in Manuel Puig's



Theatre Workshop Company

Opens at Theatre Workshop FRI 9 - THURS 15 March & SAT 17 March 8pm £3.50 (£2.50)

Touring Scotland


Fri 9 - Thurs 15 March 8pm

Fri 16 March 7.30pm

Sat 17 March 8pm

Tues20 - Wed 21 March 7.45pm Thurs 22 March 7.30pm

Fri 23 - Sat 24 March 8pm

Tues 27 March 7.30pm

Wed 28 March 7.30pm

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Theatre Workshop

Civic Theatre, Ayr

Theatre Workshop Cumbernauld Theatre

Palace Theatre, Kilmamock Paisley Arts Centre

Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling Mews Theatre,

llowden Park Centre, Livingston Fri 30 - Sat 3] March 7,30pm Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow Tues 3 - Sat 7 April 8pm

Tickets 0506 - 33634 /4l9l9l Tickets'041 - 227 5511

BOX OFFICE:031 - 226 5425 TW, 34 Hamilton Place, Edinburgh, E113 SAX ,


presents A Scientific adventure story for 7 to ll yecr oids 0nd oil the family



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Will SIelIo the ostronOmer get their first?

perlor'ricrices Mommy 2 00 pm 'uesdcy 'o Thursty 10 30 cm and 2 00 pm

Children £2.50, Adults £5.00

Schools and Orgcnised parties E2 50, plus me

An entertaining woy of learning about the wonders of Cduh per 15 children free

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m .

I it B U R G ll TUesday 13th - Sunday 18t arch at 7.30pm

The Byre Theatre presents SPEAKING FOR MYSELF. . . ?

JOE by Ann Marie Di Mambro and JIMMY HANLON by Peter Nardini.

Tuesday 20th - Sunday 25th March at 7.30pm Cumbernauld Theatre Company presents THE TOKYO TRIP

by Stephen Greenhorn Tickets £5.00 Concession £3.00 Saver Card Holders £2.00

BOX OFFICE ° 031-226 2633

a double-bill ofone-person plays to Edinburgh. Maggie Kinloch directs Ann Marie Di Mambro's excellent Joe and Peter Nardini's tragi-comicJimmy Han/on. Well worth seeing.

Radio Writers' Workshop Sat Mar 17. 10am—6pm. £6 (£4). Limited places only for this day with writer Michael Duke and Radio Drama producer (iregor (iraham. It's the first of four sessions which will work independently or as a series. The first class will concentrate on basic radio drama writing skills. Noexperiencc needed. The next workshop is in June. (‘ontact Ben Twist at the Traverse with a brief rundown ofyour writing experience. The Tokyo Trip Tue 20—Sun 25 Mar. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). See Touring and Review. Knox and Mary and Carlyle Thurs 22 Mar. 7pm. £1 (50p). Two historical plays by Mark Stewart are read by the Edinburgh Playwrights Workshop.


This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. There is a phone numbertor each company should you require more information. Unless otherwise specilied. the numberatter each venue listed isthe telephone number lor ticket enquiriestor that particular evening (please note. this is not always the venue number).

I Billy Liar Strathclydc Theatre (iroup present the first in their season of60s‘ plays. the classic story ofa young working class lad on the make. More details on 041 204 2542.

Garnet/till .Wlll!l-( 'ullural ( 'entre. (ilasgoii Thurs8 Sat 10 Mar. 041 3329765.

I Boothies Annexe Theatre ('ompany revive their production of Peter Murray's nostalgic look at the corrupt backstage world of the travelling boxing tents in the 1940s. Directed by SYT's Robin Peebles. it is a warm-hearted characterdrama. More details on 041 221 4526.

Byre Theatre. St Andrews Thurs 8—-Sat 10 Mar. 8pm. 0334 76288. Hag/till Tenants Hal/Tue 13 Mar. 7.30pm. 04] 5567412. Dalmarnoek ('ommunity ( ~entre Wed 14 Mar. 7.30pm. 041 556 7412. (‘umbernauld Theatre'i'hurs l5-Sat 17 Mar. 7.45pm. 0236 732887.

I Julius Caesar (‘ommonw'eal Theatre (‘ompany begin a British tourthanks largely to the backing ofcor’nr‘ncrcial sponsorship. The company received much praise for last year‘s production of Measurefor .lleasure. in this production they emphasise the cyclical nature of history in an energetic ensemble production. More details on 01 582 75l9. Paisley Arts Centre Fri 16—32” I? Mar. RSAMI). Glasgow Mon l9—Fri 23 Mar. Tour continues.

I Kiss or the Spiderwoman Theatre workshop's physical interpretation of the Manuel Puig modern Latin American classic. Dance. drama and music combine in the cell block psychological study oftwo men imprisoned by an authoritarian regime. Direction by Peter (‘lcrke and design by Karen Tennent. See Preview. Details on 031 225 7942.

Theatre Works/top. Edinburgh Fri 9—Thurs 15 Mar. 8pm. ('ivie Theatre. Arr Fri 16 Mar. 7.30pm. Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh Sat 17 Mar. 8pm. ('umbernauld Theatre Tue 20-Wed 21 Mar. 7.45pm. Palace Theatre. Kilmarnoek Thurs 22 Mar. 7.30pm.

I Mistero Buiio Director Morag Fullerton and adaptor Joe Farrell consulted with Dario Fo himself before embarking on this (ilaswegian version of his medieval comic mysteries. Robbie (‘oltrane stars in the one-man play in a production that comfortably overcomes the problems ofa formidany difficult script. Recommended. More details on 0292 281010.

(iaiety Theatre. Ayr Until Sat 10 Mar. 8pm. 0292 264639. (ieorge Square Theatre. Edinburgh Tue l3—Sat 17Mar. 7.30pm. (Tickets from Playhouse

Theatre, 031 557 2590. .'1(ltllll.\-Irlllll

Theatre. Kircaldv Mon 19 Sat 24 Mar. 7.30pm. 0592 260498.

I Nae Problem 1.y nn llainsdraw-s on her own family experience of racism in Scotland for 7:84's first production ol I990. Prejudice and bigotry from the point of view of a Scottish Indian family. More detailsot104l 331 2219. See Review. .llagnurn Theatre. lrvr‘ne'l'hurs 8 I-ri‘) Mar. T’earee Institute, (Ttrl'llll Sat IIIMar. Aberdeen :1 rts ('entre Mon 12 Tue 13 Mar. l’ublic Scone Wed 14 Mar. .rlberteldy' Town Hal/Thurs 15 Mar. The I'll/age Theatre. East Ktlbride Fri 16 .\1ar. Ilennv ('ivie Theatre. Dumbarton Sat 17 Mar. Assembly Rooms. lz'dinburg/i Mon

19 Tile 2ll.\1ar. Dolphin .-1rt.\ ( "en/re. (ilasgoii' Wed 21 Mar. [amt/rank .rlcademy. (ilasgoiv Thurs 22 Mar. I'oui continues.

I Private Wars The leverndale .-\rls (iroup in a new production of James .\1cl.ure's black comedy updated to the time of the Falklands conflict. The .'\l'ls (iroup is made up of both stall and patients at Leverndalc psy chialric hospital. Despite limitations on funding. the (iroup aspires to produce innovatiy e and challenging proiects throughout the arts. See Review. [)etailson 041 8826255 ext 27].

Henderson Theatre. Shorts Sat l0.\1ar. .TTtlf_\'/llll.'1l'l.\ (entre Fri 16 Mar. (ioi an l'nemploy'ed Workers (‘entre Wed 21 Mar. (‘rtstleIrit/k L'nem/rloved Il'orkers ( 'entre Thurs 22 Mar.

I Tally‘s Blood Ann Marie Di Mambro's play draws on her own Scottish Italian family background and studies the periods either side of the last war. It comes asa result of her year as Writer in Residence at the Traverse Theatre. Tidinburgh. Touching and humorous. but a little light-weight. More detailsonll31226 2633.

('tonbernauld I‘heatreThurs8 Sat III Mar. 7.45pm. 0236 732887. .S’toneluti'en Town Hal/Tue I3.\1ar. 7.30pm.0569 62761 . :1 lien/eel! .3 fly (it'llln' \Ved 14 Mar. 7.30pm. Elgin Town Hal/Thurs I5 Mar. 7.30pm. 0343545121. Kemnev l’ublu‘ Ila/l Fri 16 Mar. 7.30pm. 0467 20981 . Fraserburgh Dalrymple Hall Sat I 7 Mar. 7.30pm. Mill Theatre. 'I'hurs'o\\'ed2l Mar. 8pm. 0847 62019. ()rkney' .-lrt_s ('entre'l'hurs 22 Mar. 7.30pm. 08565289. Tour coritirities.

The Tokyo Trip" First of four new play s to be presented this year by (‘timbernauld Theatre and a prize-w inner before it even opened. Stephen (ireenhorn's sets an ordinary new town woman against the immoralitiesol big business. See Rey iew 'Iay'sule Institute. .‘y'ewburgh Thurs 8 Mar 7.30pm. U337 4(1427. (ilerlivmnH it'llll't'. (ilenrothes Fri 9 Mar. 7.30pm. 0592 752244. Paisley .‘1/‘l.\ ('entre Sat IllMar. 8pm. (141 SS7 lllill. (rlmgoii‘ Selma/(din! Tue 13 -Thurs I5 .\1ar.8pni.04l2275511. ('ruivl’urd Theatre. Jordan/till Fri 16 Sat l7 Mar. ll-ll 95(13437. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh Tue 20 Sun 25. 7.30pm. 031 220 2633.

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