dominated family life. The life of aJewish family in Rockaway Beach. New York is seen through the eyes of young Joe. whose dreary existence is improved by the adventure series he listens to on the wireless.

I Film 90 Special (BBCl) 10.20-1 1.05pm. Our Barry hits the big time and gets an exclusive interview with Steven Spielberg. the most successful film-maker of recent years.

I Rock Steady (C4) 10.30—11.30pm. Michelle Shocked headlines. with appearances from The Mission and yes. we thought he was dead too Carlos Santana.

. I Stalin (Scottish) 10.35—1 1 .35pm. A three-part documentary on the great dictator begins by tracing his route to power. from his origins as a humble party member who kept escaping from Siberia to the time when. alter Lenin's death in 1924. he was able to control the Bolsheviks from his position as general secretary.

I Grasping The Thistle (BBCI)

11.05pm— 12.05am. Kirsty Wark introduces a debate on the possibilities of self-government for Scotland. and a representative panel ofalmost l()()()Scots give their verdict.


I Pennies From Heaven (BBCZ) 9—10.25pm. The final part of Dennis Potter's drama. proof that he is or at least was capable of far better than Black Eyes. sees Arthur (Bob lloskins) and Eileen (Cheryl Campbell) still on the run. Things go wrong when they steal a car and Arthur is arrested.

I Signals: Viva Nica! (C4) 9. 15- 10pm. Jack Pizzey looks at the prominent role played in Nicaragua over the past decade by poets and singers both from the country itself. and sympathisers from abroad. The film was made during the recent election campaign. Whether they have anything to sing about now is another matter.

I The Courier (Scottish) l0.40pm—l2._15am. Gabriel Byrnc isa vicious gang boss. who uses the unwitting motorcycle messenger to carry drugs across Dublin. Realising he has been used. the courier (Padraig O‘Loingsigh) vows to get his own back. Co-starring former Pogue Cait O‘Riordan.

I The Devils (Sky Movies) midnight—2am. Ken Russell‘s rarely screened adaptation of Aldous Huxley's The Devils of Loudoun stars Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave. Father Grandier (Reed) is accused of witchcraft by Cardinal Richelieu unlikely as it sounds. every woman in the town of Loudoun lusts after Ollie.


I Cheltenham Festival (BBCl) 1.50—3.50pm. The final day‘s racing sees short-odds favourite Desert Orchid go for a record £75.000 prize in the Gold Cup. which he won last year.

I French and Saunders (BBCZ) 9-9.30pm. The first ofa new series, in whichthe comic duo are joined by Raw Sex. Kirsty MacColl. Marie Helvin and Jerry Hall.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. Stu Who? hosts this new series. which promises to bring the best of

Scottish stand-up comedy to our small


I Carry On Regardless (BBC2) 6-7.30pm. And they did. For decades. This. the fifth Carry On film. has the gang set up an employment agency with. as they say. unfortunate consequences.

I Walkie Talkie (C4) 8.30—9pm. Muriel Gray is taken for a stroll through Durham by BBC reporter Kate Adie. scourge of the rabid right (despite reputedly being rather right-wing herself) and fearless chronicler of conflict. be it in Beirut. Beijing or the Lebanon.

I Whose Line Is It Anyway? (C4)

10— 10.30pm. The series comes to an end with a compilation of previously unseen clips. including some of thefauxpas. Featuring Josie Lawrence . John Sessions. Tony Slattery. and the find of the series. Mike McShane.


I Flash Gordon (BBCI )Time unconfirmed. The l980 Dino de Laurentiis version. a colourful. curiously unsatisfying rendition of the legend. but a great romp if you‘re in the mood.

I Sharpeville— 30 Years On (BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. lt‘s been 30 years since the Sharpeville massacre. one of the bloodiest moments in the history of apartheid. This programme looks at the long-term effects of the event and talks to survivors.

I Black Narcissus and A CanterburyTale (BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. Two more classics in the Michael Powell season. Nuns in the Himalayas have trouble with the climate and watch one of their number go mad with sexual frustration. and in the lesserA Canterbury Tale. made in 1944. Powell and Pressburger fall prey to propagandism.

I You Can't Take it With You (C4) 2.55pm. Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway comedy. produced in 1984.

IThe Vital Spark (BBCI)9.20—1(). 10pm. For once. the term ‘classic comedy‘ is well applied. The late. great Roddy McMillan plays Para Handy in an episode called ‘The Marriage‘. made especially for the BBC‘s Golden Jubilee in 1973. Fulton Mackay guests as the minister.

I Talk Back (C4) 10- 10.55pm. A New Zealand 4-Play in which a radio panel operator has to take over from the host when he doesn‘t turn up.

I On the Other Hand (C4) 10.55pm. A new topical talk show. primarily aimed at the Asian community. with Bombay presenter Shckhar Kapur.

I Scotsport Scottish Cup Special (Scottish) ll.10pm-12. 10am. Featuring all four quarter-final ties.

I Rollover (Scottish) 12. iii—2.20am. A confusing and somewhat experimental 1981 movie starring Jane Fonda and Kris Kristofferson. who uncover conspiracy and murder in the world of high finance. Worth persevering with.


I Quit or Will (BBCl ) Time unconfirmed. In the last programme. we find out ifAnne (Points of View) Robinson managed to quit smoking.

I The Lorelei (BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. Amanda Redman stars in a Screen Two with deep, supernatural meanings.

I South-West (C4) 4.25pm. The first of four documentaries on topics affecting the south-west of England tackles the distinctively American management style of computer giant Hewlett Packard. Hang on. we‘ve got to deal with that as well!

I A Suspended Lite (C4) 12.15am. Life and love in war-torn Beirut. Jocelyne Saab directs this Women Call the Shots presentation.


I In Sickness and In Health (BBC) )Time

unconfirmed. You might have thought there was little more that the crusty old bugger had to say. but. yes. AlfGarnett‘s back.

I Joint Accounts (BBCI )Time unconfirmed. Hannah Gordon returns in another new series.

I Britannic Greenhouse (88(2) Time unconfirmed. One-off documentary on global warming.

I The Cutting Edge (C4) Time unconfirmed. An Australian film-maker examines the effects of Westernisation on the tribal people of Guinea. focusing on an explorer turned factor. Michael Lehy.

I Eurocops (C4) Time unconfirmed. ‘Hushmoney‘. a German thriller. in which an inspector investigates the death ofa truck driver in Cologne.

I The Grand Debate (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. Colin Mackay chairs a debate on the poll tax. What. only halfan hour?


I Sixty NOT Dill (C4) Time unconfirmed. Shaw Taylor presents a new series for the over-60s. discussing today how senior citizens control their lives.

I The Budget (BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. Bloody typical that the one person in the whole of the BBC who had the time sheets for this week‘s programmes chose to wander off to parts unknown. but I'd say the Budget should last most ofthe afternoon.

I Open Space: A Shabby Dog Story( BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. The hearbreak of Birmingham RSPCA. who put down around 3000 dogs every year.

I The Oprah Winfrey Show ((‘4) 3 .40pm. Who should pay on dates? The guy or the gal? Oprah spins yet another hard-hitting no-holds-barred show out of this topic.


I OED: What's So Funny About That (BBCI) Time unconfirmed. Jonathan Miller looks at the subject of humour. in a programme that will hopefully pull back from his usual excesses (illustrating his points with clips from operas he’s directed himself. etc).

I Never Come Back (BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. A new series starring Nathaniel Park as a war journalist in London who gets involved in an international conspiracy. James Fox and Susannah Hamilton also star.

I Keeping the Faith (C4) 2.30pm. Black American churches in the Eighties.

I The Oprah Winfrey Show ( (‘4) 3.40pm. How extreme stress almost destroyed her guests‘ lives.

I What a Way to Go (Seottish)8— 10pm. Shirley Maclaine is the immensely rich woman who tells her psychiatrist that all her husbands have been not only successful but accident-prone. Made in 1963.

ISignals (C4) 9. 15-10pm. Now that the Cold War is over. where will writers find new baddies.

I National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (Scottish) 10.45pm—12.25am. lfyou‘re one of the many thousands who laughed themselves silly over National Lampoon ’3

Animal House. you might think this movie Will be right up your street. You might have to think again.

I 40 Minutes: Born Again (BBC2)Timc unconfirmed. A spooky tale ofchildren who believe they have lived before.

I Greek Fire (C4) 8—9pm. First part ofa ten-partseries examining how the ideas of ancient Greece continue to affect the modern world.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish)

1045—1 1 . 15pm. Stu Who? introduces

Gerard Kelly and Lynn Ferguson.

I The Mid-Staltord Ely-election (Scottish) 12. 15—12.45am. Me. I'll read it in the papers tomorrow.

out~schlock the Cronenbergs and Cravens ot the gore in ustry. with a wicked streak at humour. Watch outtor low-tlying eyeballs. (Palace. £9.99)

I JEAN DE FLORETTE (PG) 121 mins; MANON DES SOURCES (PG) 114 mins. Claude Berri's epic. passionate account at struggle in the lace ot deceit. and ot the reckoning taken by late upon the guilty parties. There are excellent performances from Gerard Depardieu asJean. Emmanuelle Beart as his daughter Manon and Yves Montand and Daniel Auteuil asthe perlidious Soubeyrans, who conspire to part the naive Jean trom his inherited farm in Provence. but later paythe price. The cinematic values are strong too. with camerawork which perfectly captures the atmosphere at rural France in the 1920s. Highly enjoyable and deeply touching. (Palace.

£34.95 each)

3,7} .7 '

I ROSELYNE AND THE LIONS (15) 125 mins. The third film by Jean-Jacques Beineix is another triumph of style, starring the director’s latest bedchum Isabeile Pasco as lion-tamer Hoselyne. whose work in the ring with six lions is at the centre of the movie. while herhuman relationship with Thierry (Gerard Sandoz) is lett firmly at the ringside. The film's triumph is in its elevation at the circus routines to the level at deeply religious ritual. Perhaps not as passionate as Diva or Betty Blue. buta profoundly lush experience. ' (Palace. rental)

The List 9 22 March 1990 77