Attitude problem

We must write in support of the

arguments so cogently and bravely

expressed in The List 1 13 by ‘Scots With Attitude‘. Indeed. their thoughts on the introduction of quota systems to control the number of English allowed to live and work north of Berwick and Carlisle

; should. we feel. be logically

extended to include mandatory identity documents. pass laws. and segregated facilities of all kinds. Perhaps some easily recognised symbol could be carried on English clothing?

It is widely accepted that the Scot is the whitest skinned ofall the

: European races; thanks are due to

‘Scots With Attitude‘ for at long last casting off the feeble tones ofmere nationalism. and expressing their more genuine aspirations for racial and cultural purity.

Well. so much for the English. Now how about the Asians. Chinese. Jews. Catholics and homosexuals?

Scots With Lobotomies (iovanhill Glasgow.

Oh you lucky lobotomoids: you win this issue 's big prize a dead trendy. one-size-fits-all Jose ( 'ueri'o tequila T-shirt. No you're not getting one each.

No nonsense

I do believe some of your correspondents have been on the nonsense tobacco. They obviously get paid too much. Especially ‘Mrs .‘vlac' ( List 1 1-1. food reviews). who thinks the (‘hambers Street Museum’s cafe bears a strange resemblance to the L'SS Iz'nterprise. It wasn‘t like that in my day. although mind you. I haven't been there for a few years.

It used to be my favourite spot. but then I got banned for life. All I did

You’ve read your way through the magazine or are you one of those wacko types who starts from the back? Either way. let us know your reaction apathy. angeror

abject adulation. The best letter next issue will win a

Jose Cuervo tequila T-shirt. Letters. which may be edited for publication. should be sent to The List. Old Athenaeum Theatre. 179 Buchanan Street. Glasgow GI ZJZ. before 2 March.


was take one of the stuffed coypus out of its case. and say to the woman at the food counter ‘Gaun gees this wi‘ chups missus‘. Well. they said it was self-service. The porters grabbed me. humourless bureaucrats that they are. and threw me. crestfallen and lunchless. down the steps. So let that be a lesson to you young folks.


St Johns Road


Lost souls

Listen List readers did you read the letter(List 1 l3) entitled ‘Vital ()rgan‘. whose author would like the introduction of political topics into


Come and try our varied and changing menu and extensive wine list in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 108—128 BROUGHTON STREET, EDINBURGH, 031 557 2377

88 The List 23 February 8 March 1990

/ \



our magazine? Well yawn. yawn. yawn. If he wishes to read about political topics tell him to buy The Guardian. or. better still. The .S'eotsman. ‘Our' magazine is. as stated. an events guide.

But I will tell you what the mag needs. and that is two good. clear city maps so a man and his girlfriend might have a bloody good chance of finding the 'I'ramway 'I’heatre before the show starts. And by the way. ‘Jock 'I‘amson's Bairns‘ was 'pure dead brilliant‘.

(iordon (‘raig Drumfork (‘ourt IIelensburgh.

Foot fault

(‘all ycrsels an events mag! Then why. oh bloody why. do you consistently ignore the events that arouse far greater passionate interest than anything you artful chappies and chappettes could ever imagine? I refer ofcourse to football. which for some reason you seem to look down your big collective nose at. For an events mag in central Scotland to ignore the major love ofso many people's lives is as bad as a San Francisco guide without a gay section or a Manchester guide without a music section.

Don‘t try and fob me off with the lame excuse that you have a page of sports listings. I'm not interested in ploughing through the fixture list for the Wester llailes Women‘s Domino League or the the MFI Monopeds‘ Volleyball (‘up fixtures nor do I want six pages of art listings! Less ofthe

highbrow and the irrelevant and you might have a good magazine on your hands.

Gary Robertson

Greenbank Drive


Flared nostrils

Your correspondent in issue 114 has obviously never seen a 'Killhammer from Hell' descending anywhere. If he had he would be well aware that 'I‘l IE clothing for such occasions is flares. Aye pal! I would be more than happy to provide the said article of clothing but I fear that he can no longer lay claim to the title. discontented ‘yoof‘. and is more likely to be some ageing hippy. so who is he to lecture anyone on their dress sense'.’

Sheila Swaddle

Warrender Park Road


Pedants revolt

Perhaps I can set the record straight. A guddle is what the writer appeared to be in (‘Behind The Scenes', List 114). I‘m all in favour of the use of the mither tongue. but please restrict yourselves to the proper context. Rory McCuile

Craigie Terrace


A pedant replies: It wa'sn 't the writer who was in a guddle, but a proofreader fishing for pseudo-ethnic terminology. This unfortunate individual has now been dealt with. The original said ‘keeping the record straight'. not ‘keeping the guddle straight'.

Head case

I am compelled to write in disagreement with one aspect of Alastair Mabbott‘s review of the ‘Jacket Hangs‘ single by the Blue Aeroplanes (List 114). Having suffered the Aeroplanes support REM. I can in all honesty say that if AM was to watch Head. also from Bristol (‘I can‘t read. I can‘t write. but it don‘t really matter. cause I come from Bristol town and I can drive a tractor‘ from A Snog on the Rocks. their debut LP). he may find it a more ‘happening' experience. If only Head got the opportunity that the Aeroplanes got. then they may fulfil the claims made by some of being the next Rolling Stones. Best wishes to a lifesaving mag.

Paul Glass

Tweed Road


The Wright Stuff

I‘ll tell you who‘s mad. People who write captions for photos of serious mime groups in your Theatre Preview section brupde-do raving mad pal! Made me laugh so they did. That's all. How about more pictures of early Soviet space stations?

John Sharpe

Aberdare Avenue


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