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Bun ended.

Like a vast cloud, Giant has engulled a swarm ol ideas. Presenting a spectrum irom the apes to modern man, it tails to inspire the awe that its themes deserve. Nash's choreography is stunningly relaxed, incorporating iniluences from the Far East to the West. ills dancers are impressively nimble, lleshed by original quality and Peter Salem's atmospheric music. However a disconcerting awkwardness runs through the piece, partly as a result at cumbersome stage play, in which the dancers shift tottering towers ol video monitors. with Nash himsell stealing on as a stage manager. Betraylng an underlying nervousness, the performers seemed to hold back, though some at this may have been tirsl night uncertainty. But the biggest problem lies with the overall scale of the piece. Extensive video lootage is iorced into an unhappy marriage with intricate choreography, the relationship between the two lett largely unexplored. Nevertheless, this is a brave production which deserves a receptive audience ior its moments at sheer beauty. (Jo Roe)


Run ended. Intending to present similar events in the years to toliow, the Traverse’s Feet First dance iestival included a breadth oi interesting, sometimes stunning work. Two examples oi exciting, though vastly diiierent periormances were The Choimondeiey's Flesh and Blood and Masaki Iwana’s Bi-Duality. Underthe inspired guidance oi choreographer Lea Anderson, Flesh and Blood gathered in momentum,


setting up mesmerlsing rhythms with extraordinary movement patterns. The work managed to retain impressive style and almost robotic coniormlty, without losing depth oi ieeling. Working in near perfect harmony with the Pointy Birds’ magical score, the piece cast a mild spell over its audience.

With even more power, Masaki lwana created huge theatre with minimal movement. Exercising supreme control, he created motion without beginning or end. A master at Japanese Buto, iwana shirks conventional dance theatre, iusing awkward, vulnerable expression with breathtaking clarity. (Jo Roe)


Tron Theatre 13-14 Mar.

Periorming around glutinous, fluorescent lights and semi-circular bowls which shelter strange plant and animal lorms, Sue MacLennan Dance and Company employ equally quirky movement and expression in a charming interpretation oi scientific knowledge. Bouncing back and lorth like highly charged atoms, the dancers evoke a world at tentative and

miraculous existence. Clad in idiosyncratic, ratherclumsy costume, the piece works best as a humorous vision at matter, accompanied by iangly, sometimes touching music. Where it lalis is in a tendency to repeat uninspired movement. There are moments when the three dancers simply run round the stage like a class at schoolchildren, and some at the more intricately worked duets lose their lreshness through heavy looting. These are brave dancers who capture the audience with a fixed stare, or an original turn oi phrase, ratherthan physical dexterity and grand statement. (Jo Roe)


56 The List ‘) -— 22 .‘xiareh 1‘)‘)il

Contemporary (intermediate) with Marilyn Williams. Fridays 12.30pm. ' Jazz (Elementary) 14 yrs and above. with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays 2.15pm. Experimental/improvlsatlonal Dance with Alan Grieg. Saturdays 11am. Experimental Dance/Physical Theatre with Lindsay John. Saturdays 1 .30—4.30pm (£3). I CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside Road. Phone women-in-sport.5571265. Aerobics Workout tor Women Mondays 6.45—7.30pm. beginners. Mondays 7.45—8.45pm. intermediate. Until 26 March. £16.50 (£10.50). I CRAIOLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 (‘olinton Road. 4-43 0101. A variety of adult coaching sessions are available. including Women's Activity Mornings. Aerobics, Fitness Trainingand Yoga. Phone the centre for more information. I EDINBURGH YOUTH DANCE COMPANY Phone Sheridan Nicol on 22043-18 ‘)t‘or further details. ('lasses are £1 per session. Leith Community Centre 7 years and above. Tuesdays 4 . 30—6pm. St Brides Community Centre Seniors. Wednesdays (+-‘)pm. Assembly Rooms .luniors. Fridays 5 7pm. CaiderCommunity Centre lilyrs and above. Sundays 2 «ipm. I ELCI‘IAT A variety ol'classes and workshops in creative and contemporary dance. for all ages arid abilities, are available throughout 1:.ast Lothian. Phone Stephanie Sellie on 031 665 371 1 ext 244 for details. I EPWORTH HALLS Nicoison Square. phone 2291071 for info. All classes are taught by Tracy Hayvkes. director of Spring and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. and are £2.50 (£2) per session. Contemporary/Jazz for Adults Mondays 6.30pm. Tap for Adults Tuesdays 6.30pm. Jazz iorTeenagers Wednesdays 5.30pm. Ballet iorAdults (Beginners) Wednesdays 6.30pm. I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 Gracemount Drive. 658 1940. (‘Iassesare held in ballet. tap and modern dance. yoga. fitness weights. aerobics. self defence. gymnastics and stretch and tone gentle exercise for beginners. intermediates anti over 40s with a free creche available during some ofthc sessions. All classes are £1.60(.£1)per session and are held on a casual basisfor women only. Phone the centre for details. I MARCOS LEISURE CENTRE (irove Street. phone 22‘) 1071 for further information. These classes are also taught by Tracy llayvkes (see above). £2.50(£2).children £1.75 per session. Children's Ballot Sat 9.30am. Children's Tap Sat 10.30am. Children's Modern Jazz Sat11.15ant. AdultJazz Sat noon—1 . 15pm. Adult Pertormance Group Phone Tracy iiayvkcson 22‘) 1071 for details. I PORTODELLO TOWN HALL i’ortobelio High Street. Fun and Fitness Classes ior Women 50 + Tuesdays 2—3pm. 25p per session. I ST JAMES CHURCH lnvcrlcith Royv. phone yvonien-in-sport5571265. Yoga torWomen Thursdays 5.30-6.45pm. intermediate. Thursdays 7.30—8.45pm. beginners. L'nti12‘) March. £18(£12). I ST BERNARDS CHURCH HALL Dean Street. Stockbridge. Phone Alison SCott 0383 728858 or Tracy llayvkes 22‘) 1071 for details. Day oi Dance Sun 11 Mar. 10.30am--5.30pm. £8(£5). Khorus Dance Theatre present a day of classes in tap. jazz. ballet. historical. contemporary and dance drama for both beginners and intermediates. Places are limited so book in advance by phoning the above numbers.