('olin’ton Road. 44301111. .(‘oaching sessions ay ailable in \ arious spitTIS'.

Fencing S years upw ards; 9le per session. Table Tennis Ill year upwards; ‘)llpper session.

Tae-Kwan-Do 5 years upwards; £1 .5tlper session.

l’hone centre lor details ot dates and times ol sessions.

I DANCE BASE Assembly Rooms. (ieorge Street.

Dance classes tor children. £1 per class. 'l'urn up 15 minutes belorc start ot'class wearing loose. comtortablc clothes. l‘or lurther intormation contact Sheridan .\'icol. l)ancer- Residence at the Base. 2211 JS-IS l).

Tuesdays 5pm Youth Jazz (‘1 years r ); cl ll)

Wednesdays 5pm (‘hildrcn's 'l'ap (1)

years ' lprmla/zllcwl ll.

Thursdays 5.3(lpm .lan ( begin ners ). Fridays 5 7pm lidinburgh Youth Dance (‘ompany Juniors.

I EDINBURGH YOUTH DANCE COMPANY Tuesdays 4.311 bpm l.cith (‘ommunity (‘entrc. 7 years o.

Fridays See Dance Base.

Sundays: 4pm (‘alder(‘ommunity (critic. lilyear'v.

£1 tor children. 'Iurn tip 15 minutesbel‘ore start ol class in proper clobbcr. Further details. see Dance Base.

I GORGIE CITY FARM 51 (iorgie Road. 337 42112. Open ey ery day otthe year.

0am 4pm. Free. Put on your wellics. wrap up warmly and \ isil the farm in the heartoi thccily.

Young City Farmers Group livery Saturday. lilam 1pm. For '7 13 year olds. 75p membership. plus 15p per session. Lively group in w hich children can learn about tarm lite and how to tend the animals.

I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE (iracemount Drive (358 19411. Mini-Mounties Playscheme Saturdays. lllam - noon. (iamcs and bouncy castle. suitable for primary children. 311p per

Junioraerobics Monday. 4- 4.30pm (9— 15 years).

Dance classes Thursday. 3 ~4pm (tire-school); 4 5pm l5--7years); 5—-7pm (7ycars ) Ballet Tap Modern disco. JuniorWrestling Friday. is 7pm (8

years s- ). £1.

Fencing Sunday. 111- l 1am (S- 15 years). 1.1.

l‘or lull details ol' classes and costs. contact the centre.

I LITTLE MARCO'S ( iroy c Street. 228 2141. .\lon Sun.‘)..‘stlam Spm. l’lay sessions tor children. Just the place to let off steam. One and a halt hoursot jumping. climbing. rolling. kartingand slidingabout. £3.

I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riy ersdale ('rescent.33"(i‘133.

()pen weekday s trom 2pm; weekends trom lilam. Saturday 1llam- noon tamin skating; Sunday" 111 l 1.311amgroup tuition. (‘heck w ith \enue tor lull session times. Admission Slip. skate hire 411p.

I NETHERBOW43- 45 High Street. 556 05") Sty-1".

Children‘s Workshops Spring Here. There and layery where. Story teller and drama worker Krcsanna Aigncr leads workshops using movement. music. mask-making. drama gamesand storytellingto encourage children to develop theirown ideason spring. Saturday lll._‘stlam-—ntmn. from 111 l-‘el¥ 31 Mar. £1 per session.


WinterTropical Wonderland Quiz 1 lire a 'Sounds Ally e' gtiide t Walkman-style mtormation about w hat to see and w here in the greenhouses and gardens) and you will rccciyc a qlll/ sheet. Answers tobe loundasyougoaround soundsabitlike a treasure hunt. ('ompctition runs until lll .-\pril. Prizes include the Royal Botanic (iarden Book of the Scottish ( iarden and a Personal Stereo. Hire of audio guide is 511p

for kids: £1 for adults. Round off your visit with refreshments in the recently opened Terrace (ate in lnyerleith l louse.

I THINS BOOKSHOP 53—59 South Bridge. 5566743.

Saturday Club livery Saturday.

111.3(1—1 1.30am. Free. Open to anychild (age range approx 2— 13 years). Activities and competitions with prizes as well as storytelling for younger children.

I 369 GALLERY 233 (’owgate. 225 3013. Art Classes Booking starts 12 March for popular children's classes. Spring 'l‘erm starts Sat 14 April. One and a halt‘hour sessions. led by ()liye Dean. in drawing. collage. printmaking. etc. for (v— lllyear olds. 111.3tlam-—noon; 2311—4an £25 for lll-week term. No telephone bookings. for further details contact Sandra Duncan at the gallery. N‘lon—l'ti 111.3(lam-5.311pm.


I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. Dinosaurs Alive! L'ntil 3 Jun. Mon—Sat. Ilium—5pm. Kids (35p; Adults £1.Seyen adult and three baby dinosaurs. some lite-size. some half life-size. operated by computers. cylinders. and pistons.See then" gnash their teeth. see them swish their tales. hear them roar!

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street .225 7534 ext 21‘). Dinosaurs Past and Present Limit 27 May. Mon—Sat. 1(1am—5pm; Sun 2--5pm. Kids 65p; Adults£1. Around 15(ldinosaur portraits— paintings. sculptures and models. courtesy of the Natural l listory Museum of Los Angeles (‘ounty.

I SPRINGWELL HOUSE Ardmillan Terrace.346 1405.

Junior Drama Group Meets everyThursday. 5.30—7.3(lpm. for 8—13yearolds.(‘oyers comedy.drama. song and dance. 5(lp per session. ('ontact (‘entre if you‘re interested.


I EDINBURGH FILM HOUSE l.othian Road.228 2688.

(‘hildren's Saturday matinces; all seats £1. bookable. l-‘ilms start at 2pm.

10 Mar Raiders of the Lost Ark (l’(i) 11 you missed it on television at (‘hristmas time here's a chance to see Indiana‘s first thrillingadyenture.

17 Mar'The Wizard ot ()z ( l7 ) Follow Dorothy and her unusual chums on the trail ot the Yellow Brick Road.

Theatre I KINGS THEATRE Leyen Street. 22‘) 12(11.

The Rainbow Show 'l‘cleyision stars Bungle. (ieorgc.(ieoll‘rcy and zappy Zippy with guest appearance by Roy Skeltoanntil 111 Mar. l-‘ri 2.3(lpm;Sat 11am. Prices range from kids £2.51); adults £3.5(lto kids £3.50; adults £4.51).


Storytelling from 'Katie-Morag and the Big Boy C ousins' at 2pm on Saturday 31 March

also PUFF and PARTY featuring Fungus the Bogeyman and author/illustrator

FRANK ROGERS at 2pm on Saturday 7 April


63-65 Queen Street, Glasgow tel: 041-226-5762

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