obligation to participate.

The List 23 February - 8 March 1990 83