reproduction in 20-20 which looked very un-Steven-CampbeIl-ish. I think it's great he's having the show: I'd like it better ifit was here at the Printmakers workshop— but never mind. we‘ve got one that’s just as good Dougie Thompson.

Adele Patrick, visual art co-ordinator, Women in Profile

Campbell‘s work has been really hyped. and grossly over-promoted at the expense ofother Glasgow artists. especially women. Andrew Nairn seems to have a policy of hardly showing women artists; the whole Glasgow art world is oppressively masculine.

3 Adrian Wiszniewski, Painter

I know it‘s going to be an exciting show. You know in the past he‘s had three or four shows a year‘.’ well. this time he‘s had a whole year to work on it. he‘s put a lot ofenergy into it. I know it‘s site-specific. he‘s making 160 drawings into an installation I hope this isn't letting the cat out of the bag— he's getting back to interests he had at art school. Steven is always very creative. he‘s prepared to put his head on the chopping-block. he knows you can‘t succeed unless you‘re prepared to risk failing. and he‘s prepared to risk failing. Does this sound positive enough? I hope so. I feel very positive about him.

Sandra McNeilance, WASPS Studios Glasgow

He has acheived a lot since leaving Glasgow School of Art. He sets a great example as well. showing young Scottish painters what can be achieved. showing them that they can make it as a Scottish artist in Scotland. I appreciate that he goes abroad a lot but he still works in Scotland and is noticeably Scottish. Yes. I‘m looking forward to seeing his exhibition when it comes here. I think it's very important that we keep an eye on how the work of people who use our studio space is progressing.

Duncan Thomson, Keeper, National Portrait Gallery

A lot of his subject matter seems to be taken from Boys' comics from the 1920s and 30s. with some philosophical concepts thrown in for good measure. He enjoys puzzling us: he has an unremitting attack on ideas. although I’m never entirely sure what those ideas are. He's obviously taken very seriously by the new art establishment. the London and New York dealers. And he deserves to be taken seriously. although he's also very witty his paintings often make me laugh.

He‘s a good natural painter though not a great colourist but he gets his ideas down on canvas pretty well. He makes me think of Rubens in a strange way. he‘s a non—stop painter give him any idea and he'll make a painting out ofit.

I enjoy his titles too: they are deliberately leg-pulling. I don‘t think they‘re meant to explain the work to us. I personally prefer paintings to be

a bit more comprehensible.





DOUGLAS THOMSON Paintings 5th Slst March

Mon-Sat lOam—5.30pm 22 King Street, Glasgow G1 SQP, Tel: 041 552 0704

com ass aller W? P 8

178 west regent st. glasgow g2 4rl scotland. (141-221 6370

PHILIP REEVES Recent paintings, collagés and prints 10th March—5th April

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