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Emergency servrces dive for cover during fighting in San Salvador.

The tragic conflict tn El Salvador has already taken llS toll of innocent civrlians. Hospitals are over- flowrng With the dead and wounded and there LS a desperate shortage of medical supplies.

War on Want works With community organisations in poor, war torn areas throughout El Salvador who have little or no access to emergency servrces. We are now responding to pleas for emergency humanitarian

assistance. But more is needed 0N

- urgently. Please give what you mean the difference between w life and death.

can. Your money could literally

335. I support the people of El Salvador at this ume of emergency! Iamsending EEOC] [30:] £150 £5C]other i


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Scottish War on Want, 266 Clyde Street Tel: 041-204 1315 GLASGOW Gl 4Jii

0898 654 658

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