The List selection at the best in sporting events overthe next lortnight. Sport is listed lirst by event and then byday.

BASKET : ALL Thursday 8

MEN'S FIRST DIVISION I MIM Livingston v Kitchens Plus Saints‘t‘he Forum. l.l\‘iltgstolt. Spm.

Friday 9


I Edinburgh Royals v BoroughmuirAces I-‘orrester I Iiglr School. Broomhousc Road. Iidinburgh. 7.45pm.


I City at Edinburgh v East End .\IL'.'tLlU\\‘llitllI\' Sports ( 'entt'c. London Road. Iidinburgh. S3tlprri.



I MIM V Paisley ‘I'he I‘orum. livingston. lpm.


I MIM V Paisley 'I'he I‘oruni. l is ingston. 3pm.

I CumnockvBoroughmuircumnoek Academy . Ay r Road. ('umnoek. 3pm. I Kitchens Plus Saints v East End Neyy'battle Iliin School. I)alkeith. near lidinburgh. 4.15pm.

Thursday 15


I MIM v Bo'ness Wildcats l‘orrestcr 1 liin School. Broomhouse Road. Iidinburgh. 7.45pm.

Friday 16


I East End v City at Edinburgh liastbank Academy . Academy Street. Shettleston. (ilasgoys . Spm.



I BoroughmuirAces v MIM .\tc.idoy\ bank Sportst'entre. londoir Road. lidinburgh. I.I5pni.

I Paisley v Dundee Ilat't'ltcail Sports (‘entre. Main Street. liar rlread. 1.45pm. I Edinburgh Royals v Royal Deeside Mcadoyy battls‘ Sports ( ‘ciilt‘c. I.ondon Road. l-.dinburgh.4 45pm.


I Paisley V Dundee Barrlicad Sports ('entre. .\lain Street. liarrhead. 3.45pm. I Cumnock v Kitchens Plus Saintst 'umnocls Academy . .-\yr Road. ('iimnock. 3pm.

I Boroughmuir V MIM .\Ie.idoyy bank Sports ('cntre. l.ondon Road. Izdrnburgh. 3pm.

Wednesday 21

MEN'S FIRST DIVISION I Cumnock v Paisley ('umnock Academy. Ayr Road. ('umnocls . S. ISpm.

Saturday 17

I Scottish ABA Championships (Preliminary Rounds. all weights) Monklarrds I.cisurc ('critrc. Bank Street. ( 'oatbridgc. lpnr

'I lc‘lsc‘ls L3 ill the (lIHlI

Monday 19

I Scottish ABA Championships (First

' O \‘ \ i1 _ ,. Action trom last year's Scottish Cup Final

The Capital Foods Scottish Cup once again promises a weekend at high quality Ice Hockey, particularly with the inclusion ol Premier League leaders, Cardilt Devils.

Along with Murraytield Racers, whose unbeaten league run over 22 games came to an end against Durham Wasps a lornight ago, the Devils are lavourites to contest the linal, which, as usual, has its lair share at television coverage. Cardilt, promoted last season, have built their success on the goal-scoring teats ol tormer File Flyer, Steve Moria. Alter 29 league matches, the Devils had scored 273 goals, which makes tor impressive reading, especially when next best Murraytield have scored 30 less and third-placed Durham lag by nearly 60.

File Flyers and Ayr Raiders complete the complement ol tour teams in the competition; both teams with justiliable claims to being the most inconsistent side in the Premier Division. The File side take on Murraytield in the first semi-tinal; Ayr

meet Cardilt in the second.

Perhaps the Flyers are beginning to get their act together, now playing lor each other, as a team, which was never the case in the early stages at the

I).»\\'Il) S'I'R:\\( )( ‘l's'


Ayr, who hope to move into new premises some time in the near luture, are still struggling to consolidate their position in the top six at the nine-team Heineken League, which would see them get to the play-oils at Wembley at the end at the April. Even with Keith Gretsky providing added composure to the Raiders, the attentions of Nottingham Panthers could threaten their end-ot-season ambitions. Their cup hopes will rest on Gretsky, never-say-die lorward, Frank Morris, and delence-man, Tommy Searle, engineering more than just the occasional, breathtaking goal ilthey are to see all the Welsh.

With more than a passing reterence to the trenzied Wurlitzer-style razzmatazz to be lound at north

I American Ice Hockey matches, Capital

Foods has sought to provide its own brand oi entertainment at the weekend. Expect Stevie Wonder to be played on numerous occasions by the resident DJs in an attempt to electrity the atmosphere. (Mike Wilson) Capital Foods Scottish Cup, Murraytield Ice Rink, Edinburgh, Sat 10 and Sun 11.

Semi-Final, six weights) Fairlield Social Sub. (‘rossloan Road. (ioy'an. Glasgow. 7.30pm. I’riy'ate tickets. contact (MI 445 I791.

Wednesday 21

I Scottish ABA Championships (Second Semi-Final. six weights) Dunblane lly'dro. Perth Road. Dunblane. 7.3llpm. Private tickets. contact 0786822551.


I Scottish Schools Cross-Country Championship Beach Park. Irvine. 'I'he Iirst oieight races begins at 1pm.


I UK World Cross Country Championship Trials Bellahouston Park. (ilasgoys . .Iunror Men: 10.30am; Senior Women: 1 I ltlam; Junior Women: 11.40am; Senior .\Ien: noon. The irony of staging the [K trials to determine the learn to take part in the World Championships. in .»\ in France on March 24. is that they arethe tangible evidence ol‘ the sport‘s possible decline in Scotland. Cross-country has always been the bridesmaid to summer track athletics. but since 1987. sy hen Scotland lost its right to compete asa separate nation in international ey cuts. the appeal of trudging along muddy tracks against the winter elements has declined

cy'en turtlier. .»\t best. in the Senior Men's eyent. Scotland might get a couple ol runners into the I'K learn ot nine tor I‘rarice. leasing the rest toconteinplate their calendar ot ey cuts in places such as Bo'ttcss. Izast Kilbride and Sliotts. Neil ’I'ennant. second in the National (‘hampionships a couple ol yseeks ago. is one of about hall a do/en possible ' candidateslor a place. Robert ()uinn. John Robson and :\list;lll' Douglasare others. It successltil. they yyould most likely be (oined by the liltcsol Northern Ireland's l’eter .\Ic( ~olgari and lznglaird‘s Tim I lutclirngs (yy ho ysas second behind Kerry aslohn \gugi in last year's \Vorld ('Iianipionship. held in Stay anger). In the \somen's section. there is perhaps a little less pessimism. tirstly because there could be quite a substantial Scottiin presence in both the senior and luriior I'Is' sides. and secondly . because regular lll\ itations tor a Scottish yyomcn's tcaiii continue toari'iye li'om organisers ol ey'ents oy erseas.

[EE— Glasgow

I Race Days ( irey hound racing rioyy takes place the times a yyeek: on Mondays. 'I'uesdays. 'lliursdays. l‘ridays and Saturdays; \s ith Ill races on a Monday and I‘riday. I l on a 'l'nesday and 'I'hursday. 12 on a Saturday: .~\Il races begin at ".«ISpm. except on a Saturday . yy hen proceedings commence at ".Sllpm. Shays tield Stadium. Rutlicr'gleti Road. (ilasgoyy.


I Race Days .‘ytonday . \Vcdncsday and Saturday . l’oyydct hall Stadium. Iidinburgh Iiacli meeting beginsat

“. 15pm. ysith Ill races on Mondays and I: on Wednesday s and Saturdays. 'I'here‘sa li.-\(iSmeetingon'l’hursday IFbeginning at JIlRprrt.

FOOTBALL Saturday 10


I Motherwell v Dundee United l'ir Park. .‘ylothcr'ysell i all .‘slotherysell buses pass the ground). 3pm.

I Celtic V Hearts (‘cltic l’ar'ls'. ( ialloyygatc. (ilasgoys . 3pm.

I Hibernian v Aberdeen litister Road Stadium. Albion Road. Iidinburgh. 3pm. I St Mirren v Rangers I .o\ c Str'ccl. Paisley (5 mirrs ( iilmoiir Street station ). 3pm.


I Clydebank v Meadowbank Klll‘t)“ ic Park. (‘Iydebanls' (3 mins troni Singer station ). 3pm.

I Partick Thistle v Hamilton l'irhrll I’ark. .\Iar'yhiII. (ilasgoyy (trom Ilope Street. buses nos, ()ll. b! and (its), .‘spm.

I Albion Rovers v St Johnstone ( ‘liironhill I’ark . (‘oatbridge ( Ill mins trom('oatdy kc station l. 3pm.

I Ayr United V Clyde Somerset l’ar'ls'. :\y r. 3pm.


I East Stirling v Stranraer l‘ll's I’ark. I-‘alkirk ( 5 ruins ( irahamston station I. 3pm.

68'lhe List I) 33 March I‘)‘)Il