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22 The List 9~ 22 March 1991)



('l‘()() BEAUTIFUL FOR YOU) 13

I Mac and Me (U) (Stewart Raffill. US.

1988) Christine Ebersole. Jonathan Ward.

Tina Caspary. 1(lllmins. Macis in factan acronym for Mysterious Alien Creature in this kiddies' adventure that follows the cute little extraterrestrial'scarthbound adventures with a gang offouryoung chums. And yes. it does sound a lot like Spielberg's I:”l'. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. I Marnie( 15) (Alfred iiitcheock. L'S. 196-1) Sean Connery. Tippi Hedren. 130

; mins. Maligned Hitchcock. edging baCk

into critical favour. hasmillionaire Connery attempting to investigate frigid. kleptomaniac Hedren. the eponymous figure. in a peverse and seemingly self-destructive relationship. A sourer vision of male female interaction than

Vertigo. but nevertheless it remains a cool.

measured and impressive spectacle. Glasgow: GET.

I Married To The MOD ( 15) (Jonathan Demmc. US. 1988) Michelle Pfeiffer. Dean Stockwell. Matthew Modine. 104 mins. Mafia wife Pfeiffer finds herselfa widow after her hubby slips intothe jacuzzi with Stockwcll's best girl. Escaping to a new neighbourhood. she hopes to start afresh. but one kill ain't enough for Tony The Tiger. who folloWs her in pursuit of more meat. When F131 agent Modine finds himsell’on the case. things hot tip. . . or railter don't.hecause despite Dentine's quirky hallmarks. so successful in .S'mnetliing Willi and .S'lnp Making Sense. the plot is predictable and slow. and the actors seem dragged down with it. Glasgow: (il’l'.

I Mississippi eurnlngt 18) (Alan Parker. L'S. 1988) Willem Dal'oe. Gene llackman. Frances McDormand. Brad Dourif. 127 mins. This study ofracial hatred in the deep South ofAmerica stirred up a hornet's nest ofcontroversy. but gained six nominations and an Oscar. Despite its commercial context it remains a powerful thriller full of good intentions. and few mainstream directors would dare even to try and bring such a flammable


\\'l.\.\1~.l€ .11 NY '(.Rr\.\i) i’RlX' L ANNICS


Dcsck Malcolm. THE GUARDIAN




subject to the screen. Glasgow: GFT.

I Moon In The Gutter( 18) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1983)Gerard Depardieu. Nastassja Kinski. Victoria Abril. 126 mins. Depardieu isan increasingly obsessive dockworker on the trail of his sister's rapist while at the same time getting involved with the mysterious and filthy rich Kinski. A celebrated disaster. Beineix's difficult second feature boasts an operatic approach to the visuals but precious little emotional involvement. Fansof [)imshould still see it. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Mon Oncle d‘Amerique My American Uncle ( 15) (Alain Resnais. France. 1981)) Gerard Depardieu. Nicole Garcia. Roger Pierre. 126 mins. Resnais' satire on modern French life takes the form ofan analysis by psychologist Henri Laborit (played by himself) of three deeply unappealing characters: a factory manager (Depardieu). an actress (Garcia) and a television executive (Pierre). The examination ofthe three figurative laboratory rats is assembled with Resnais' customary brilliance. but the result isa bleak vision of social determinism. Glasgow: French Cine Clttb.

I The Mosquito Cosst (P0) (Peter Weir. US. 198(3) Harrison Ford. Helen Mirrcn. River Phoenix. 119 mitts. Ablack-edged reworking ofelentents front 'I'IieSwlt-s Family Rulilnsnn as Ford's know-it-all inventor forsakes the sad decline of Western civilisation and recklessly heads into the jungles of South America with his family and worldly goods. litlinhurgh: Filmhouse.

I Mr Klsln ( 15) (Joseph Losey. France. 1976) Alain Delon. Jeanne Moreau. Francine Berge. 123 mins. Paris 1942. A well known antiques dealer is mistaken for a mysterious Jew who appears to have the same name. and in his efforts to solve the mystery. he gradually assumes the stranger's identity. intriguing Kafakaesque character study. Bit on the depressing side. Edinburgh: Film Guild. I New York Stories ( 15) (Martin Scorsese/Francis CoppolaWNoody Allen. US. 1989) Rosanna Arquette. Nick Nolte. Giancarlo Giannini. Woody Allen. Mia Farrow. 118 mins. Three of New York‘s finest film directors provide a mixed bagof tales from the Big Apple. Allen comesout on top with Oedipus Wrecks. a short. Jewish momma comedy in the mannerof his less sophisticated early output. Scorcese and Coppola disappoint. Badly. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Nightfall (PG) (Jacques Tourneur. US. 1957) Aldo Ray. Brian Keith. Anne Bancroft. 78 mins. Ray plays an innocent man implicated in a crime. who takes to the Catskill mountains to dodge both the cops and a felonous duo who are out to eliminate him. Excellent outdoor locations in this fast-moving gem from expert craftsman Tourneur. whose other thrillers include the splendid Build My Gal/om: High. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I El Norle 'I'lie.\'ort/i (15) (Gregory Nava. US. 1983) Ernesto Gomez Cruz. David Villalpando. Zaide Silvia Gutierrez. 141) mins. Tracing the journey oftwo Guatamalan children as they struggle desperately towards North America. Nava's movie graphically depicts the underside of the American dream. After tangles with illegal Mexican wetback smugglers. and miles ofcrawling through sewers swarming with rats. the lure of riches proves just as elusive on arrival in [.os Angeles. The sombre tragedy enclosed in the film acts as a counterweight to traditional Hollywood immigrant films. seen from an exclusively liuropean perspective. arid throws much light on the problems of living with the overbearing American giant. Edinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

I Oliver And Company ( ti ) ((icorgc Scribner. ITS. 1989) With the voiccsof Joey Lawrence. Billy Joel. Dom 1) Bette Midlcr. 7-1mins. I)isncystudios'

free adaptation of Dickens' Oliver Tit'lxi set in modern New York. with Oliver asa cute kitten hanging out with a bunchof streetwise dogs. The Artful Dodger is played by pop-singer Joel. while La .‘vlidler turns in a pampered poodle. The usual Disney charm prevails. though Diekens' cutting edge is blunted somewhat. Glasgow : Cannon The Forge. Edinburgh: Dominion. ()dcon. Strathelyde: I'Cl Clydebank. L'Ci East Kiibridc. I Orphee ( l5) (.lean Cocteau. France. 195(1)Jcan .\1arais. Marie 1)ea..‘v1aria Casares. 95 mins. Cocteau creates an unrivalled cinema fantasy in this stunning modern version of the ()rpheuslegend. replete with surprising technical tricksand the director‘s personal brand of poetry. lidinbtirgh Film Guild. I 0111011118 Blue ( l8) ( Dennis i loppcr. CS. 1981)) Dennis Hopper. Linda Manz. 95 mins. Starrng and directed by our Den. ()ill ()f The Blue takes up where Easy Rider left off. following the beat dream to its bitter end. Hopper is an alcoholic. self-indulgent truck-driver. consumed with guilt fora hideous car smash; Manz is his daughter. in permanent mourningfor lilvis. 'l'home thematic thitnilarity with .lartnusch's Mystery 'I'rrn'n. though it lacks the later film's stylistic brilliance and control. lidinhurgh: Filmhouse. I Parenthood ( 15) i Ron Howard. 1:8. 1989) Steve Martin. Diane Wiest. .lason Rohards. Rick Moranis. 124 mitts. A film apparently derived iron) the experiences of Ron 'Mr Nice Filin' Howard. the ex-lltip/iy' Day's star. ()ttt' Steve. L‘X‘Htipp)’ Feet star. is in his element as a lovable jerk trying hard to be a good dad. However. the climactic montage where every member of the cast is either giving birth or cuddling some cute wee baby in glutinous slow-motion had our critic reaching for his Sten gun. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon Sauchichall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. Strathclyde: L’Cl Clydebank. L'Cl East Kilbride.\\'.\1R Film Centre. I The Phenix City Story (P0) (l’hil Karlson. US. 1955) Richard Kiley. Ed Andrews. John McIntyre. liitlmins. Barnstortning. semi-hysterical thriller chronicling the true story ofan Alabama tow n founded by runaway slaves and renegade whites to become a mythical centre of crime. which was laid waste by the military in the early l95i)s.This extraordinary story is followed with newsreel relish. and makes you wonder what the hell was going on in America on both sidesofthe line. Edinburgh Film Guild. I Play Me Something ( 15) (Timothy Neat. 17K. 1989) John Berger. Tilda Swinton. Hamish Henderson. 72 mins. 1n the lounge at Barra's airport. assorted travellers await the fogbound Glasgow plane. and old man Henderson conjures tip a story teller ( Berger) to kecpthern entertained. His story of romance and politics in Venice is transposed against Neat's dislocated images of the city and Sw iss lensman Jean Mohr's evocative photographs. The result is an impressive examination of the art of narrative from a celebrated homegrown talent. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (PG) (Paul Bonerz. US. 1989) George Gaines. GW. Bailey. Matt McCoy. 91) mins. The laff-a-minute boys in blue take on a crime ring in this latest instalment ofthe series that explores new depths in infantile comedy. Strathclydc: WMR Film Centre. I Raging Bull ( 18) (Martin Scorsese. [78. 19811) Robert de Niro. Cathy Moriarty. .loc Fuel. 129 mins. Middleweight boxing champ Jake 1.a .‘vlotta finds it difficult to sustain his early success and as his career fades. he declines into a travesty ofhis former sclf.1)e Niro‘s stunning physical presence dominates Scorsese's savagely bleak study of self-destructive machismo. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse.