You’re probably wondering why we invited you all here. One ofyou in this room is going to have a good time over the next fortnight and we want to make sure that you know where and when to have it. Right, that’s all, you’ll find some clues on these two pages.

I JAWS, the GreatWhite Shark oi Scottish rugby. John Jellrey, gets his chance to maul the bastard English, err. must be looking lorward greatly to the lorthcoming nailbiting encounter with England at Murraylield on 17 March. The outcome will decide which side can claim the Grand Slam. See Sport Listings page 68.

I FOR lunk's sake! It's Microgroove. With an ex-Loose Tubes member and their Joan Collins-style shoulder pads. the eight-piece group will be supporting Gil Scott Heron at Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 9 March. See Rock Listings page 33.

I WELL it’s not goin' to be much oi a hen night ilthat’s the best mate stripperthey could come up with. The glum laces leature in Willy Hussell's latest movie. Dancin’ Thru The Dark. which lollows the mazy course at a drunken night out and a would-be bride's crisis. Glasgow and Edinburgh Odeons lrom 16


I DRIP. drip, drip, the Wets are back. Butwhai's this? Their latest ollering, Holding Back The River. sounds vastly superior to

lorcing some hydrophobes to change theirtune?

unlikelyto be a dry seat in the house when they play the SECC on 20 a 21 March. See Hock Listings page 33.

March. See Film index page

Popped In Souled Out and is

Gerraway! However, there's

I THERE. thatshould hold even a latty like Kenneth Baker, now all we needto do is drag him here. teach' will be pleased. The lorlorn lourare lrom Celia, a stunning lirst lilm lrom Australian Anne Turner, which has a special preview at the Glasgow Film Theatre 11 March. then runs 18—27 March. See Film Preview page18.

ITHAT Petrol Emotion determinedly point outthat they are a quintet. Boasting two iormerUndertones (arguably the world's linest ever band). they will be at Glasgow’s Sub Club on 19 and 20 March to promote theirnew single. Abandon. See Hock Listings page 33.

I i'M just going to sit here holding ma towel til you stop calling me Roger de Courcy. John Cobb. loreground, and Stewart Ennis. lurking in the background. star in Theatre Workshop’s Kiss olthe Spiderwoman. which is on tourlrom 9 March. See Theatre Listings page 51.

I SEE ilyou look carelully lrom here. you can see the end olthe series. Denis Lawson returns to play more olthe Justice Game. this time with romantic interest. something 01 a touchy issue inthe real world ol jurisprudence these days. However, justice once, the romance is at the boy meets girl type. See Media Listings page 75.

2 The List 9 22 March 1990