Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA = Parking to be Pre-Arranged. L 2 Level Access. R = Ramped Access. ST = Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC = Adapted Toilet(s). WS 2 Wheelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent Seats. E = Induction Loop System. C = Guide Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant Accessible. B = Bar Accessible. T = Adapted Telephone.

Help: A = Assistance Available. AA = Advise Venue in Advance.


Theatre is listed by city first. then byvenue. running in alphabetical order. Touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. Prices in brackets are the concessionary price. Long running shows. unless specified otherwise. do not run on Sundays.


I SLACKFRIARS 45 Albion Street. Merchant City. 552 5924.

Waiting For Godot Workshop Wed 14 Mar. 7—1()pm. £4 (£3 members). .\'ot a performance. but an exploration ofthe rapport between Beckett's two protagonists taking in techniques ofMusic Ilall and Tragedy on the way. Solo mime performer and teacher. Mark Saunders. leads this Performance Exchange class for which you are asked to bring a hat and a pair ofold boots. Wednesday evenings in Blackfriars are also club nights for Performance Exchange members. Call 227 5557 for more details. See also Tramway Theatre below.

Behind the Words Wed 21 Mar. 7—11lpm. £4


Until Sun 11 Mar at 7.30 pm

Third Eye Centre in association with the Tron NEW MOVES - SCOTLAND s new DANCE SEASON 1990 Tues 13 Mar - Sun 18 Mar at 7.30 pm £5 (123)

American Connexion


LATE NIGHT Thurs 15 8. Fri 16 Mar at 10 pm

Trestle Theatre Company L'AMFIPARNASO

Tues 20 Mar - Sun 25 Mar at 7.30 pm

Elaine CSmith ‘HERSELF‘

Thurs 22 Mar - Sat 24 Mar at 10.45 pm 135 (123)

TICKET PRICES : £5 (£2.50)

unless otherwise stated.

VTSIt our



(£3 members). Actor. director and movement specialist. Joyce Deans leads this Performance Exchange workshop which will concentrate on findingthe physicalityoflanguage. Emphasison Greek Tragedy. Shakespeare and Berkoff.

Comic Club Every Saturday and Sunday. See Cabaret.

I CITIZENS' THEATRE (iorbals Street. 429 0022. Box ()ffice Mon—Sat ltiam—8pm. Bar. [.Access: P. L. Facilities: WC. WS. E. (i. AA]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse L'niil Sat 3 Mar. 7.311pm. £5 (£1 ). The firststage adaptation of the novel by \'incente Blasco Ibanez has been scripted by Peter Granger-Taylor who also appears in Jon Pope's production. An early film version of the book was a hit for RudoIfValentino and was subsequently remade in 1961). A playboy becomes involved in war against his will. but is made a hero nonetheless. See Preview.

I CLYDE THEATRE Boquhanran Road. ('lydebank.95l 1201). Box ()ffice

Mon -Sat 11lam—6pm. Ticketsalso available from Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 227 5511 andall'I'icketlink outlets.

Wildcat's new home. the Clyde Theatre. is out of action until Mayfest or just before. I CRAWFURDTHEATREJordanhill College. 76 Southbrae Drive. Crlasgow. 95113437 3438. ]Access: P. R. Facilities: WC. WS. Ii. (i. R. B. Ilelp: A.AA]. Head in the Clouds Wed 14 Mar. 1 lam at 2pm. Two short performances for scltools by TAU.

The Tokyo Trip Fri 16—Sat 17 Mar. 7.3llpm. £4 (£2). See Touring.

Asian Arts Sun 18 Mar. Horne-grow n entertainment for Cilasgow’s Asian community.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Cumbernauld. (1236 732887. Box ()ffice Mon-Fri 1(1arn—-6pm; Sat 111am-3pm; 6—8pm perf. evgs Bar Cafe. [Accessz PPA. ST. Facilities: WC. WS. (3. 8. Help: A. AA]. Writers Workshop Mon 12 Mar. 7.31)pm. Classes continue every other Monday. Tally's Blood I'ntil Sat 11) Mar. 7.45pm. Thurs £2.51) (£1 .25). Fri 6‘; Sat £4 (£2). See Touring.

Boothies'l'hurs 15-»Sat 17 Mar. 7.45pm. Thurs £2.51) (£1 .25). Fri ck Sat £4 (£2). See Touring.

The Kiss of the Spiderwoman 'I‘ue lit—Wed 21 Mar. 7.45pm. £2.5()(£1.25). See Touring and Preview.

Hamlet’l‘hurs 22 --Sat 24 Mar. 7.45pm. Fri Mat l.3llpm. Thurs & Fri Mat £2.51) (£1.25). Fri 6’; Sat £4 (£2). Highly-rated theatre company. Compass. perform a clear. accessible and innovative version of Shakespeare's tragedy.

I EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGE THEATRE Maxwell Drive. (13552 48669.

Festival at One-Act Plays Thurs (st—Hi 9 Mar. 7pm. £2 £3. West Coast farmers compete for a place in the Scottiin finalsin the Scottish Association of Young

Farmers Clubs ()ne-Act Play Festival. Nae Problem Fri 16 Mar. 7.311pm. £4112). See Touring.

Speaking For Myself Thurs 22—Fri 23 Mar. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). The Byre Theatre brings a double-bill ofone-person plays to [East Kilbride. Maggie Kinloch directs Ann Marie Di Mambro's excellent Joeand Peter Nardini‘s tragi-eomic Jimmy Han/on. Well worth seeing.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 339 9634. [Access: PPA. R. Facilities: WC. R. (i. Help: A. AA].

The Boy Who Wanted Peace L'ritil Sat to Mar. £3 (£2). The first of six premieresto be staged here this year is directed and adapted by John lleraghty and performed by Arts Centre members. It is the tale ota

would—be poet who comes across a stash of

money which proves to be of little help in his artistic desires. Anexperimental production that makes use of text. video and stories front the actors' own lives. Writing Festival Wed l4~Sat 24 Mar. A poetry based festival drawing on creative writing in Turin. Nuremburg and Rostov. Contact the Centre for details.

I KILMAROINNY ARTS CENTRE 51) Kilmardinny Avenue. Beardsen. 943 ()312.

They Came From Mars . . . Thurs 2275;1124 Mar. 7.30pm. Milngavie Players in oneof l). Mc(iillivray and W. Zerlin‘sAmI)ram send-ups in their ever popular Farndale Ladies series.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. Mon—Sat noon—-6pm. 4 bars. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon- Sat l1).3()am» 8pm. 227 551 l orotherTicket Link boxoffices. [Accessz P. 1.. Facilities: WC. R.(i. Help: A. AA].

Hello Dolly L'ntil Sat ll) Mar. 7.311pm. Sat Mat 2.311pm. £3-—£7. Proceeds are going to the Disabled Olympics for the Pantheon Club‘s version of the Stew art Iler‘man classic. The RSAMD's Peter Lincoln is Artistic Director and Florence Denholm is Musical Director.

Call Me Madam Mon 12— Sal 17 Mar. 7.30pm. Sat Mat 2.31)pm. Irving Berlin's musical in a staging by The Lyric Club. Proceeds to Cancer Research Campaign and other charities.

Kiss Me Kate Mon l‘)—-Sat 24 Mar.7. 15pm. £2.51) (£4.50). Paisley Musical ck Operatic Society continue a run of popular musicals at The King's with their version ofCole Porter's reinterpretation of ‘I'umi‘ng oft/re Shrew.

I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranville Street.

2213198. Box Office Mon-~Sat noon—8pm.

Bar. Cafe. Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. 227 5511 Mon—Sat 111.31)am-(i.31lpm. [Accessz PPA. ST. Facilities: WC. WS. (3. R. I). Help: A. AA].

The Medium and the Telephone 'I'ues‘ i3—-s;it l7 Mar. 7.311pm. £5.51). Hen discoversthe only way he can make contact with his would-be fiancee. Lucy. is by telephone. This is the premise for an unlikely


Directed by TONY HEGARTY

'The best ensemble of its


Friday 16th

kind in my recent experience"


March 1990 - 2 pm 8.8 pm a—l".

CHANDLER THEATRE RSAMD g Saturday 17th March at 8 pm

Monday 19th to Friday 23 March at 7.45 pm Additional performance: Thursday 22nd at 3.00 pm

sounding drama.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 11111). Box ()fficeopen Tue—Sun noon-8.311pm. Bar (open noon-l lprn Tue—Sat; 12.311—2.31)prn ck 6.311—1 lprn Sun. Meals served). Cafe (open noon- 1 1pm). [Accessz PPA. ST. Facilities: WC. WS. Ii. Cr. R. I). Help: A. AA].

The Tokyo Trip Sat 11) Mar 8pm. See Touring

Julius Caesar Fri lb—Sat 17 Mar. 8pm. See Touring.

I PALACE THEATRE 9 (ireen Street. Kilmarnock.11563 235911.]Ac‘eess: I). l.. Facilities: WC. WS. Ii. (i. R. I). Help: A. AA].

Fiddler on the 8001 Mon 12 Sat 17 Mar. 7,311pm. £4.51). liv er popularmttsical performed by Kilmarnock Amateur ()peratic Society.

Kiss of the Spiderwoman 'l'httrs 21 Mar. 7.31lpm. £3.51)(£2.51)). See'I'otiring.

I PAVILION THEATRE I21 Renlield Street. 332 1841). Box ( )ttice Mon Sat

11lam 8pm. Bar. [Accessz ST. Facilities: WS. (i. llelp: AA].

Robert Halpern‘s Culture Shock Fri 9 Sat to Mar. 7.31)pm at- Sat midnight. £4 £5. See Cabaret.

Comic RelietSun 11 Mar. 7.311pm. £6 (£4511). See Cabaret.

Joe Longthorne Thurs 15 Sat 17 Mar. Thurs 7.311pm. Fri L& Sat 6.3tlpm S 9pm. U) ( £8). TV .star in concert.


Tag Open Day Sat 17 March. 1pm. £4 1 £2) for two shows & workshops or £2 ( £ 1 ) for one show a.- workshops. Supportersand members of the general public are invited to join TAU Theatre Company for a day of discussions. talks. workshops and performances. (iuest speakers include Frank Pignatelli. Director of Iiducation SRC. Charles Bell. SAC Drama ( )lficcr. and Iain I Ieggie. playwright. There will be performances of Alan Spence‘s Sui/maker and Stephen (ircenhorn’s Head in I/lt’ Clouds which are both touring secondary schools at the moment. .S'ui'lmuker is set in (iovan so it will be particularly appropriate to see it today. and Hem/in the ( 'loiuls has been specially written to coincide with National No Smoking Day on 14 March by the author of Heurrmirl Bone and The Tokyo 'I‘rr'p. Should be a good day out.

Head in the Clouds 1pm.

Workshops: Head in the Clouds/Technical/Sailmaker/Dancer2pm. Workshops: Oral History/Dance/Drama and Education 3pm.

Open Discussion 4 -6pm


I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 11)1) Renfrew Street. 332 51157. [AL-Less; l’l’A. 1.. Facilities: W( '. ws. as. R. 1LT. (i. Help: A. AA].

The Matchgirls‘l'ue l3--Fri 16Mar. £21“). Bill ()wen‘s musical is based on the match-cutters strike of 1888 during which an exploited workforce rebelled against a callous management. Second Year BA students perform under Peter McAllister‘s direction.

Julius Caesar Mon 197 Fri 23 Mar. 7.45pm. £6(£4). See Touring.


Masks and puppets from the Caricature Theatre collection

44 The List 9 22 March 1991)